Get Ripped Abs After 40 Review

Abs After 40 is a new abdominal-focused training system and exercise program that promises to share, show and teach older men (and anyone over 40) how to get rock hard abs regardless of their age.

When we first heard of Six Pack Shortcuts' new release of Abs After 40 (catered towards males over forty years of age), we were intrigued and interested in how it could specifically target men who were dealing with excess body weight and belly fat.

Here’s our Abs After 40 review.

What is Abs After 40?

Abs After 40 is a fitness training system that promises to help men over 40 get into better shape.

The exercise routines and nutrition plans were created by a guy named Mark Mcilyar. Mark is 53 years old and is in the best shape of his life. In an introductory video for Abs After 40 seen on YouTube, Mark shows off his six pack abs and rock hard chest. He claims he’s in better shape in his 50s than he was in his 20s or 30s.

So what’s Mark’s secret?

At age 48, Mark realized he needed to make a change. So he started following conventional diet and exercise advice.

Unfortunately, Mark found that this advice mostly catered to men and women under 40 years of age. It didn’t have the same effect on those in their 40s and 50s.

With that in mind, Abs After 40 promises to teach you the exact steps and processes needed to get abs over 40 and get into the best shape of your life.

Despite the name of the program, Abs After 40 isn’t just about ab training exercises: it consists of full body workouts.

To create the program, Mark teamed up with the group from Six Pack Shortcuts, a well-known online training program that promises to give you the shortcut to six pack abs and is the number one most subscribed fitness channel on Youtube.

How Does Abs After 40 Work?

Abs After 40 is a three phase program that contains various exercises “that have been shown to support the ideal hormone conditions needed to get into shape.”

By targeting different hormones, these workouts are strategically planned to help you burn the most amount of belly fat.

Each workout comes in the form of a short video. After paying for Abs After 40, you can watch the video online or view it on any device with an internet connection.

Some of the specific promises made by Abs After 40 include:

— Shrink Inches Off Your Waist
— Burn Off Stubborn Belly Fat
— Overcome Past Injuries
— Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life “and Reignite The Passion With The Women In Your Life.”

Once you get past the sales copy and marketing stuff, you’ll get to the point of what Abs After 40 is trying to talk about: compound exercises.

Compound exercises can be extremely effective workouts for men over 40 – but need to be done right from the start. Specifically, compound exercises with free weights are particularly effective but must stress the importance of technique and form over weight and reps. These exercises target 2 to 3 of your largest muscle groups at once, which has been shown to boost hormone production throughout the body.

There’s one problem with compound exercises: they’re not safe for many older men to perform correctly. They’re high impact and can be dangerous. That's where The Ripped Grandpa Mark Mcilyar and his Abs After 40 workout program come into play.

Instead of just recommending the usual compound weight exercises like squats, deadlifts, or lunges, Mark decided to create compound exercises that are safe and easy to perform. They’re low-impact exercises ideal for older men who are over the age of forty but doesn't mean their health has to be over the hill too.

Mark then created a series of full workouts that incorporate these compound exercises. By following along with this workout, you can burn away fat, build muscle, and get into the best shape of your life regardless of your age. He also took it a step further with a nutrition system and meal plan that you can follow along to make sure you are maximizing the Abs After 40 training regime.

Three Phases of Abs After 40

Phase 1) Fat Loss Jumpstart

During phase 1, the program tries to break the cycle between your unbalanced hormones and belly fat. When your hormones are unbalanced, your body stores large amounts of fat in your stomach area.

Phase 2) Male Hormone Optimization

During this phase, you’ll start to “see the fastest and most dramatic changes in the way you look”. The workouts in this phase are structured to target large amounts of muscle simultaneously, helping to further balance your hormones.

Phase 3) Full-Auto Fat Burning Mode

This phase will complete your transformation into getting a muscular body and six pack abs. Specifically, this portion of the program provides ab workouts called A40s, which combine 4 effective ab exercises that target both the outer muscles of your abs and the inner muscles.

Abs After 40 Pricing

Abs After 40 is priced at a modest $97 considering it is a 90 day fitness blitz.

You can pay that fee online and get access to the program instantly (and comes with a no questions asked money back guarantee).

Please note that the Abs After 40 sales page contains numerous buttons where you can “Click to see if you qualify”. In reality, everybody qualifies for this training program – so you’re not part of some exclusive club if you qualify – although the program does seem to cater and speak to the men more than the women and particularly the ones over 40 years old.

All purchases come with a 100% money back guarantee within 60 days. If you’re unsatisfied with your purchase within 60 days, you can request a full refund with no questions asked.

What’s Included with Abs After 40?

Abs After 40, like all good downloadable products, sweetens the deal by providing other bonus features on top of the core video training system. Those bonuses include:

Free 14 day trial to Abs After 40 Nutritional System: This training system unlocks a new video on nutrition every week, “showing you step by step how you can eat your way to a flatter stomach.” After your 14 day trial is over, you’ll pay some weekly fee, although that weekly fee isn’t disclosed upfront. You can email the creator of the program at any time to stop your subscription.

My “How To Deal With Common Injuries & Gym Problems” eBook: This eBook describes the stretching and recovery techniques you can use to prevent injuries at the gym. By following these lessons, you can maximize the time you spend at the gym while avoiding future soreness.

Does Abs After 40 Actually Work?

The lessons included in Abs After 40 have never been independently studied or examined by an unbiased organization or research board. So there’s no third party evidence indicating that Abs After 40 will work – but judging by who Mark and Six Pack Shortcuts have been, you can almost bet on this being a quality fitness and workout exercise training program for those looking for a little extra guidance and mentorship.

But one problem with Abs After 40 is that the program itself doesn’t even claim it will work. If you read the fine print at the bottom of the sales page, you’ll see a section called “Generally Expected Results from Abs After 40”. In that section, you’ll see the following:

“When consumers implement our product in full, more often than not they do not report increases in fat loss, muscle gain, abdominal definition, or other positive results of any kind. Reports of specific fat loss, muscle gain, abdominal definition, or any positive results of any kind should therefore be understood as the exception rather than the rule. Consumers who use our products can generally expect not to see any increase in fat loss, muscle gain, abdominal definition, or positive results of any kind.”

In other words, even if you followed every lesson in the eBook perfectly and maintained strict discipline, you’re unlikely to achieve any types of benefits from Abs After 40.

Meanwhile, there’s also a “Testimonials Disclaimer” in the same fine print, where the company explains that the testimonials are not related to the average results from Abs After 40.

“It is possible that even with perfect use of the program, you will not achieve the results described in testimonials. They are meant to be a showcase of the best results the program has produced, and should not be taken as the results a typical user will get.”

Who Created Abs After 40?

Abs After 40 was created by a guy named Mark Mcilyar.

Mark claims to have been in average shape for most of his life before deciding to make a change in his early 50s. He started performing workouts specialized for men of his age.

Mark eventually teamed up with the guys from Six Pack Shortcuts, who then “turned my hormone supporting workout plan into a full-fledged 90 day program” according to the program’s About Us page.

If you look up Mark Mcilyar online, you’ll find that he appears to be a real human being. We review a lot of online products where the creators use pseudonyms or blatantly fake names. However, Mark has a legitimate LinkedIn and Facebook page under his name.

You can contact the creators of Abs After 40 at 1-800-655-8576 or (855)-520-7596 if you’re outside of the United States. Mark claims that one of his “senior fitness coaches” will answer the phone and answer any questions you have about the program.

The company lists its mailing address as 9111A Research Blvd in Austin, TX 78758.

Should You Use Abs After 40 To Get Back in Shape?

Abs After 40 is a fitness training program catered to men over 40. Priced at $97 for a digital product, Abs After 40 is relatively expensive for three phases’ worth of training videos and just one real bonus product (the other bonus product is just a 14 day trial for a pricey nutrition program).

Nevertheless, Abs After 40 doesn’t have any real, independent evidence backing up its claims. The company itself admits that its testimonials are fake and describes that the majority of users, when they implement the program in full, will not see any noticeable results.

Compound exercises have demonstrated real benefits in terms of hormone production. But you probably don’t need to pay $97 for an online eBook to explain a handful of compound exercises to you. However, if you want safe compound exercises spelled out for you in a clear, easy-to-implement way, then Abs After 40 may be worth it.

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