Everyone wants abs at some point in their lives.

Anyone that says otherwise is likely lying. The people that claim they are happy with the way they look may be telling the truth, but this was only after they accepted that abs were too difficult for them to obtain.

The fact of the matter is, being lean is something many people aspire to be, but give up due to being unable to endure the cost associated with leanness.

And what a hefty cost it is.

The people who have achieved this lofty goal are looked at as having godly amounts of discipline and work ethic. And rightfully so.

Having to go to the gym multiple times a day and eat chicken breast for all three meals is a feat that not many people are built for.

Having six-pack abs is looked as being synonymous with bland tasting food that would leave the average person unsatisfied and stressed out.

But what if this wasn’t they only way to achieve that lean and toned midsection that graces the cover of fitness magazines?

There’s been a number of companies that have recently been promulgated to offer delectable treats that are delicious and healthy.

One of these companies even claims to offer a favorite among breakfast food connoisseurs. This company has an interesting take on pancakes and boast that people can get abs while also enjoying this treat on a daily basis.

What Are Abs Protein Pancakes?

Abs Protein Pancakes was started by fitness professional Ashley Drummonds.

It is a health food company that claims that its customers can get in the best shape of their lives while also eating pancakes every day.


This is probably the best news to hit the fitness industry since supplements were invented and took over the consciousness of fitness professionals.

Abs Protein Pancakes is on a mission to change how people view healthy eating. For far too long people have been sacrificing tasty food for bland meals in hopes of getting a rock-solid body.

Ashley, self-proclaimed breakfast lover, was tired of eating tasteless health-foods for the sake of prepping herself for physique competitions.

Days filled with protein shakes, broccoli, grilled chicken, and rice cakes left her in great shape, but also with a feeling of emptiness and stress.

She knew there had to be a way to enjoy the breakfast foods she loved, outside of the rare cheat day, and still get the physical results she was looking for.

Out of this inquisitiveness, she discovered a way to make pancakes that were actually healthy and helped with fitness gains.

With this new pancake recipe she no longer felt bloated, tired and sluggish as she did with traditional pancake mixes.

Ashley didn’t realize it at the time, but she discovered a way to help everyone lose or gain weight, all while being satiated by these healthy pancakes.

So what is it about the pancakes that makes them so healthy?

Pancake Magic

Abs Protein Pancakes are delicious and healthy.

If this statement is true, it could totally change the way we view the daunting journey to getting six pack abs.

But how does it work? How do these pancakes magically make consumers leaner instead of doing what pancakes have been doing for many years; increasing waistlines.

For starters, these pancakes are protein pancakes made witch casein protein. Casein protein takes time to fully digest, making these pancakes super filling. So filling that after a couple people normally don’t even want to think about food.

Abs Protein Pancakes don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that traditional pancakes have. This means that eating them won’t cause any sluggish feeling that people associate with eating pancakes.

The treats are gluten-free, all-natural, Non-GMO, Low Sugar, and do not contain any artificial sweeteners. All of this is unheard of when it comes to pancakes.

So basically, these pancakes will keep consumers full and feeling healthy since virtually no unhealthy ingredients are included in them.

Got it.

And no, this isn’t too good to be true. This is the result people get from thinking outside the box and not blindly following the status quo.

Ashley could have accepted that pancakes were just something she wouldn’t be able to enjoy, but she didn’t. Instead she went on a quest to find out how she could enjoy food while also maintain her physique.

Abs Protein Pancake was the result of someone believing they could create the reality they envisioned. And it worked.

These pancakes are healthy and they can certainly help people get a six-pack, as long as they exercise and eat healthy food for their other meals as well.

Abs Protein Pancakes Conclusion

Abs Protein Pancakes hopefully is the beginning of more people finding healthier ways to eat the foods they love.

These pancakes are something that people would claim wasn’t possible a couple of years ago, yet here they are.

For anyone that loves their breakfast food but also wants to reach fitness goals, these pancakes are a sure win.

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