Acid Alkaline Diet Review Guide

The Acid Alkaline Diet is a website that shows consumers how to balance out their body’s pH levels for a healthier body that functions more effectively. This is our review.

What is the Acid Alkaline Diet?

alkaline eat healthyNo matter how old you are or what level of health you are at, consuming the right foods for your body is essential to helping your body to function properly. Even if you think you are already eating a good balance of food, there may be one aspect you have not considered, which is acidity.

Having a diet that is high in acidity can affect every part of your body, which is why the Acid Alkaline Diet has created a plan.

The Acid Alkaline Diet focuses on bringing down your body’s acidity level. You already have a certain amount of acidity in your body, but maintaining the right balance comes down to eating the right foods.

When you have a high level of acidity, you are at risk for continually getting sick and making your body decay at a high rate, which makes you look older than your actually age.

Since this information is not usually advertised or detailed when it comes to eating healthy, so you may not understand the way that the foods you’ve been eating have already affected your diet. The website features a fun and easy-to-follow quiz, which asks you questions about your existing diet to show you the impact it will have if you don’t make changes.

How Is the Acid Alkaline Diet Helpful?

The whole point of engaging in the Acid Alkaline Diet is to help balance out your body’s pH level. This level can easily be altered by eating bad foods or consuming high levels of alcohol and similar beverages. Luckily, this pH level can also be fixed by changing your diet.

One of the biggest benefits to engaging in this type of diet is that you will have more energy throughout the day. By eliminating the toxic food and ingredients for your diet, your energy levels improve and your immune system is able to function at full capacity. A better immune system also means that you have a lower risk of enduring a chronic disease. Essentially, you’re cleaning out your system for a complete reboot.

alkaline chartAdditionally, since the foods in this diet is much healthier than your normal diet, you are even able to lose weight while eating these foods. This result is partially from detoxifying your body, but it is also because you’re giving your body the nutrients it needs, rather than food that is filled with preservatives.

With a diet that is low in acidity, you are also minimizing the calcium build-up that results in cysts. Cysts have the potential to be fatal, if they continue to grow for too long. Luckily, you eliminate that chance at all with a diet that is low in acidity.

Low-Acidity Foods You Can Eat with the Acid Alkaline Diet

The biggest question you probably have about this diet involves what you are actually allowed to eat. When you sign up on the website, you gain free access to a variety of different recipes that are user-friendly and delicious, while also being low in acidity. The website even gives you a “cheat sheet” of produce that is low in acidity.

Fruits and vegetables may seem like the best thing for your diet, but they can increase your body’s acidity in the same way that fast food does if you don’t pay attention. Some common fruits and vegetables that are low in acidity and healthy for your body are:

  • Apples
  • Watermelons
  • Apricots
  • Raisins

How to Use Alkaline Foods in Your Diet

There is a really easy way to incorporate the rules of an alkaline diet, and that involves balance. An easy way to remember the balance is that your diet should be about 70% alkaline diet foods, while having a maximum of 30% acidic foods.

Contacting the Acid Alkaline Diet

alkaline diet tips
If you are new to this type of diet, or you need help with balancing the food options, then you might want to seek out the assistance of the makers of the Acid Alkaline Diet. Most of your questions can easily be answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page. However, if you still have questions, you can reach the company by submitting a support ticket to the customer service department.

There is a link on the website that takes you to the page that you need to be on to create that ticket. You will be asked for your contact information and the different solutions you have attempted to fix the problem you are calling about.


Your health should be your biggest priority in your life, and the Acid Alkaline Diet makes it much easier to place it as your priority. Balancing out your food is easy, once you have found the right recipes to create that balance. The customer service department is resourceful and informative, so you can feel confident that you have an entire team of people behind you to help.

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