Afterburn Aminos Review – Does It Work?

Afterburn Aminos is a new bodybuilding supplement that promises to increase performance and endurance while revealing your six pack abs. Here’s our Afterburn Aminos review.

What is Afterburn Aminos?

Afterburn Aminos is a bodybuilding supplement targeted towards men. That bodybuilding supplement promises to help boost your metabolism, preserve lean muscle, maximize muscle-building effects, and reveal your six pack abs – all by just taking it once a day.

The supplement is exclusively targeted towards men. In fact, there’s a “warning” on the bottom of the sales page for Afterburn Aminos that says:

“Warning: The video above is only for men, and does not apply to women.”

So if you’re a woman reading this, then I guess you need to leave right now?

The supplement also claims to only be available to the first 500 people who visit the page. When you first visit the page, you’ll see a warning indicating that a free video attached to the supplement is only available on today’s date. Clearly, the makers of Afterburn Aminos want to push you into making a quick sale.

Let’s take a closer look at the science behind Afterburn Aminos.

How Does Afterburn Aminos Work?

Afterburn Aminos promises to enhance your bodybuilding efforts by boosting your metabolism, increasing performance and endurance, and maximizing muscle building effects.

By taking the supplement daily, you can reveal your ripped muscles and six pack abs, according to the makers of the supplement.

The power behind Afterburn Aminos lies in its use of amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, and protein is the building block of muscle. Many bodybuilders take an amino acid supplement (or buy protein powder mixed with amino acids) in order to boost recovery times.

Basically, Afterburn Aminos is just a powder that contains a variety of amino acids to help complement a workout routine.

Afterburn Aminos Ingredients

Afterburn Aminos contains 2.5 grams of glutamine, which is a typical daily dose for bodybuilders. Glutamine is one of the more popular amino acids taken today.

The supplement also contains 2 parts leucine to 1 part isoleucine to 1 part valine, all of which are branch chain amino acids (BCAAs).

To boost hydration, Afterburn Aminos also contains an electrolyte blend.

The makers of Afterburn Aminos claim that their supplement is “hands down the best-tasting amino acid supplement in the world.”

We don’t actually know full details about the ingredients inside Afterburn Aminos. The makers of the supplement haven’t published their ingredients list. In fact, all we know about the ingredients comes from this YouTube video, which features the following blurry image:

As you can see, Afterburn Aminos contains a relatively high dose of ingredients like L-Glutamine L-Leucine, and L-Valine. Meanwhile, the electrolyte blend consists of sodium and potassium, two valuable electrolytes we find in Gatorade and many intra and post-workout supplements.

Is Afterburn Aminos Strong Enough?

Amino acids typically need to be taken in large doses to be effective. At first glance, the doses in Afterburn Aminos appear to be quite strong.

But a closer look at this supplement shows that it’s not quite the recommended dose we like to see. Bodybuilders tend to take glutamine at a daily dose of 5 grams or more, for example, which is twice as much as one serving of Afterburn Aminos.

What about the BCAAs – isoleucine, leucine, and valine?

Well, isoleucine is typically taken in a dose of 3.3 to 4.9 grams for a 150 pound person (48 to 72mg/kg), which once again makes the dose in Afterburn Aminos seem relatively small.

Leucine, on the other hand, is taken in doses of 2000 to 5000mg, which is higher than the 1750mg dosage in Afterburn Aminos.

Ultimately, Afterburn Aminos has just under the recommended dose of most amino acids. It’s not as weak as other amino acid supplement scams we see sold online, but it’s certainly not as strong as some people would like. Unless you’re under 150 pounds, you’re not getting your recommended dose of any amino acids.

Afterburn Aminos Pricing

Afterburn Aminos comes with a scammy pricing policy that can leave you with hundreds of dollars in credit card debt. The program charges you one price ($47) today, only to add a ludicrous shipping charge ($14.95) onto that price. Then, to make things worse, it signs you up for an autoship program that ships repeated orders to your address every month.

  • 1 Container (30 Servings / 1 Month Supply): $47 + $14.95 S+H ($61.95 Total)

Afterburn Aminos comes with one of the most expensive shipping policies I’ve ever seen. That $14.95 shipping and handling charge is extremely high for a small 30 day container with powder inside. Some companies give you free shipping when you spend over $40. Six Pack Shortcuts has taken the opposite approach.

Shipping and handling charges are so high because the company doesn’t provide a refund on shipping and handling charges. So if you request a refund, you’ll only get $47 instead of the full price you paid.

There’s another big problem with the Afterburn Aminos pricing policy: after paying for your purchase today, you’re automatically subscribed to receive automatic shipments of the supplement every month for the rest of your life (or until you cancel).

In the fine print at the bottom of the sales page, you’ll learn that Afterburn Aminos will automatically charge your credit card $61.95 every month. If you want to cancel this subscription, then you’ll need to call 1-800-655-8576.

That’s right: even though you only ordered one bottle of Afterburn Aminos, the company will assume you liked the supplement so much that you want to receive it every month for the rest of your life.

Who Makes Afterburn Aminos?

Afterburn Aminos is made by the crew behind Six Pack Shortcuts. That crew launched one eBook – Six Pack Shortcuts – into a huge online brand of dietary supplements and online training guides. The company is notorious for selling overpriced, poorly-reviewed products online.

The company was launched by Mike Chang, a certified personal trainer who describes himself as an “internet fitness sensation”.

You can get in touch with the company by emailing or by calling 800-655-8576.

Six Pack Shortcuts frequently mentions the “afterburn effect” of fitness training. By taking advantage of this afterburn effect, you can force your body to continue burning calories long after a workout is over. That’s why this supplement is called Afterburn Aminos.

Should You Use Afterburn Aminos to Boost Lean Muscle Mass?

Amino acids are a crucial part of your diet when exercising. Amino acids help your body recover and repair its muscle tissue. Certain amino acids – like the BCAAs of leucine, isoleucine, and valine – are particularly important. Many bodybuilders take a BCAA supplement specifically for this reason.

Afterburn Aminos wants to be your next favorite amino acid supplement. Unfortunately, it’s priced significantly higher than any other amino acid supplement on the market. Vitamin Shoppe, for example, sells L-Glutamine powder supplements that contain 75 servings of 4.5 grams of L-Glutamine at a price of $13.49. That’s a higher dose and more servings than Afterburn Aminos at less than one quarter of the price.

Making things look worse for Afterburn Aminos is that the company tricks you into signing up for an autoship scam. Unless you read every word of the terms and conditions, you’re probably going to be shocked when extra charges appear on your credit card months in the future.

For all of these reasons, Six Pack Shortcuts makes it hard to recommend Afterburn Aminos as a legitimate bodybuilding supplement.

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