For most people, it is not unusual to occasionally snore throughout the night, however, frequent snoring can disrupt the quality of sleep and eventually effect overall health. Without adequate sleep, individuals are likely to experience irritability, daytime fatigue, and increased health problems. Snoring occurs when the upper airway narrows and the air cannot freely move through the nose and throat during sleep.

Because the airway is constricted, the surrounding tissue vibrates from the pressure buildup, causing the familiar snoring sound. Individuals who snore tend to have a high amount of throat and nasal tissue, known as “floppy’ tissue, which is more likely to vibrate. The position of the tongue is also a factor for preventing smooth breathing.

Although identifying the reason for snoring can be difficult, one of the most common reasons is sleep apnea. Usually undiagnosed, but completely treatable sleep apnea is a potentially life-threatening condition that must be treated medically. Because sleep apnea is a breathing obstruction, it can actually be very dangerous. Sleep apnea is a disorder that occurs when breathing stops and starts throughout the sleep cycle. Though it seems harmless, sleep apnea can affect overall health and attribute to risk in future health related issues.

There are a number treatment options available to treat apnea and severe snoring. Depending on how a severe the symptoms are, treatment options have become effective and comfortable. Currently, the only medications offered to treat sleep apnea only focus on the sleepiness and fatigue associated with sleep apnea and not the symptoms that take place during sleep.

AirSnore is a comfortable mouthpiece that molds to the inside of the mouth. By moving the jaw slightly, it opens up the airway and allows the user to breathe easily throughout the night and stops snoring. Cost efficient and highly effective, it eliminates snoring and improves sleep quality.

About AirSnore

The AirSnore mouthpiece has been designed with a simple model but is a great alternative to uncomfortable and heavy breathing equipment that can be uncomfortable and painful. Instead of having to use a Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure (CPAP) device, the most popular device for treating sleep apnea, or invasive surgery, AirSnore is easy to use, designed to fit every mouth, and requires no special fitting by a dentist or medical professional.

As mentioned above, AirSnore fits snugly into the mouth without discomfort or pain, opening the airway to provide an easy path for better breathing. Although there are other anti-snoring mouthpieces on the market, they usually push the jaw into an uncomfortable and dangerous position which can make sleep more difficult and actually cause long-term soreness and pain throughout the day. Because AirSnore is designed to fit all mouths, to make sure it is a perfect fit, individuals can place the mouthpiece in hot water for a few minutes and re-shape as needed to retain the most comfortable fit.

It is recommended that users clean the AirSnore mouthpiece after each use. To sanitize the product, it should be placed in a combination of cold water and toothpaste for 10-15 minutes. Users can also use denture cleaning solution to clean the device.

In addition to the AirSnore mouthpiece, the company also provides AirSnore Drops to use in alongside the device. AirSnore Drops contain a unique blend of natural oils that are known for their soothing and antiseptic properties. Cultivated due to their ability to improve sleep by eliminating symptoms associated with poor breathing, the formula relieves snoring and discomfort. AirSnore Drops work to clear the airways, easing breathing, and help individuals to fall asleep quickly and remain asleep throughout the night. The drops are to be applied to the chest, neck, and under the nostrils every evening before inserting the AirSnore mouthpiece.

Types and Causes of Sleep Apnea

Currently, there are three known types of sleep apnea. The first type, the obstructive type, is the most common. It takes place when the soft tissue that is located in the back of the throat goes through a relaxed stage and blacks the airway, causing snoring. The second type, the central type, occurs within the central nervous system. It happens when the brain does not successfully signal the muscles that control breathing. This type of apnea usually does not result in snoring. The third, and final type of sleep apnea is the complex type. This variety of sleep apnea is a combination of the obstructive and complex types.

Unfortunately, while individuals are sleeping, they are unable to monitor and identify their sleeping habits on their own. In order to track sleeping habits, for those who do not live alone, it is important that a close family member or friend observe their sleeping in order track sleep patterns and snoring. If there is no one else assist in identifying the symptoms of sleep apnea, individuals can record themselves at night in order to notice if there is persistent snoring, choking, or gasping throughout pauses in the night.

Although loud snoring is the most obvious symptom of sleep apnea, sleepiness and fatigue throughout the day, regardless of sleep, is another common symptom. Along with snoring, choking, snorting, and gasping throughout the night are also major signs. Additionally, individuals who find themselves waking up in the middle of the night, feeling short of breath, or in the morning with a sore throat, should be cautious. Though physical symptoms are the most obvious, there are cognitive side effects of sleep apnea as well. Forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, depression, irritability, and uncharacteristic moodiness are also warning signs of sleep apnea.

So far, most people do not get diagnosed with sleep apnea even though it affects million every year. Currently, men are affected more than women, but anyone who is consistently experiencing unsatisfying sleep could possibly have sleep apnea. Sleep apnea affects children as much as adults, and can often be hard to identify. If children are snoring and adopting new sleeping positions, night terrors, or bedwetting, parents should consult a pediatrician who is trained to specialize in sleep disorders.

Although it is a stereotype that those who suffer from sleep apnea are overweight, it does hold true in a lot of cases. For those who snore frequently, obesity usually a common variable. Although it does not affect overweight people disproportionately, if left untreated or undiagnosed, sleep apnea can cause dangerous complications.

Sleep apnea puts individuals at risk for heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and other health conditions. Because some of the symptoms of sleep apnea include change in mood and fatigue, it is often overlooked and misdiagnosed as depression. When patients are falsely diagnosed and treated for depression, they do not respond to treatment, putting their mental health at risk.

AirSnore is able to provide users relief from the varying types of sleep apnea, providing instant relief in the form of better and healthier sleep, and long-term relief by preventing the side effects of sleep apnea mentioned above. For those who are ready to safeguard their health and improve their overall wellness by getting the sleep they need, AirSnore is the perfect device for them.

Ingredients in AirSnore Drops

One of the most important aspects of AirSnore is found in the ingredients used in its drops. These drops are the driving force behind the system, providing users with what they need to open up their airways and get the relief they need while they sleep.

A list of the ingredients used in the AirSnore Drops can be found below, along with a brief description of the benefits offered by each ingredient.

Sunflower Seed Oil: Known to contain vitamin E which soothes the skin, sunflower seed oil absorbs into the skin easily and is a prime choice for being the carrier oil for all the other active oils found in the formula.

Eucalyptus Leaf Oil: This ingredient is a decongestant that is cooling and refreshing. Working to loosen and clear mucus, eucalyptus leaf oil eases breathing and relieves coughing.

Lavender Flower Oil: A very relaxing oil, lavender oil has been used to improve and induce sleep, often used to treat insomnia. Containing antibacterial and stimulating properties, it heals breathing problems by loosening mucus and relieving congestion.

Peppermint Leaf Oil: This ingredient is used as a decongestant and opens and clears the airway by unclogging blocked sinuses. Peppermint leaf oil is also used as a natural muscle relaxant and natural painkiller, soothing sore muscles and throats.

Purchasing AirSnore

All AirSnore products are available on the website ( The purchasing options and prices for AirSnore products are below.

  • AirSnore Combo (AirSnore mouthpiece + AirSnore Drops) – $89.95
  • AirSnore Mouthpiece – $49.50
  • AirSnore Drops – $59.95

In addition to being extremely affordable, all AirSnore products are offered with free shipping.

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