What is Bar Brothers?

Bar Brothers is an online fitness platform for those who are trying to lose weight, tone up, and improve their lives.

Bar Brothers is a comprehensive calisthenics program that is designed to help you create the body that you want, without expensive equipment or fancy facilities. Through the use of calisthenics and diet, you can create the body you want and transform your life in 12 simple weeks.

What products does Bar Brothers offer?

Bar Brothers is a community that is based on body building and putting your body in optimal shape. It provides a 12 week, intense body transformation system that includes a meal program and workout plan to step up your normal workout routine.

By becoming a member, you will have access to meal plans, workouts, and support materials to help you work out and get fit. You will have exclusive access to a 12 week calisthenics body workout program and the meal plan to match and help you shape your body how you want to.

The workouts exercise more than one muscle group at once, which maximizes the effect of your workout and providing results with little time involved. The meal program helps you train your body to build muscle and burn fat, while creating a healthy platform for progression. While working out and working towards transforming your body, it is very important to have proper nutrition along the way. Bar Brothers combines both nutrition and work out into a program that anyone can use and benefit from.

All of these pieces are designed to ensure your success and total transformation to the body that you want. This program is good for anyone who wants to see results. It is designed for those who are ‘skinny’ and those who are ‘overweight’ alike.

Once you join the program, you can represent your area to the Bar Brothers movement, and join hundreds around the globe who are working towards fitness goals just like you.

Bar Brothers is a perfect program for those of us who want to work out an sculpt their body, but who may not have access to or means to purchase equipment or weights. Bar Brothers workout system uses calisthenics, which does not require any equipment to burn the fat and tone your body.

Calisthenics exercises use only the weight of your body and other equipment free methods, often in repetitive motions. This targets your muscles and can tone them without too much effort, pain, or expense of heavy equipment. Rather than use equipment or tools, you will use your own body weight to work it out and tone it up.

If you are interested in taking it a step further, you can become a representative of Bar Brothers in your area, and try to get others to join the movement. If you are able to fit their requirements, you can become a Bar Brother or Bar Sister.

  • Bar Brother Requirements – In order to become a Bar Brother representative you must complete 7 Muscle Ups, 25 Push-ups, 10 Wide Grip Pull-ups, 25 Dips(On parallel bars), 10 Full Leg Lifts, 20 Pistol Squats (10 Each Leg), 7 Muscle Ups. All of these exercises must be done consecutively (no resting period between them) and a video must be send to Bar Brothers for authentication
  • Bar Sister Requirements — In order to become a Bar Sister representative you must complete 1 Muscle Up, 10 Push-ups, 10 Pull-ups, 10 dips, 10 Full Leg Lifts, 50 Squats. All of these exercises must be done consecutively (no resting period between them) and a video must be send to Bar Brothers for authentication

After you record yourself doing the video, Bar Brothers requests you add music or motivational material in the background of the video. When the video is complete, you will upload the video to YouTube titled “Bar Brothers (or sisters) requirements—(your city, your country).” Once the link is created, you will email the link to your video on YouTube to barbrothersdc@gmail.com for them to check it out and authenticate you.

After they receive your video, it will be reviewed and any necessary changes will be noted and sent back to you. You will get the final decision on whether you can represent Bar Brothers at that point, and if you need to edit your video you will be required to do so before you start to represent Bar Brothers.

Once you are accepted to represent Bar Brothers, you can use Facebook and other tools to promote you and your progress. As part of the agreement with Bar Brothers, you have to keep your branding and progress named Bar Brothers. You will not be permitted to start your own branding using the ‘fame’ you got from Bar Brothers. They reserve the right to your platform as long as you represent Bar Brothers, and if you start your own business or anything else you will need to start over.

As a Bar Brothers representative, you will be able to share your progress, have networking and support in the Bar Brothers family, and have your videos and pictures shown across an entire network of other Bar Brother family members. Bar Brothers will share your videos on their Facebook and You Tube channels, and can help expose you to multiple different opportunities in the Bar Brothers name.

Bar Brothers believes in loyalty, and will reward their representatives who show loyalty with a platform to share their workout experiences, progress, and tips to other Bar Brother members across the globe. Representatives also get discounts on products from Bar Brothers as well!

Where can I learn more about Bar Brothers and order their products?

You can learn more about the Bar Brothers Programs, meal plans, and if this program is right for you at their website at www.barbrothers.com. You will find information about the different plans and subscription options, as well as merchandise available for purchase with the Bar Brothers logo on it.

Bar Brothers accepts major credit cards and Pay Pal for payment for goods and services.

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