Basic Greens Review

Basic-Greens-supplementsDespite the variety and amount of food available in the Western world, there are serious problems surrounding the quality of a huge proportion of these foods.

Due to the need for food that can stay in freezers and sit on shelves for longer period of times, additives, flavorings, sweeteners, and chemicals are added to foods until what’s left barely resembles the original product. And because so much is added to these foods, the things that actually should be in these products are often reduced or removed completely.

The results of the change in how food is made in the Western world has resulted in an extreme deficit in the vitamins and minerals that people need to live healthy lives. In order to live healthily, most people need to take supplements or make serious lifestyle changes in order to get the right amounts of these vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, the supplements and foods needed to make these changes effectively are extremely expensive. And, for users to get everything they need, they would need several doses of more typical supplements.

Thankfully, Basic Greens is not a typical supplement. A green energy drink powder that contains everything the body needs to be healthy, Basic Greens is packed full of fruits and vegetables, as well as extra greens that help the body thrive.

What Is Basic Greens?

Basic Greens is a green powdered drink mix that allows users to get everything they need in a single serving. Not only does Basic Greens provide users with the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals they need to live healthily, the drink is also able to boost the immune system, increase energy levels, and promote general wellness.

There are hundreds of green drink mixtures available on the market today, but none offer the many benefits or meet the high standards of Basic Greens. Using organic fruits and vegetables, as well as several other greens and ingredients that are vital for the body, Basic Greens juices and then dries them out. Because Basic Greens dries its juices out at low temperatures, they are able to maintain all their nutrients and enzymes, making this green juice one of the most potent available today.

Not only does Basic Greens contain organic fruits, vegetables, and greens, like barley, spirulina, and chlorella, but probiotics and herbs are also added to the green juice. The probiotics are able to keep the digestive system running properly and the herbs strengthen the other ingredients. Finally, Basic Greens isn’t flavored artificially like many other green powders, but instead uses fresh, pure ingredients. Sweetened with stevia and lightly flavored with cinnamon and mint, Basic Greens is both healthy and delicious.

While the ingredients in Basic Greens make it superior to other green powdered drinks, it’s the makeup of these ingredients that really put this product above all the rest. With just one scoop of Basic Greens, users can get the equivalent of 15 servings of the fruits and vegetables they need to stay healthy. Mixed with a cup of cold water, each scoop contains 49 different ingredients, so that each serving packs a greater punch than any other product on the market.


Benefits Of Basic Greens

The benefits of Basic Greens can be pretty easy to guess. After all, when the body is being given the nutrition it needs to thrive, things begin to work better. In fact, Basic Greens has been used for those who suffer from many of the issues related to eating processed foods, like fatigue, weight gain, skin problems, and lack of focus. When the body is being enriched with the nutrients it needs, all these things change.

However, some of the biggest benefits of Basic Greens aren’t what it does to the body, though that can be seen within a few days of starting to use the green drink, but rather the things it does not contain. With so many questionable ingredients being sold in stores today, it can be a relief to find something as pure and healthy as Basic Greens.

Once users experience the many benefits that come with using Basic Greens, they won’t want to stop. However, the quality of its ingredients is really Basic Greens greatest benefit.

The benefits of Basic Greens include:

-Boosts Immune System

-Increases Energy Levels

-Supports Wellness

-Increases General Feeling of Wellness

-Contains 49 Ingredients

-Has 15 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables per Serving

-Slow Dried to Preserve Nutrients

-No Preservatives

-Dairy Free

-No Artificial Flavors


-No Artificial Sweeteners

-Wheat Free

-Soy Protein Free


-Gluten Free

And all these amazing benefits work together to provide users with the quality green drink powder they need to regain control of their health journey.

Ingredients In Basic Greens

Because Basic Greens boasts freely about the many healthy and beneficial ingredients the green powder contains, it is also very upfront about what these ingredients contain. Unlike so many other powdered drink makers, Basic Greens provides a thorough list of all its ingredients on its label. Even the proprietary blends that Basic Greens uses provide a detailed list of ingredients, so users can understand everything that is going into their bodies.

The reason for the transparency offered by Basic Greens is that it wants its customers to feel confident in their choice to use this product. Because the green powder drink has worked so well for the creators of the drink and the countless customers since, having that little bit of information might be the difference between users walking by Basic Greens or purchasing it. And, considering how much good Basic Greens does, the more people who use it, the better.


The ingredients included in Basic Greens are:

Greens Proprietary Blend

Barley Grass



Vegetable Proprietary Blend







Antioxidant Proprietary Blend


Green Tea



Grape Seed



Tart Cherry

Pine Bark






Brussel Sprouts

Fiber Proprietary Blend

Oat Betaglucan

Apple Fiber Pectin

Brown Rice Bran

Enzyme Blend

Bromelain Extract








  1. Acidophilius
  2. Longum
  3. Casei
  4. Rhamnosus

Proprietary Blend

Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract

Acerola Cherry Powder

Concord Grape Powder

Other Ingredients


Sprouted Barley

Green Tea Extract

Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Red Beet Root

Cinnamon Powder

Aloe Leaf Powder

Turmeric Rhizome Extract

Atlantic Kelp Powder

Licorice Root Extract

Purchasing Basic Greens

For those who aren’t sure if purchasing a full supply of Basic Greens is right for them, the company offers a free sample for those who are interested in trying it out before making a long term commitment. These samples are completely free and don’t even require a credit card to process. All that is needed is the address for where Basic Greens needs to send the sample, and it should arrive within a few days.

For those who are ready to commit to Basic Greens, there are three levels of purchasing options. Each one comes with free shipping and offers a no risk, money back guarantee. These three purchasing options are listed below.

Good Deal

1 Box

$59 Total

Better Deal

3 Boxes


$147 Total

Best Deal

5 Boxes


$195 Total

While the Better and Best options are higher in total cost, they offer a lower per box amount, making them amazing deals for those who are ready to start Basic Greens today.

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