The Belly Fat Furnace is a weight-loss program for men, which helps them to eliminate the fat on their stomach, while also helping to keep off the pounds for life.

What is the Belly Fat Furnace?

With so many different weight loss programs that are designed for women, and bodybuilding workouts for men, you may be discouraged if you find yourself needing to lose weight as a man. Much of the fitness industry seems to assume that men are already slender, and they should only require a muscle training routine to fine-tune their appearance. You may try to slim down on your own first, but there are many different factor in your body that work against you. Luckily, the Belly Fat Furnace is exactly what you need to motivate the initial changes.

The Belly Fat Furnace is a program that is geared towards men, helping to eliminate the fat stored on the midsection, hips, thighs, and chest. This program is designed to eliminate the need to keep dieting over and over again. In fact, if you follow along with the designated regimen, you can expect a 10% decrease in your weight over the course of 30 days. According to the website, the Bell Fat Furnace helps you to:

  • Lose your stomach fat, and keep it off for the rest of your life
  • Eliminate water retention and bloating, which can add to your waistline
  • Stop cravings for junk food
  • Improve your mental focus each day
  • Increase your energy levels

The whole point of this program is to eliminate the fat that has built up on your stomach. However, the fat that the Belly Fat Furnace is not the layer underneath the surface of the skin. Instead, the company targets the fat that hides underneath your muscle, which is known as omentum. Most exercises won’t let you work on this fatty area, but the information that the Belly Fat Furnace will help you rid your body of it for good.

The Lies of the Medical Industry

The main reason that this program came to be is because the author of the book noticed that so many problems in the medical and fitness community. Essentially, they state that it is a lie that you can lose this weight through eating less carbohydrates and calories. You may be able to lose the fat just beneath the surface of your skin, but this fat will return every single time.

Following along with this plan will show you how to beat the fat underneath the muscle, which is typically untouchable to dieting and exercise. To sweeten the deal, they can even show you how to make sure it never returns.

How Does the Belly Fat Furnace Work?

The Belly Fat Furnace focuses on helping to detoxify and unclog your liver, which is the key to total body wellness. Your liver is the main filtration system in your body as you eat. When you have healthy foods, your liver continues to function as it should. However, when you decide to eat foods that are unhealthy, your liver is not able to filter through everything. Eventually, this process leads to a blockage, which builds up as fat underneath your muscle. Externally, it makes you look like you have a “beer belly.”

The methods described in the book will help you eliminate waste buildup from the liver naturally. However, you don’t have to bid your favorite foods “adieu.” In fact, you won’t even have to exercise that much. The only real details that the narrator of the promotional video will state is that you are instructed to eat on a different schedule, which focuses on burning fat at the right times.

This program is catered to your body and your habits. In the bonus material, you will find a book that helps you to determine the way your body burns fat and utilizes the nutrients you consume. With this knowledge, the program walks you through the creation of a meal plan that helps to use your digestive system to your advantage. You will still need to cleanse your liver with the Belly Fat Furnace’s methods, but you will have the information you need to keep the momentum going.

All of the supporting information for these claims is cited at the bottom of the homepage for the Belly Fat Furnace, offering you the comfort of knowing that this information is accurate.

Using and Applying the Methods from the Belly Fat Furnace

The book suggests there is a correct way to eat and exercise to help take advantage of the way your body burns fat. However, you will not learn any specific method or keys to success from the website. The only way to learn about how to use this product for your benefit is to make the purchase.

However, there is one thing the company mentions about the result. As you embark on your weight loss journey with the Belly Fat Furnace, you should be able to see a noticeable difference within only two days.

Pricing for the Belly Fat Furnace

If you decide that the Belly Fat Furnace is the best way for you to eliminate the unwanted pounds from your figure, you can gain lifetime access to the products with only $37. This pricing is only valid during the promotional period, after which time you will have to pay $97.

Along with access to the Belly Fat Furnace, you get a variety of exciting and helpful bonuses, including:

  • Pack On More Lean Muscle
  • You Diet Special Package

Even though the combination of these two bonuses add up to $151, you won’t have to add any additional charges to your total. These gifts are free to you, helping you stick with your healthy eating and exercise regimen.

Contacting the Makers of the Belly Fat Furnace

At this time, the website doesn’t seem to have a way to contact the customer service team. You may need to look in your digital book after downloading to find this information.


The Belly Fat Furnace breaks down your weight loss into several steps, like most weight loss programs. However, other programs don’t usually have you detoxify your liver or other bodily systems first. By starting with a clean slate, you are able to fill your body with nutritious and healthy food from the very start, helping you to change your eating habits and the way you view your meals for the rest of your life.

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