Beyond Meat Review Guide

Beyond Meat is a company that uses soy-based and pea-based protein to give vegans the right nutritional support, without using any animal products. These foods also contain no MSG or gluten to ensure that every bite is beneficial to your digestive system.


What I s Beyond Meat?

beyond-meat-plantbasedEven though veganism is no longer a novelty in society, many consumers find it hard to get ahold of products that have all the nutrition they need in that type of diet.

Most of the products available are incredibly high in salt, or still contain byproducts of animals. Luckily, Beyond Meat has found a way to wrap up all the nutrition that consumers normally get from meat, and extract the same nutritional value from plants.

Beyond Meat is responsible for making a variety of classic dishes that involve using chicken and beef. The company believes that human health can be improved by abstaining from animal meat. With their meatless options, Beyond Meat hopes to impact climate change for the better, while also respecting the welfare of animals.

Millions of animals are butchered in inhumane ways every year, just for the benefit of consuming meat when they want. However, inhumane treatment causes these animals to endure so much more pain than necessary. By choosing Beyond Meat, you are showing the food industry that the demand for meat may decline. However, since these products don’t contain meat, you may want to know what they do contain.

Beyond Meat Ingredients

The Beyond Meat products have many different ingredients that make each bite even better than the last. All the beef products are made exclusively with pea protein, while the chicken is a blend of soy and pea proteins. Here is the rest of what you will find in most of the recipes:

  • Amaranth, an ancient grain that is gluten-free
  • Vegan flavor, which has no MSG or gluten
  • Soy and carrot fiber, which is essential to digestion
  • Expeller-pressed canola oil, for purity that is free of saturated fat
  • Dipotassium phosphate, a water-soluble salt and a healthy way to include potassium in your diet
  • Titanium dioxide, a mineral that helps the company form the “chicken” into the proper shape and texture
  • Caramel coloring
  • Yeast extract, a key ingredient for flavoring that offers 20 amino acids, high protein, low-fat, and no MSG

Beyond Meat Products

All of the Beyond Meat products use ingredients that are plant-based and all natural. By using a very particular proprietary system, the plant proteins contain much of the same fibers and nutrients that you would find in animal products. To prepare any of the dishes, follow along with the instructions in the package. Most of the dishes are cooked in the same way you would cook chicken and beef. You can serve it warm or cold, and still be able to reap the same benefits. Every ingredient used is completely vegan, and great for any vegetarian diet.

The Beyond Burger™

This burger uses plant-based protein to get the same amount of nutrition, but without the cow meat. It uses the Beef Crumbles to form a burger patty, which is prepared with the same type of method that you would use to cook a regular burger. This is the only product without any other variations on flavor or shape.

Single-Serve Meals

All of the single-serve meals available with Beyond Beef use either Beyond Beef Crumbles or Beyond Chicken Strips. Rather than just having a meat product alone, these dishes come with a side as well. Choose from meals like:

  • Roasted Sweet Potato Chili with Beyond Beef®
  • Indian Curry with Beyond Chicken®
  • Vietnamese Lemongrass with Beyond Chicken®
  • Korean BBQ with Beyond Chicken®

Beast Burgers

Burgers are a great way to get all of the flavors you want on a single bun, but Beast Burgers achieves the same style with pea protein instead of beef. Choose from:

  • The Beast Burger
  • Beastly Sliders

Beyond Chicken® Strips

Chicken strips are usually a staple at a lot of different restaurant. Beyond Meat uses both soy and pea protein, which is formed to look like different chicken products. Beyond Meat offers you variations like:

  • Southwest Style Strips
  • Grilled Strips
  • Lightly Seasoned Strips

 Beyond Beef® Crumble

The Beyond Beef Crumble is a product that is about the same texture as ground beef, but without any of the cow meat. You can cook it up in a skillet, using it in lieu of ground beef. Instead, a non-GMO pea protein is used. You can choose from:

  • Feisty Crumble, which has added spices
  • Beefy Crumble, which is comparable to beef

Where to Buy Beyond Meat Products

You may have actually already tried some of the Beyond Meat products in schools, restaurants, or even food trucks, prior to now. However, you can find it in stores as well, such as:

  • Whole Foods Market
  • Sprouts
  • Farmers Market
  • Publix
  • HEB

Soon, you will also be able to find these products in:

  • Safeway
  • Vons
  • Ralphs
  • Target

There are numerous third-party retailers online that allow you to purchase it, but you are able to get ahold of the products you want much more quickly by picking them up in a physical store.

Contacting Beyond Meat

If you are new to the products available through Beyond Meat, it may benefit you to speak to the customer service team before you make your purchase. The easiest way to reach someone is by calling 866-756-4112, but the business hours are not listed on the website. If you are unable to reach someone in regards to your inquiry via phone, you can email your question to


Beyond Meat offers a wide variety of different foods that are perfect for a vegan diet. Since you prepare the food in the same way that you prepare beef or chicken, your non-vegan friends may not even know the difference any way. You can incorporate these dishes into any meal, while still getting the full feeling that you need. With the right type of protein, you can take one step towards the preservation of animal like with Beyond Meat.

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