Bio PQQ Review

A healthy diet and regular exercise are not always enough for you to achieve optimal health. Sometimes, you need to do more – like add a health supplement to your diet. Health supplements are some of the most convenient, effective, and reliable methods to improving your overall health. In addition, you can essentially “pick and choose” the types of health benefits you want to attain because certain supplements address specific concerns.

For those who are looking to improve their brain health, enhance anti-oxidative activity, and mitochondrial biogenesis, then a supplement called Bio PQQ is one of the best options on the market.


What Is Bio PQQ?

Bio PQQ, which standards for Pyrroloquinoline Quinone is a health supplement that specifically targets cognitive and physical function. Most people consider PQQ akin to a necessary health supplement because it works to ensure that your body’s enzymes are functioning properly and performing their jobs.

While there are many PQQ brands on the market, Bio PQQ is one of the first. After PQQ was discovered in 1979, the brand established itself as one of the first developers of a supplement attributed to brining the health benefits of the substance to people worldwide. Unlike many PQQ supplements, the one brought to you by Bio PQQ is designed to provide you with numerous anti-aging qualities so that you can live a longer, fuller, and healthier lifestyle.

Based Upon the Three Pillars to Brain Health

Bio PQQ is based upon the three pillars of brain health. By taking this supplement, you can experience vast improvements in your cognitive health that last you both over the long term and short term. The supplement focuses on the following cognitive enhancement qualities:

Nerve Growth

As you grow older, the nerves in your brain start to shrivel and become less effective. It was discovered in the late 80s that nerves in the brain can actually regrow and regenerate after experiencing damage. Bio PQQ is as tribute to this ability, as the supplement is one of the most effective ways to enhance the Nerve Growth Factors, the process responsible for repairing and growing damaged nerves.

Moreover, the wonderful aspect about this quality is that it is supported by various studies and extensive research. Therefore, you can feel confident that this benefit is one truly related to the abilities of Bio PQQ.

Energizing Your Mitochondria

You are probably familiar with the term mitochondria from high school, but even if you aren’t here is a refresher. Mitochondria is one of the most powerful and important cells in your body. The cell is responsible for generating energy and ensuring that your body is able to perform the most necessary and basic functions, such as breathing, exercising, and converting food into energy. Another great quality to this supplement is that there is research and studies to support the theory that Bio PQQ is able to promote the process of Mitochondrial Biogenesis.

This process means that your body receives more energy, your cells are able to regenerate faster, and that you also attain the support you need for a longer and healthier lifestyle.

Prevents Oxidative Damage

Another advantage to this supplement is that it prevents one of the most damaging processes on your body’s cells, oxidative damage. An oxidative damage causes the brain and the body’s cells to become susceptible to oxidation. Fortunately, with this supplement, you can prevent the process of oxidative damage. This way, your body’s cells and your cognitive function will remain strong and reliable over time.

Dosage Requirements

When most people add Bio PQQ to their diet, one of the main concerns is how much of the supplement is actually necessary to realize results. The required dosage really just varies depending upon the person and their goals. If you want to improve your memory function, then the recommended dosage is 20 mg on a daily basis. The supplement can be taken in the evening or in the morning, whatever is most convenient for you.

For those who are interested in simple health benefits like enhanced energy levels and preventing oxidation, then a lower dosage may be required. If you are concerned with how much to take, then you may also want to reach out to your physician.

Can Bio PQQ Protect Against Cognitive Degeneration?

One of the most significant fears among many Americans is the development of a cognitive degenerative disease. As a result, those who take Bio PQQ regularly question whether the product can prevent such a development from taking place. Fortunately, there is some science that suggests that Bio PQQ acts as a neuroprotective. This essentially means that the product increases the necessary proteins that can support proper cognitive health. More importantly, the supplement also suppresses the dangerous reactive nitrogen species that is often a precursor to cognitive diseases.

Heart Health Benefits

Another consideration that you may want to take into account when you use the product is that it is known to have heart health benefits. Specifically, there is some support that the product protects your body against heart stroke. To do so, the supplement ensures that your heart remains resilient against muscle dysfunction. In addition, it reduces lipid peroxidation, which also supports positive heart health.

As you can tell, Bio PQQ is really a versatile supplement that has a number of excellent health advantages. Now that you know about how great this supplement is, the next point that you are likely interested in is how you can get a hold of it.

Where to Buy Bio PQQ

Bio PQQ is regularly available through health stores and online retailers, but if you really want a good deal, then the manufacturer’s website is your best resource. Bio PQQ makes PQQ supplements for numerous retailers and you can determine which PQQ the brand makes by looking at its list of products.


Overall, Bio PQQ is a great supplement to add to your diet. The supplement is designed to enhance cognitive function, it leads to better heart health, and most importantly, it protects you against the worst cognitive degenerative diseases. With this supplement, you can feel better, healthier, and alert for so much longer.

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