About BioTrust

BioTrust is a natural nutrition brand that is focused on increasing the quality of life for all of those who are in their circle of influence.

Like every other supplement company that has been conceived of, BioTrust offers premium ingredients that makes it stand out from their competition.


Look, I don’t doubt this companies convictions, it’s just that I’m desensitized to supplement companies claims to include quality ingredients.

It’s been overdone at this point.

Plus, there’s nothing about BioTrust that gives me the impression that they’re different from any other supplement company that saturates the shelves at your local GNC store.

Besides the fact that they give back to charity (Which has nothing to do with the quality of their products) I don’t really see how BioTrust stands apart.

Looking at their product listing I see names like “Joint 33x” and “IC-5 2.0” and I’m not even compelled to look any further.

If BioTrust is to survive they’ll have to put a lot more effort into communicating what makes them different from other supplement companies and also why one should purchase their products.

Speaking of product, let’s pick one at random and see exactly how this company can benefit your life if you decide to purchase from them.

What Is BioTrust Gluten Guard?

Gluten Sensitivity is the new buzz-word used in health-nut circles.

Overnight, it seems that everyone on the planet either had developed a gluten allergy or a gluten sensitivity. Whether this is true or false, I have no idea.

I’m aware that recent science has shown how gluten isn’t the best substance you can put in your body. That stands to reason since it wasn’t consumed by our ancestors.

But I’m rather skeptical of all of these people coming out of the woodwork claiming that gluten is hurting them. But do you know what I’m more skeptical of?

A product called Gluten Guard.

Gluten Guard is made by BioTrust and the claim it does exactly what the name suggests; guard you agains gluten.

My hero.

I admit that my first impression and only reservation about this product is whether or not they are solving an actual need or are taking advantage of the “Gluten” hype.

Who knows. Maybe they’re doing both.

Even if though BioTrust is attempting to solve a problem I didn’t think it’s one that needed attention. Let me explain what I mean by this.

We in America live in what I like to call a “Band-Aid Society”. I say this because we don’t address problems at their root, we rather mitigate the symptoms.

Gluten Guard is the perfect example of this.

Instead of people refraining from eating Gluten altogether they rather take a pill that can lessen the negative effects of ingesting this substance.

Is this not madness? Am I alone in the perspective?

At least, this is how I felt before I read more. They helpful people at Biotrust address the issues like the one I’m having with their product by saying that it’s impossible to avoid gluten altogether and lead a normal life.

They say if you go out to eat and order from “Gluten Free” menus that there’s still the issue of cross-contamination. They may have a point, I’ll admit.

Biotrust says that apart from become a hermit and living out the rest of your days in the wilderness, apart from society, it’s likely that your diet will contain some form of gluten.

Gluten Guard is the remedy for this pervasive problem. Instead of killing yourself attempting to avoid foods that are going to find their way into your diet one way or another, you can simply take this pill at meals and save yourself a lot of stress.

Some of the benefits of taking this supplement are:

– Can help avoid Gluten-Related digestive discomfort.

– Supports digestion of foods containing gluten.

– Only 1 capsule is needed for this stuff to work.

These benefits may not speak to people who have not experienced any issues from consuming gluten. But for those who do, it’s music to their ears.

Gluten Guard is the path of least resistance when it comes to the war on gluten. You can either keep your sanity in tact and take this product, or you can lose your mind examining every bite of food you take for the rest of your life.

The choice is yours really.

BioTrust Gluten Guard Conclusion

BioTrust isn’t all that impressive of a company as a whole. I’m unapologetic about that.

That’s not to say their products suck, there’s just nothing that strikes me as amazing when it comes to their products.

Gluten Guard on the other hand is impressive. I say this because of it addressing a problem that many people are having with the omnipresence of gluten in our society.

If you’ve not experienced any issues form consuming gluten, this product isn’t for you. But I would still encourage you to check with your doctor to make certain there’s no gluten sensitivities you may be overlooking.

All in all, Gluten Guard is a legit product. Get a bottle and watch how amazing you’ll feel in a matter of days.

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