Bone Broth Collagen is a nutritional supplement created by Ancient Nutrition. The supplement is sold online by Dr. Josh Axe through his online store. does it actually work? Read our review to find out.

What is Bone Broth Collagen?

Bone Broth Collagen is a nutritional supplement that relies on the power of bone broth to create a gut friendly formula.

The supplement is sold online through and is heavily promoted by Dr. Josh Axe (who is not actually a medical doctor).

Bone Broth Collagen claims to provide a wide range of powerful benefits, including all of the following:

-Healthy gut function

-Vibrant, firmer, glowing skin

-Greater mobility and flexibility

-Healthier, stronger bones and joints

-Stronger, healthier muscles

-Healthy brain function

The supplement claims to have a major impact on multiple parts of your body. It’s priced at around $45 for a one month supply.

How Does Bone Broth Collagen Work?

Bone Broth Collagen has long been known to provide powerful health benefits. Basically, you boil bones in a broth, and the bones break down and release valuable compounds inside – including collagen. Collagen is a protein used throughout your body – including in your skin and joints.

The problem with bone broth is that it’s hard, expensive, and time-consuming to make. Most of us don’t have the time to boil bones for 24 hours on our stove.

That’s why nutritional supplements offer a good solution: bone broth has been condensed into a powdered form. You can take it daily (mixed with a beverage of your choice) to enjoy all of the benefits of bone broth with none of the annoyances of actually making bone broth.

In the case of Bone Broth Collagen, the bone broth comes from chicken, turkey, and beef bones. It claims to use 100% natural ingredients and is packed with 10g of Type I, II, and III collagen per serving.

Collagen isn’t the only ingredient in Bone Broth Collagen. Other ingredients include:

  • 60mg of glucosamine
  • 800mg of chondroitin
  • 400mg of hyaluronic acid
  • Amino acids like proline and glycine
  • Electrolytes like potassium and sodium

You may recognize these ingredients from anti-aging supplements and joint health supplements. Glucosamine and chondroitin are popular ingredients in joint relief supplements, for example, while hyaluronic acid plays a key role in hydrating the skin.

By taking Bone Broth Collagen daily, you can support crucial parts of your body. Types I and III collagen, for example, are major components of your skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, gums, bones, eyes, teeth, and blood vessels. These types make up 90% of the collagen in our bodies.

Type II collagen, on the other hand, is used to improve gut and joint health and boost your immune system.

Each serving of Bone Broth Collagen also comes with the additional benefit of containing 20mg of protein per serving.

How To Use Bone Broth Collagen

To use Bone Broth Collagen, you just mix one scoop (using the included scooper) into 12 ounces of water, juice, a smoothie, or protein shake. Take it one or more times per day.

Dr. Axe specifically recommends mixing it with almond, cashew, or coconut milk. You can enjoy it warm or cold.

Bone Broth Collagen Pricing

Bone Broth Collagen is priced at the following rates:

  • 1 Tub (30 Servings / 450g): $44.95
  • 1 Tub (Autoship): $42.70 (can choose to deliver every 1, 2, or 3 months)
  • 3 Tubs: $127.37
  • 3 Tubs (Autoship): $121 (can choose to deliver every 1, 2, or 3 months)

About Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe is not a medical doctor. He doesn’t disclose where his PhD comes from, but he claims to be a doctor of chiropractic and a “natural medicine expert”. He also frequently mentions that he’s worked with US Olympians like Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte in the past. You may have seen him on The Dr. Oz Show, where he comes on to talk about various natural cures and supplements.

In recent years, Dr. Axe has launched his online store where he sells a variety of natural remedies, many of which are found under the Ancient Nutrition brand name. Ancient Nutrition focuses on paleo-friendly formulas. Other Dr. Axe brands include his lineup of Axe Nutrition supplements.

Should You Take Bone Broth Collagen To Support your Health?

Bone broth is backed by lots of scientific evidence showing that it supports multiple parts of your body. It’s a powerful natural remedy that can raise collagen levels and support your joints, brain health, digestive system, immune system, and other parts of your body.

So why aren’t we all drinking bone broth every day? Well, bone broth is difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to make. You often have to boil bones for 48 hours, for example, in order to unlock their full benefits.

Bone Broth Collagen – and other bone broth supplements – provides a simpler solution where you get a powdered and condensed form of bone broth you can add to the beverage of your choice. It’s cheaper and easier to consume than making your own bone broth. It also comes with controlled doses of glucosamine, chondroitin, protein, collagen, and other valuable nutrients.

If you want to improve multiple parts of your body using the power of bone broth, then Bone Broth Collagen appears to work as advertised to deliver concentrated bone broth formula into your body.

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