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With the steady increase of obesity in the population, those who care about their health and want fit, strong bodies often go to extreme measures to get results. Unfortunately, just like the extremeness of obesity is bad for health, extreme workouts and supplements can cause their own issues and concerns. Examples of these problems can be seen in emergency rooms every day, as people come in with dislocated shoulders and knees, as well as overextended ligaments, all due to pushing themselves too hard.

What most people need is balance. They need effective training methods combined with quality supplements to help them reach their fitness and health goals. Unfortunately, because there are so many companies trying to take advantage of those struggling to become fit, it’s hard to separate the overhyped programs from the effective and the quality supplements from the ones packed with fillers.

Brandon Carter recognized the problem people were having finding workout programs that worked, ones that gave them the results they wanted. And he also realized that a vast majority of the supplement products on the market were made with low-quality ingredients and made mostly with fillers. In an effort to push back against what he considered frauds, Carter started Bro Laboratories.

Bro Laboratories is a company that was formed by a group of people, led by Carter, who wanted to create products and programs that would actually help people. They were tired of the lies that fitness programs and supplement companies told consumers to get their money. So they created their own supplements and designed their own programs, keeping them at standards that surpass all other options available today.bro labs fitness

What Is Bro Laboratories?

The company Bro Laboratories was founded by Brandon Carter, a fitness guru who wanted to put his expertise to work. The idea of Bro Laboratories was fairly simple. The company was going to create supplements that contained scientifically supported ingredients and actually gave users results. Not only are all the ingredients in the Bro Laboratories supplements supported by published scientific literature, but they have been measured out in exact dosages, so users are getting the exact amount of each ingredient they need.

So many supplement companies take advantage of the lack of FDA oversight by hiding their true ingredients behind phrases like ‘proprietary blend’. Because these supplement companies aren’t required by law to be completely upfront about what ingredients are in their products, they take advantage of the fact and hide the truth, sometimes lying directly to their consumers.

The people behind Bro Laboratories were tired of all the overpriced, but low-quality supplements on the market. So, in an effort to fight back against these companies, Bro Laboratories decided to be completely transparent about every single ingredient in every single product they create. This transparency has made Bro Laboratories one of the leaders in the supplement world, making them a favorite of those who are serious about their health and concerned about what they put in their bodies.

While Bro Laboratories is known for being an amazing source for nutritional and fitness supplements, the company is also on a mission to provide people with fitness education, enhancing their bodies and their minds so they can be their best selves. To do this, Bro Laboratories has created several courses and released quite a few books and guides that are all aimed at providing users with quality advice. The goal of these workout programs isn’t just to help people transform their bodies and lives, but to do it in a safe and effective manner. Unlike other programs, there are no trips to the ER when it comes to Bro Laboratories. And, because the company has always kept scientific evidence at the center of what it does, the programs created have been tried and tested, proven over and over again to be effective and safe.

About Brandon Carter

brandon carter fitness It can be difficult to know what supplements to pick and what workout program to use to get fit and healthy. Bro Laboratories has been successful because it was started by an expert, something many other companies can’t claim. Brandon Carter is a personal trainer and nutritionist who has been perfecting his expertise for over ten years.

He knows how to get fit and healthy because his entire life has revolved around learning techniques and information he can apply to reach these goals.

While the professional expertise of Carter is more than enough to validate Bro Laboratories, it’s the reactions of those around him that make him and his programs so beloved.

Anyone can say they’re a professional, but because Carter has proven himself in the industry, he doesn’t have to say anything. Still, clients keep coming and asking for help. From professional athletes to models, Carter has helped thousands of people transform their bodies and reclaim their health.

In addition to the supplements and fitness tools that Carter has built Bro Laboratories around, he is also the author of the Amazon best-seller ‘Ultimate Cuts: 7 Secrets to Burn Fast as Hell’. While Carter was well-known before, his success with this book has only boosted his popularity.

Bro Laboratories Products and Services

As mentioned above, Bro Laboratories provides both a wide range of quality supplements, as well as workouts and tutorials for those who are ready to take their fitness to the next level. While Bro Laboratories has quite a bit of free information and several free workouts available on its website, most of the content is saved for members. To become a member and access this information, interested parties should visit the Bro Laboratories website.

revolt battleWhile many of the workouts and other programs require a membership, purchasing the Bro Laboratories supplements is available to everyone. Because Bro Laboratories is so serious about keeping the quality and standards of the products up to par, there isn’t a huge selection of supplements. However, because these supplements are so effective, tons of different options aren’t needed. Instead of trying to sell false promises and fillers, Bro Laboratories keeps it completely transparent, offering its customers only the best of the best.

The products sold by Bro Laboratories, as well as the prices and a brief description, can be found below.

Tea Rexx Fat Burner – $39.95

Tea Rex Burning CatalystA fat burning supplement filled with antioxidant support and energy boosting capabilities.

Rebellion Pre-Workout – $39.95

A delicious tasting pre-workout boost that helps prep muscles to improve performance and increase intensity.

Revolt BCAAS – $34.95

This supplement promotes the growth of lean muscle mass while preserving muscle mass that’s already formed.

Fighter Fuel 100% Arabica Coffee + Ginseng – $23.16

Provides users with a boost of energy without the crash or the jitters. Supports focus, productivity, and improved performance.

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