BriteFocus – The Brain Health Company, is a company that offers several nootropic products designed to support brain health.

What Is BriteFocus?

The news reports that in a poll conducted earlier this month, half of Americans take vitamins or supplements on a regular basis. Vitamins and supplements are purchased for pregnancy, bone health, muscle gain, fat burning, digestive issues, weight loss, and overall health.

We take supplements for all kinds of things, but the most important organ in the human body is the brain, and it is often overlooked when it comes to supplemental support.

BriteFocus takes care of your brain. They make the number one doctor recommended premium brain health products on the market.

They produce nootropic supplements that contain natural ingredients that have been used in the market for over 20 years, researched and clinically tested.

BriteFocus Products

The products available within the BriteFocus line all support brain health, but each in a different way. Let’s review each one.


Supports focus, memory and concentration. This supplement, which contains Ceretrophin, impacts mood and cognitive function. Specifically, it decreases stress and improves memory, general intelligence, and mental focus and attention.

In just four weeks, participants in the study experienced an average jump of 6 points in their IQ score. This formula contains a proprietary blend of nutraceuticals that help optimize brain function, enhance mental focus and improve memory.

BriteSMART has undergone extensive research proving it to be a safe and natural formula that advances brain cell communication. It improves mood and decreases stress, thereby alleviating two significant barriers to increased brain performance.

BriteSMART provides maximum results when 3 tablets are taken daily. It is available for $69.95 for a 30-day supply.


Provides protection, detoxification and restoration for the brain. This supplement, which contains B12 and Cereprotection, a proprietary blend of ingredients, is formulated to protect the brain.

The ingredients protect the brain’s neurotransmitters and slow down the brain’s aging, while protecting the brain from cell damage caused by toxins and free radicals.

BriteSHIELD is like the brain’s own coat of armor, protecting it from the daily attacks from stress and environmental toxins, while supporting brain rejuvenation.

This formula supplies the brain with anti-oxidants to protect and detoxify our brain. BriteSHIELD provides maximum results when 2 tablets are taken daily. It is available for $49.95 for a 30-day supply.


Supports calm, focus, and performance in the brain. This supplement is a fast-acting, ready to drink, brain performance supplement.

It is based on the BriteSMART formula and can be used as a booster to other BriteFocus supplements or as a stand-alone supplement for younger patients. Consumers report this supplement helps them to complete brain-intensive tasks.

Unlike energy drinks, BriteSHOT is formulated to decrease brain fatigue, increase your mental energy, and sharpen focus without giving you caffeine or sugar induced jitters.

Its natural formula contains the proprietary blend of clinically tested, natural ingredients found in BriteSMART – the same ingredients that help to optimize brain function, enhance mental focus, increase brain energy and improve memory.

BriteSHOT produces fast results with its unique, triple-action formula that rapidly boost brain energy by raising the brain’s oxygen, glucose, and neurotransmitter levels.

It is perfect for those days that have you hitting the wall halfway through, or for high stress situations where you need all the focus you can muster to be at your best. BriteSHOT gives you the extra mental edge you need to complete any task.

BriteSHOT provides maximum results when you drink one full bottle. It is available for $53.95 for a 12 pack.

BriteFocus – The Brain Health Company offers combination packs on their website for when you wish to purchase more than one product. These packages range in price from $99.95 to $169.95

Contacting BriteFocus

Reaching BriteFocus – The Brain Health Company is as simple as dialing 1-(888) 208-5500 or emailing For information about BriteFocus and all their products, visit the website at

BriteFocus Conclusion

For optimizing your brain performance and protecting your brain from everyday wear and tear, BriteFocus – The Brain Health Company creates supplements to take care of the most important organ in your body, the brain.

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