Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer is a new testosterone enhancing supplement designed for bodybuilders looking to increase their gains. The product uses a new formula in order to gain its testosterone enhancing effects.

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What Is Chemical One?

Chaos and Pain, the manufacturer of the product claims that this supplement uses a prohormone known as 1-DHEA that is not illegal, and metabolizes into another hormone known as 1-testostosterone.

The product uses three main compounds to increase testosterone, thereby allowing the consumer to increase their muscle mass. Chaos and Pain claims to have a specific formulation in order to make the supplement more bioavailable when consumed orally.

How Does Lean Mass Gainer Work?

The supplement uses three ingredients and trademarked Cyclosome technology to create a supplement that is purportedly very effective at increasing testosterone levels. The main ingredient 1-DHEA is supposedly a prodrug for 1-testosterone.

To pass through the liver without being destroyed Chaos and Pain have used a technology that is supposed to allow 1-DHEA to be metabolized in the right part of the body to be converted into 1-testosterone.

1-testosterone is an anabolic steroid and has been illegal since 2005. If 1-DHEA breaks down into 1-testosterone, then it may show up on a blood test.

For consumers considering using this supplement it is important to consult a health professional due to the increased testosterone levels, and the risks that may be associated with such supplementation.

Chaos and Pain recommends that this supplement be used for two months and then stopped for a month, when it can be used again.

Lean Mass Gainer Ingredients


A compound that is produced by the body’s adrenal glands, DHEA tends to be naturally produced in the body, although production peaks in one’s mid 20s. It is responsible for both testosterone and estrogen production.

There does not seem to be an abundance of research on 1-DHEA specifically, or its use with a cyclosome technology, so it is difficult to gauge the safety or efficacy of this specific supplementation technique.

Based on other testosterone therapies, there may be some negative side effects, particularly at higher dosages, such as: aggressive behavior, mood swings, high blood pressure, liver problems and cholesterol level changes.

1-DHEA may not convert into estrogen like other DHEA supplements. 1-DHEA may also suppress natural testosterone production.

Fadogia Agrestis:

Chaos and Pain claims that this ingredient is added in to help increase the body's production of testosterone. There is not enough information available about this ingredient.

Originating in Nigeria, the plant has shown some effectiveness in increasing testosterone in rats but there does not seem to be any research on humans.

There may also be some dangers in consuming this substance, but without human trials it is hard to figure out whether even the risks are substantiated.

6,7 Dihydroxybergamottin (DHB):

Supposedly functions to boost the effects of other testosterone supplements. DHB may inhibit a metabolite in the stomach known as CYP3A4. This effect also occurs when one drinks grapefruit juice.

The supplement may only extend the half-life of the other chemicals in Chemical One, but more research in terms of its effectiveness needs to be demonstrated.

MAO inhibitors, come with some risks when consumed, so a doctor should be consulted, along with other dieting tips.

Lean Mass Gainer Pricing

Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer is available for the price of $74.99, for two month’s worth of supplementation. The product can be found from the manufacturer on their website.

Lean Mass Gainer Summary

The two main ingredients in Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer, 1-DHEA and Fagodia seem to have limited research on their safety especially when paired together. For those looking for novel anabolics, however, these supplements may pique sufficient interest.

The research seems promising, just far from conclusive.

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