Chobani Yogurt Review

Chobani yogurt is a creamy, Greek-style yogurt that offers the probiotic boost that other yogurts offer, but with natural ingredients. Because Chobani isn’t filled with preservatives, sugar, and other unhealthy ingredients, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular yogurt brands in the country.


Chobani Yogurt Benefits

The driving force behind Chobani is to provide better food for people, specifically its customers. The company does this by providing a yogurt that is both delicious and nutritious, made with ingredients that anyone would be proud to eat. As a food manufacturer, Chobani feels it has a responsibility and because of this responsibility, Chobani is able to make foods that offer a wide range of benefits.

The first benefit of Chobani yogurt is that it is made with real ingredients. These ingredients are non-GMO and natural, from the milk to the flavorings. In addition to only using real ingredients, Chobani also only uses natural sweeteners. These sweeteners come in many forms, like honey, milk, fruit, or cane juice, but they are all natural. By offering these natural sweetener alternatives, Chobani is able to create yogurt that generally contains less sugar than regular fruit yogurts.

More and more evidence is pointing to the fact that the steroids and hormones fed to animals affect consumers, whether it’s the meat or milk of these animals. Because of this, Chobani only uses milk that has been sourced from cows who have not been treated with growth hormones. That means these cows have not been treated with hormones like rBST, which has questionable side effects.

Chobani stands behind its standards. To show this, Chobani proudly supports openness and labeling on its products. They believe that people deserve to know what they’re putting in their bodies. Because of this believe, Chobani is a proud advocate of the recent GMO labeling efforts. For consumers who are trying to be more aware of what they put in their bodies, this is one of the biggest benefits of all.

Finally, the last benefit of Chobani is that it allows consumers to eat their healthy, delicious yogurt guilt-free. Not only is Chobani committed to sustainable manufacturing processes, but it also gives 10% of all its profits to charity. Its commitment to sustainability is seen in the way the company sources its milk, but also in the way it cares about the way the animals providing the milk for the company are treated. Chobani is extremely committed to animal welfare, starting with its own cows.

The Chobani Process

The process for making Chobani yogurts is a long, harrowing one. However, because Chobani is so committed to keeping its production and manufacturing standards, this process needs to be followed down to the last step. By staying consistent and always pushing to improve, Chobani can assure its customers that they are always getting the best yogurt available, no matter which product they buy.

The entire Chobani process starts with the milk. While it might be cheaper to purchase from large milking manufacturers, Chobani keeps its sourcing of milk local. By using regional farms, Chobani is supporting hard-working Americans. And, in addition to using local sourcing, Chobani will only use milk from cows who have not been treated with growth hormones, like rBST.

To turn their locally sourced milk into yogurt, Chobani uses an authentic straining process. The process used to strain Chobani milk has been followed for generations, passed down from a time when quality food was the norm. The straining process Chobani uses allows the company to produce a yogurt that is extra thick. In addition to being thick and creamy, this Chobani yogurt also contains twice as much protein as regular, unstrained yogurts on the market.

Once the yogurt has been made, the fun part begins. Chobani offers a wide range of flavors for its yogurts. However, its standards are just as high for these ingredients as it is for the milk and the straining process. Chobani only uses natural ingredients to flavor its yogurt. Every fruit in Chobani is real and only natural sweeteners are used. In addition to these amazing natural ingredients, Chobani never uses preservatives in its yogurt.

To keep the entire manufacturing process for Chobani yogurt going smoothly, and held to the standards of the company, Chobani is constantly implementing sustainable practices. The focus on sustainability stems from the desire of Chobani to support the environment and the community. It is able to do this through a number of practices. One of these practices is recycling their whey byproduct into feed or fertilizer for its milk farms.

The entire Chobani process is focused on giving its consumers the best yogurt possible.

Chobani Products

Chobani offers nine distinct yogurt variations. Each of these nine categories comes in a variety of flavors. Because Chobani offers so many options, there truly is something available for everyone, whether they lean towards the sweeter options, the healthier options, or a kid-friendly yogurt.

A list of the nine categories offered by Chobani are below, as well as the different flavors offered in each category.


Fruit on the Bottom

These yogurts have a delicious layer of natural, real fruit on the bottom, making them a sweet and delicious way to stay healthy.



-Black Cherry

-Blood Orange



-Passion Fruit






-Strawberry Banana

Chobani Blended

Instead of having the fruit on the bottom, like the category above, these yogurts are already perfectly blended, making the fruit to yogurt ratio flawless.


-Apple Cinnamon

-Whole Milk Honey

-Whole Milk Vanilla



-Key Lime


-Mixed Berry

-Non-Fat Vanilla


Chobani Plain

For those who like their yogurts a little more refined, these plain options contain milk and the live cultures that make Chobani such an amazing probiotic. The plain options also offer consumers the perfect blank slate for recipes or mixes of their own.

-Non-Fat Plain

-Whole Milk Plain

Simply 100

Containing only 100 calories, these yogurts are perfect for those watching their weight or who are attempting to stay healthy. Despite only containing 100 calories, these yogurts are delicious and still sweetened naturally.

-Strawberry Banana

-Mixed Red Berry

-Strawberry Chocolate Truffle

-Blueberry Cookie Crumble

-Mango Cone Crisp

-Black Cherry


-Key Lime

-Mango Passion Fruit



-Pineapple Coconut

-Raspberry Lemon


Chobani Flip

The perfect mid-day snack, Chobani Flips offer a compartment of yogurt beside a compartment of toppings. The toppings can then be flipped over onto the yogurt, making the perfect combination.

-Peppermint Perfection

-Sriracha Mango

-Chipotle Pineapple


-Peanut Butter Dream

-Coffee Break Bliss

-Chocolate Haze Craze

-Salted Caramel Crunch

-Almond Coco Loco

-Key Lime Crumble

-Nutty for ‘Nana

-Peachy Pistachio

-Tropical Escapte

Mighty Oats and Ancient Grains

For those who can’t stomach full breakfasts, these mixtures of grains and yogurt give users the probiotics they need, plus enough fiber and protein to keep them full throughout the day.

-Apple Cinnamon Mighty Oats

-Raisin Brown Sugar Mighty Oats

-Mixed Berry Ancient Grains

-Apricot Ancient Grains

-Banana Maple Mighty Oats

-Blueberry Mighty Oats

-Peach Might Oats

Chobani Kids

Made specifically to go into a lunchbox, these kid-friendly yogurts come covered in favorite cartoon and movie characters, adding just the right of pop for school time lunches.


-Mixed Berry


-Grape and Strawberry

-Mixed Berry and Watermelon

-Strawberry and Vanilla Chocolate Dust

Chobani Tots

Coming in easy to squeeze pouches, these are yogurts designed specifically for little ones for meal and snacktime.


-Mango and Spinach and Banana and Pumpkin

Chobani Indulgent

Made with dark chocolate and super creamy yogurt, these dessert yogurts taste like they should be unhealthy, but they’re not! Chobani Indulgent yogurts are the perfect option for fighting cravings.

-Cherry and Dark Chocolate

-Double Chocolate Chunk

-Dulce de Leche and Dark Chocolate

-Banana and Dark Chocolate

-Raspberry and Dark Chocolate

-Mint and Dark Chocolate

Chobani yogurt products are sold in several locations across the country. The Chobani website has a product finder so those interested in purchasing Chobani products can find a location near them that stocks the yogurt.

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