The Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint workshop, as they call it, it is a complete system designed to help you use your upper and lower body. It will improve your function, endurance, strength and resiliency.

What is the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

They claim that through the use of their Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint system, you’ll gain flexibility and mobility like never before.

It’s a complete system, designed to help you achieve new levels of comfort and success. This is supposedly the best training system, that will help you and your clients. It will help you in the most direct way a program can possibly help you.

You’ll learn how to use static poses, asses them, them and then integrate them into your training program.

They’ll also teach you about training mechanics and how you can breathe right. Apparently, the secret is breathing through your diaphragm.

It helps with mobility in the upper body, as well as stability of the lower body. You’ll instantly learn to see improvements fast. The system is claimed to help in both areas.

Also, the system is said to teach you even more in depth about breathing. It will help you with the thoracic mobility as well as scapular mobility and shoulder mobility.

Basically, your mobility is going to get better all the way around. You’ll be able to breakthrough shoulder and wrist limitations with ease.

They also say, that you’ll learn about impingement. You’ll learn how to asses for it and then the difference between how internal and external impingement operate.

Then, they talk about how you will learn to train the overhead athlete and their specific needs.

You’ll find out what the difference is between them and the desk jockey. They are both clients that have overhead mobility issues. And they are the type of clients, coaches get on a regular basis.

Lastly, they claim they will teach you about proper pushups and chin-ups as well as other corrective movements.

How Does the Complete Shoulder & Hop Blueprint Work?

It will help you teach clients and friends alike, how to deal with shoulder issues more efficiently.

Also, you’ll find out how you can streamline the assessment process and program design elements of your training.

It will help you achieve results much faster than ever before. It is ideal to help you be the best coach you can be for your clients.

You will see and learn the different shoulder movements and find out how they work before you use them.

Complete Shoulder And Hip Blueprint allows you to better guide your clients and create a program that is ideal for each one of them. It will help you with people, whether they’re working out or not.

And then you also upgrade our toolbox online, in order to take care of many common problems that are overlooked.

What Do You Get with the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

Lastly, they’re going to teach you about the different roles that an individual’s anatomy, plays a role when training a person.

You’ll find out how to work with each patient and capitalize on the strengths and weakness of each client.

You can use a test program to assess and re-assess your clients as they progress or decline. And you will know exactly where each client needs to improve.

When you combine both active and passive training, you see results immediately. You’ll understand what the person needs to work on immediately in order to achieve their optimal level of health.

They also teach you about differences within the structural, and neutrally soft tissues. Also, any limitations of movement will be addressed as well. It’s a complete system to help you, help other people take care of themselves so they don’t have to deal with the pain anymore.

Every exercise will be covered as well. And you will be able to tell clients, exactly how far to squat.

And also, how to deadlift properly. They talk about stances, weights and lengths of time to work out, plus to expect results.

The system will help you improve your strength, stamina and everything else about yourself. What this all means, is that you will be able to improve fast.

And you’ll be able to help you clients improve fast too Along with all this, you’re going to learn exactly how to pick the right client. And the how they can benefit from your training and vice versa.

They say it literally only takes a minute of two in order to see results. That’s most likely from a mobility standpoint.

But regardless, you’ll see results. And then they will connect all your assessments, so you can take care of yourself once in and for all. And you’ll be able to get the highest levels of strength and mobility, then ever before.

Once you break the system down, it will help you in ways you can’t even begin to imagine, according to the makers of the system.

What Are Customers Saying About the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint?

Customers seem to be into the program, they seem like they genuinely love the system. There are no complaints about the system and it seems like it’s pretty legit.

Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint Review Summary

Yes, according to the people that have used the system, it rocks. It seems to be one of the best systems on the market for helping you work with clients.

It will help you source better clients and then learn how to serve them best. So, all in all, it’s a great system that will help you take your business to the next level

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