CytoSport is a company that produces supplements that are meant for the active lifestyles of consumers that are involved with sports and bodybuilding activities.

This company offers plenty of different remedies to accommodate your needs, though most of the supplements do not offer weight-loss benefits.

What Is CytoSport?

When you live an active lifestyle, you need the right nutrition to support your efforts at building muscle and becoming toned. However, the protein that you consume in your regular diet may not be enough to support the constant need for your muscles.

Increasing your protein healthily can be difficult, since you can become full quickly and not want to continue eating. However, by choosing a supplement, you can drink down all your necessary protein before you ever feel overfilled by your meal.

CytoSport offers supplements that can meet your protein needs.

CytoSport offers the solutions that you need for your muscle support, but their company offers so much more than that.

Rather than producing protein supplements like any other company, their formulas support the physical activity that’s involved with athletes and other sporting events.

Your adrenaline and muscles work at a much more elevated level than the average fitness enthusiast during these events and training. Regular protein formulas won’t work for you, which is why you need CytoSport.


CytoSport Products

CytoSport has remedies that can fulfill all your protein needs, but with the use of common proteins that you usually don’t eat with just your meals. Some of those proteins include:

  • Whey protein, which features all nine essential amino acids
  • L-Leucine, to improve the mass of your muscles
  • Milk protein, which can be absorbed easily and quickly into your body

To find the one that’s right for you, browse through the selection below.

Monster Amino 6:1:1

Monster Amino features a blend of different branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s), which can help you improve the quality of your workout before, during, and after it. You predominantly end up with L-Leucine, which is complemented with Isoleucine and Valine.

You can choose from watermelon, fruit punch, blue raspberry, and grape for flavor. It is not meant to help you reach your weight loss goals, since it supports the building of your muscles.

Monster Blend

The Monster Blend is used to help you get 25g of protein in your servings. Rather than using just one main source of protein, this remedy comes from milk protein and whey protein.

To improve your body’s ability to synthesize these remedies, the formula includes L-Leucine and digestive enzymes.

You can choose between chocolate and vanilla. However, this powder is not meant to help you lose weight. Instead, it’s used to help you bulk up and support your efforts to build muscles.


Monster Isolate

Monster Isolate offers a healthy amount of whey protein isolate to help you improve the recovery period during and after a workout, while enhancing your muscle growth.

This formula gives you 25g of protein in every serving, along with 130 carbohydrates, and less than a gram of sugar.

Choose from chocolate or vanilla.

Monster Whey

Monster Whey is another supplement that only has one source of protein, rather than being available in a blend. You get 150 calories and 25g of protein, but with high-quality whey that you can only get from CytoSport.

This supplement is offered in chocolate and vanilla.

Monster Massive

Monster Massive is a supplement that offers you intense nutrients to help you gain muscles and strength through your workout. This remedy has double the amount of protein that the other options do, which is 50 grams.

However, it also helps you introduce more calories to your diet, offering 810 calories with every single serving.

Unlike many of the other supplements that are offered by CytoSport, you can get many flavors for this formula. Choose from chocolate, vanilla, banana, cookies & crème, and strawberry.

Monster Initiate

The Monster Initiate formula gives you the energy and support that you need at the beginning of your workout. This option offers no proprietary blends, so you just get wholesome nutrition you can trust.

This remedy offers a high amount of caffeine, which is necessary for a pre-workout formula. You also get the benefits of L-Citrulline, CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine, Betaine Anhydrous, and L-Leucine.

To help you feel refreshed, this formula is offered in the following flavors: fruit punch, blue raspberry, grape, and sour apple.


Purchasing CytoSport Products

If you want to make the CytoSport products into a regular part of your routine, you are unable to purchase directly from the website. Instead, you can choose from one of the participating retailers to make your purchase. Those retailers include:

  • Hi-Health
  • 24-Fitness
  • Academy Sports+Outdoors
  • The Vitamin Shoppe

For the complete information and availability of these locations, you will need to contact them directly.

Contacting CytoSport

With all the remedies that CytoSport offers, you may need a little guidance and additional information to decide about the best one for you. You can fill out the online form with your inquiry for a response from the customer service department.

Cytosport Summary

CytoSport offers many different blends, even though there is limited information about their products online. The remedies are effective out on the field, even if you’re warming up for your competition.

If you need some support to maximize your strength, CytoSport is the way to go.


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