Skin tags are an extremely common condition that affects up to three million adults in the United States alone.

Defined as a common skin growth in which a thin, narrow growth of skin sticks out from the epidermis, skin tags can be found on the upper chest, eyelids, neck, groin, and underarms.

Although skin tags are considered unsightly and undesirable, they have no negative health impact apart from occasionally becoming irritated from rubbing against clothing.

Despite the inert nature of skin tags, most individuals that possess them seek to eliminate them. There are a wide range of treatments available for individuals that would like to remove their skin tags.

Treatment for skin tags generally consists of cauterization or cryosurgery, or the application of liquid nitrogen to the skin tag to remove it.

These treatments, although effective, can be extremely costly and require several thousands of dollars of medical consultation. Many individuals that seek to remove their skin tags find these costs prohibitive and instead turn to alternative medicines, with mixed results.

Some alternative therapies for treating skin tags can be effective, while some deliver no results at all. Finding a solution that works can be extremely difficult, given the large amount of ineffective alternative treatments that flood the market.

DermaBellix is a new alternative treatment for skin tags that promises to remove 100% of skin tags permanently and painlessly with a completely natural solution free from side effects.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the DermaBellix formula to find out how it works and whether there is any scientific evidence to support the ingredients to help you find out whether it’s the right skin tag treatment for you.

What Is DermaBellix?

DermaBellix is an all-new, groundbreaking new skin tag treatment that claims to be able to remove 100% of skin tags in just eight hours.

Promising painless and safe skin tag removal and compatible with all skin types, DermaBellix consists of a fast acting liquid solution that works on eyelids, the neck, armpits, groin folds, and under breasts with no negative side effects whatsoever.

The unique formulation of DermaBellix is completely different than the pharmaceutical and cryosurgical treatments offered by modern medical science.

The DermaBellix brand posits that modern medical practitioners are keeping powerful solutions such as the potent herbal concoction used in the DermaBellix formula secret in order to preserve their profit margins and keep consumers uninformed and reliant upon medical treatments.

DermaBellix claims that their product is able to eliminate skin tags in just eight hours with an all natural formula that is composed of ingredients sourced and processed in the United States and Canada.

Promising a completely non-toxic, chemical and surgery free solution that permanently eliminates skin tags from the body, Dermabellix is based around an essential oil distillation of herbal and botanical ingredients.

The all-natural composition of DermaBellix promises to remove skin tags without pain or scarring, completely negating the need for painful freezing or burning.

The process of applying DermaBellix is simple- users apply the solution to a skin tag once every 6-8 hours, and the formula dries out the skin tag and causes it to fall off.

A major advantage offered by DermaBellix is that it is a permanent solution- unlike cryosurgery, the DermaBellix solution completely removes the root and stem of a skin tag, preventing it from growing back.

How is DermaBellix able to achieve these impressive results, though? To find out, we’ll need to take a closer look at the ingredients in the product formula.

DermaBelix Formula

DermaBellix doesn’t provide a full breakdown of their formula on the product website, so in order to find out what the active ingredient is, we had to reach out to a customer service representative of the company.

The DermaBellix representative informed us that the Dermabellix Formula is “..made up of 100% Thuja Occidentalis, also known as Cedarleaf”.

Cedarleaf extract and essential oil is commonly used in homeopathy in an extremely diluted form, but is used in a few traditional medical applications.

Interestingly, there are a number of clinical investigations that support the use of Thuja Occidentalis in the treatment of skin tags. To understand how cedarleaf extract is able to destroy skin tags, it’s necessary to dive into a little bit of biochemistry.

Cedarleaf, or Thuja Occidentalis, has a unique phytochemistry profile. 1.4% of the total mass of dried cedarleaf is composed of essential oil- this is the oil that makes up 100% of the DermaBellix formula- of which roughly 60% is a naturally occurring chemical called thujone.

The administration of thujone to the body has been shown to stimulate the production of an immune system cell called cytotoxic T lymphocyte, or CTL. The definition “cytotoxic” means that this lymphocyte is toxic to living cells- especially those that make up skin tags.

Furthermore, thujone has been demonstrated in another clinical trials to have powerful pro-apoptotic effects in in-vitro trials- meaning that it can induce the sudden death of cells that it is applied to.

While this may sound complex, what it means is that DermaBellix is able to cause the human body to secrete cell-killing chemicals in any place that it is applied- using the defense systems of the body to target and eliminate skin tag cells.

While you probably don’t want DermaBellix anywhere near your eyes, or any part of your body that you value and want to keep intact, the scientific evidence makes it clear- DermaBellix is a potent solution that is able to completely eliminate skin tag cells with no side effects.

The unique composition of DemaBellix actually works in harmony with the body to promote the destruction of unwanted cells without resorting to painful surgical solutions.

DermaBellix Verdict

The composition of the DermaBellix solution is one of the most unique and effective solutions we’ve seen on the market.

If you’re looking for a natural, chemical-free and completely safe treatment for skin tags that will remove them in a matter of hours, DermaBellix is the best solution for you.




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