What is Desert Farms Milk?

Desert Farms offers users with milk that has been freshly extracted from responsible raised camels. Camel milk offers users with a variety of unique features, some of these include:

(i) Loaded with nutrition: camel milk has been studied by researchers and found to be packed with natural pre-biotic compounds and contains high levels of Lactoferrin.

They increase the bioavailability of the user’s system and allow for increased nutrient uptake to enhance immunity levels.

(ii) Excellent Calcium Source: it is packed with essential vitamins (B1) and minerals, a regular dose can satisfy 70% of one’s daily calcium requirements.

(iii) Completely Natural: it is completely organic and natural and there are no traces of GMOs, additives, or hormones. Also, the animals are raised naturally and only feed of wild forage.

(iv) Taste: the product tastes exactly like regular cow milk so users will not find any major difference when consuming the product.

(v) Safe: it is a non-allergenic product that can be safely consumed by people who are lactose intolerant.

Why should I choose camel milk? Is there any scientific evidence which suggests its superiority over conventional milk?

A lot of research has been done recently regarding the efficacy of camel milk, some of the evidence has been presented below:

(i) Easier to digest: studies have shown that camel milk is easier on our digestive system and can even be consumed by lactose intolerant individuals without any issue.

(ii) Absorbability: the absorption coefficient of this milk is extremely high and thus our intestines can readily extract nutrients from it.

(iii) High insulin content: it is a good alternative for people suffering from diabetes and high blood sugar because it contains high insulin levels. There are around 52 units of insulin per each liter of milk.

(iv) Medical benefits: research has suggested that regular use can alleviate/eliminate allergy related issues.

(v) Diabetic benefits: studies have found that it lowers high fasting blood glucose levels and Hemoglobin A1c in diabetics.

(vi) Anti-inflammatory: research has shown that camel’s milk is a perfect anti-inflammatory agent and can be used to heal leaky guts

(vi) Autism support: studies have indicated a correlation between consumption of camel's milk and improved cognitive abilities in autistic children.

What are some of the products that are available for purchase?

There are a host of products that one can choose form, some of the options available include:

(i) Raw Camel Milk: this variant gives customers milk that is freshly extracted from its source without any treatments or additives.

(ii) Kefir Camel Milk: this is a drink that is made using camel milk, it contains various probiotic nutrients which are aimed at enhancing the user's overall internal health.

(iii) Pasteurized Camel Milk: this milk has been pasteurized (heated to high temperatures) to eliminate any unwanted bacteria before being delivered to users.

What do people who have used the product have to say about it?

The response regarding the product has been highly encouraging, customers like Beverly H. have said that they feel much lighter after consuming this milk and have also seen various health benefits (less bloating, natural detoxing) ever since they started drinking the product regularly.

Similarly Omar V. says that he was pleasantly surprised when he came across this product because of its excellent taste, texture and consistency.

Lastly, Jane S. says that she has now begun using camel milk in her coffee and other daily beverages because of its naturally sweet taste.

How can I purchase the product for myself?

The easiest and most convenient means of making a purchase is by placing an order online at http://buycamelmilk.desertfarms.com/.

Users can initially opt for free sample bottles so that they can see if they would like to continue with the product in the future, one only needs to pay for shipping and handling charges to obtain their free samples.

Payments can be made using a variety of secure means including PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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