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Dr-Josh-AxeThe past several decades have shown a strange trend in health in the Western world. There are two drastic extremes when it comes to health on this side of the world. The first is those who don’t seem to care about diet and exercise, which has led to a serious obesity epidemic. This epidemic has become so serious that more than a third (35.7%) of all Americans are considered obese. And that percentage doesn’t even include those who are overweight.

The problem with obesity has become a serious topic of conversation in the past several years. And as information about the issue, as well as alternative methods for combating obesity, has become available, a new trend in health has begun to take shape.

The second trend that has been spreading through the Western world is that of extreme care and concern for one’s health. Those who practice this trend in their daily lives are very careful about what they eat and are careful to what their bodies are exposed. They participate in several different forms of exercise, all aimed at keeping their body in the best health possible.

While this second trend has led to a whole group of health-conscious people in the United States, there are obstacles to the lifestyle. The biggest problem is that there isn’t a lot of real information available to those who lead these lifestyles. Yes, there are lots of opinions, but very few are backed by fact. And, because many medical professionals would rather hand out medications than support these changes in lifestyle, they aren’t open to providing the factual information these people need.

However, there is a solution. For those who want to get valuable, medically supported information about improving their lives through diet and exercise, there is the website Draxe.com. Created by Dr. Joshua Axe, this website has become a valuable source for those who are ready to start changing their lives or those who have already made the change and need support.

What Is Draxe.com?

draxe-food-cook-bookDraxe.com is a website that has been designed and created by Dr. Joshua Axe. An expert in natural medicine, Dr. Axe believes that food is the best medicine available to humans. With that in mind, he created the website to help support those who want to use food to improve their health.

Draxe.com is broken down into numerous sections. Each one works to help people achieve the health and wellness they want in their lives. The website walks users through the truth behind health and wellness, teaching what users should eat and how they can exercise to get the most out of their lives.

Using the principles and instructions available on Draxe.com, users will be able to get their healthiest bodies yet, lean and strong. In an effort to jumpstart people on the beginning of their health journey, Dr. Axe walks them through the steps they can follow to cut processed foods out of their lives. By eating real food for just 30 days, Dr. Axe believes users will find an energetic, vibrant life that will completely change their bodies and their lives.

Who Is Dr. Axe?

As mentioned above, so little of the information available today on natural health and wellness can be trusted, because they come from questionable sources. With DrAxe.com, this is not an issue. Dr. Axe is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, a licensed chiropractor, and a Natural Medicine expert. His expertise in the natural food and natural health area have been proven over and over again as athletes, celebrities, and doctors across the country seek him out for advice and collaboration.

In addition to being a renowned specialist in the nutrition and natural medicine fields, Dr. Axe has also written a bestselling book, The Real Food Diet Cookbook, and has spoken at Fortune 500 companies across the globe. His expertise have made him a sought after consultant by professional athletes, like Olympic swimming Ryan Lochte. And, Dr. Axe continues to contribute in the form of advice and articles to one of the largest natural supplement companies in the country, Garden of Life.

The Dr. Axe Basics

Dr.josh-AxeWhen beginning on the DrAxe.com website, Dr. Axe strongly suggests starting by switching to a real food diet. For many, this concept is a bit strange, but he explains it in detail on the website.

The real food diet is something people can use no matter what their health goals are at the moment. Whether it’s to lose weight, feel better, stop taking certain medications, or increasing energy, the real food diet will help. Those who stay on the real food diet for a minimum of 30 days have found that they feel and look better, they have more energy, and they’re getting better sleep at night.

On DrAxe.com, the real food diet is the center point of everything. The entire website is built around changing lifestyles by adding more real food into the diet and subtracting the harmful, processed foods that have been linked to so many health problems.

While there is plenty of information on the website to do this, Dr. Axe strongly suggests using The Real Food Diet Cookbook to get started. This book doesn’t just contain a wide range of recipes that can help those who are starting to change their lives, but it also comes with all the information needed to get started. It contains step by step instructions through the principles that make the real food diet so efficient and transformative.

Hundreds of the recipes that are in the book are also included on the website. All users need to do is sign up or subscribe on DrAxe.com to get access.


The DrAxe.com Plan

As mentioned above, DrAxe.com is broken into different sections, so users can find what they need when they need it. However, it can get a little overwhelming for first time users. Thankfully, there are a few basics that first comers can check out if they’re ready to start transforming and improving their lives using DrAxe.com.

The DrAxe.com website is broken down into the following sections:


-DIY Home Remedies

-Fitness Articles

-Health Articles

-Popular Recipes

In addition to these categories, DrAxe.com also includes guides on what users should eat to best benefit their health goals. There is also a section on what exercises work best to get real and lasting results.

Finally, DrAxe.com focuses very strongly on creating a community of people who are striving towards the same goals. This community is perfect for getting advice and inspiration, since many were beginners not too long ago. The DrAxe.com community can be found on:





Shopping on DrAxe.com

In addition to providing an abundance of information and resources for those trying to change their lives for the better, DrAxe.com offers a wide range of Axe products. These products are of the highest quality and serve to support the needs and goals of those already trying to turn their lives around.

The products available on DrAxe.com include:

-Collagen Protein Powder

-Leaky Gut Support

-Live Probiotics

-Green Superfood

-Healing Protein Chocolate

-Healing Protein Vanilla

-Omega D3 with Astaxanthin

-Vitamin B Adrenal Complex

-Magnesium Complex

-Cell Detox

-Real Food Multi-Vitamins Plus Minerals

All these products are available for purchase on www.DrAxe.com.

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