In order to get the results one wants in a training regimen, one needs to ensue that the training accomplished has been strong and powerful every time. What ensures this is attainable?

The only thing that can prevent a vigorously and complete training is one’s determination, focus and energy levels.

While one’s determination and desire for results comes from within, there are many ways out there to achieve extreme levels of energy and unbeatable source that ensures maximum focus.

The Dust Extreme is unlike any other pre workout there is, as this is forbidden for beginners. Why? This review will analyze Dust Extreme in ways that will ensure exercisers understand the seriousness of this product.

What Is Dust Extreme?

Dust Extreme is a pre-workout supplement that provides exercisers with a potent energy level that no other supplements brand has ever achieved.

In addition to its ability to provide a great source of energy, this product works to provide high levels of focus and concentration as well.

Overall, this product works achieve a high level of pump, which refers to the increase in one’s blood volume in the muscles that require an abundance of nitric oxide.

Dust Extreme Ingredients

Citrulline Malate and Agmatine Sulfate are the key components that help to achieve the pump every exerciser and bodybuilder strives for.

Citrulline Malate has been greatly used to prevent tiredness, muscle weakness and anything that comes in the way of one’s thinking ability. As mentioned earlier, a decent pump requires increased levels of nitric oxide, and this is something achieved by Citrulline Malate.

To further enhance one’s pump, Agmatine Sulfate is used to improve muscle pump by reserving the nitric oxide synthase.

In addition, it also contains properties that improve one’s brain functions such as clarity, and concentration as well as helps exercisers cope with stress and overall mental health.

Every scoop of Dust Extreme provides exercisers with 4grams of Citrulline Malate and 1gram of Agmatine Sulfate to provide an unbelievable and noticeable pump no other supplement has achieved as of yet.

Dust Extreme Not For Beginners

The reason this product is not necessarily suitable for beginners or newbies to the supplement world is because for every scoop, this product contains 750mg of 1,3-Dimethylaminoethonal, also known as DMAA plus 350mg of caffeine anhydrous.

Both components’ main purpose is to enhance one’s athletic abilities with an increased level of energy.

Both ingredients do not necessarily come in contact with each other, and thus the reason why this product is potent.

Both ingredients work off of different receptors in the brain; there are caffeine receptors then there are other receptors that the 1,3-DMAA targets, which were never in, contact with caffeine.

This means that it will take some time to get used to it, as every time feels unbelievably strong and a little tough to handle.

While, beginners might respond differently due to this potent formula, they can give it a shot, given that they reduce the quantity of intake.

Dust Extreme Directions

Given an exerciser decides to train, it is best to consume 1 scoop consisting of 10grams of the Dust Extreme 30 minutes prior to training, and on any given day where one does not train, it is best to stick to consuming the same quantity in the mornings.

Beginners and those who are new to this product are recommended to start of with half a scoop and once gotten accustom to it, and then an increase would be great.

Purchasing Dust Extreme

The current going price of the Dust Extreme is approximately $54.99, which provides exercisers with 25 full servings that will last a little under a month or more depending on one’s tolerance level.

In addition, exercisers have the option of choosing between 2 flavors, which are: pineapple mango and sour gummy bear.

Overall, the Dust Extreme is a pre-workout supplement that works to provide increased energy levels, sharp sense of focus and concentration and a pump that will leave many in satisfaction.

Keep in mind, this product has been engineered to provide a potency level, literally outside of this world, therefore for one’s sanity and safety reasons, the recommended dose of 1 scoop should not be exceeded, however for anyone who feels 1 scoop is too much to handle, then it can be cut down to ½ a scoop a day until the body and brain get used to it.

For more information on this respective product offered by Blackstone Labs, check out their website.

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