Stress and anxiety are common issues faced in today’s society. For many, the emotional, mental, and physical effects of stress can expose the body to wear and tear. While maintaining good health is important, the overwhelming feelings of exhaustion and fatigue are enough to compromise the immune system, putting users at risk. As health issues rise, more and more individuals regularly take prescription drugs to treat their symptoms. Because prescription medications can contain harmful chemicals, many turn to natural supplement to improve their health and prevent further damage.

Dietary supplements improve health and deliver essential nutrients to the body. In addition to restoring nutrients, supplements can be effective in attaining fitness goals and weight loss. Dietary supplements have been proven to prevent certain health-related issues such as cancer, high cholesterol, birth defects, and arthritis. Because each individual is predisposed with certain genetic deficiencies, some require a higher level of nutrients to treat the weaknesses.

As the body responds to various factors, the brain is also vulnerable to damage and malfunction. Unknown to many people, there are cognitive enhancers, known as nootropics, which are supplements designed to improve various brain function such as memory and alertness. Because of all the stress from daily life, impaired memory function is a common symptom that many face.

For students, athletes, and any individuals who rely on energy, taking supplements is a way to keep their brain functioning. Nootropics can provide a variety of benefits including increased concentration, memory enhancement, improved brain health, improved mood, and anti-aging benefits as well. Known as “smart pills”, with the correct dosage, as well as the right combination, nootropics can improve cognitive function as well as quality of life.

Epic Focus is a nootropic supplement that features a proprietary formula that contains a variety of compounds that have been scientifically engineered to boot energy, and keep the user focused and fueled without jitters or the potential of crashing. Designed to boost cognitive function, Epic Focus is made to support and generate a faster, clearer thought process while improving mood and reducing anxiety levels.

About Epic Focus

For any exhausted college student or a dedicated athlete, having energy is necessary to fulfill responsibilities. In order to keep up with the daily grind, the Epic Focus nootropic contains a Cognition Complex formula that increases selective attention (focusing on a relative stimulus), as well as sustained attention (maintaining focus over long periods of time). Designed to deliver results immediately, users have reported increased concentration in under 30 minutes of taking the supplement. All of the active compounds found in Epic Focus have been cited in more than 100 scientific studies, and are guaranteed safe to use.

In order to boost cognitive function, the team of scientists behind Epic Focus searched for a solution that was effective and safe. They discovered that Alpha-GPC is a natural choline neurotransmitter which is reproduces in the brain and can also be found in soy. After a series of clinical studies, results showed that the lack choline in the brain is associated with cognitive-memory disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease. After discovering how crucial choline was to brain cognition, Epic Focus developed a formula which combined Alpha-GPC with other ingredients, creating a supplement that provides optimal cognitive function without the side effects.

Epic Focus is designed to facilitate cell communication while also promoting oxygen delivery and uptake. Currently, it is the fastest acting cognitive performance product on the market. As mentioned previously, Epic Focus was scientifically engineered to ensure that the speed of neural transmission and information processing was increased. By boosting perceptual focus, memory storage, and recall, Epic Focus has been designed to increase all cognitive function.

For optimal results, users should take two capsules of Epic Focus daily. Best taken with a meal, the supplement should not be consumed within 3 hours of ingesting caffeine-containing products. However, it may be consumed on the same day as coffee, tea, and other products. Each dosage delivers a prolonged effect of 2-6 hours following each dosing period. The active properties found in the Cognition Complex formula are designed to deliver the perfect amount per dosage. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their physicians before using Epic Focus, or any other supplement.

Benefits of Epic Focus

The brain boosting supplement contains a variety of benefits. Although every user will experience different results, Epic Focus is designed to improve cognitive function regardless of individual variants. Because Epic Focus does not contain any harmful or toxic properties, it is accessible for those who live diverse lifestyles. The benefits of Epic Focus are listed below.

The benefits of Epic Focus include:

– Increased focus levels.

– Increased vigilance.

– Faster generation and flow of clear thought.

– Improved endurance.

– Enhanced athletic performance.

Modeled after the examination of a class of substances in the pyrrolidine family, Epic Focus was made to mirror their effects on type-IIb fast twitch muscle fiber recruitment. Epic Focus is ideal to use for athletes because if effectively facilitates muscle fiber recruitment and speed of muscular contraction, increased reaction speed, and improved oxygen delivery.

In addition to being useful for athletes, Epic Focus is also great for college students of individuals who work long hours. Reports have shown that Epic Focus users have eliminated energy drinks and coffee from their diets, using Epic Focus instead. Coffee contained three sedative opiates and is often consumed with cream or sugar. Unlike energy drinks, Epic Focus does not contain any artificial sweeteners, glucose, maltodextrin, or any other inactive sugar additives that have potentially adverse effects on blood sugar levels and may cause post-ingestion fatigue.

Ingredients found in Epic Focus

Because the brain craves certain ingredients in order to function effectively, the Epic Focus supplement contains a Cognition Complex that contains a variety active nootropics that are essential for brain function. In addition to the proprietary blend, Epic Focus contains other ingredient that are vital for overall health.

Below is a list of the active ingredients found in the Epic Focus Cognition Complex, as well as a brief description of the ingredient.

Taurine: Known to prevent obesity, promote glucose control, and provide nutrients that are responsible for protecting against heart failure and reducing mortality by over 80%.

Yohimbe: Cultivated from the bark of the West African Yohimbe tree, this ingredient contains natural aphrodisiacs and has been used to treat angina and hypertension.

N-Acetyl-Tyrosine: Promotes the production of neurotransmitters, this amino acid is responsible for improving mental health and mental performance.

L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutaric: Used to increase metabolic function, this ingredient is essential in converting nitric oxide in the liver, improving muscle mass and muscle development.

Yerba Mate: This nutritional powerhouse is rich with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. In addition to providing nutrients, this ingredient helps the brain say alert as well as suppressing the appetite.

Vinpocetine: Promoting improved blood flow and circulation, this plant based ingredient has been used to treat those with Alzheimer’s. Vinpocetine successfully benefits brain health by improving memory retention and cognitive functioning.

Inactive ingredients found in Epic Focus: Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, B6, Folate, Vitamin B12.

Purchasing Epic Focus

Epic Focus is available for purchase on Amazon ( Epic Focus is sold by the bottle, with each bottle containing enough capsules for a month’s supply (60 capsules). Shipping and handling rates do apply. Orders over $49.00 receive free shipping.

  • 1 Bottle Epic Focus (1 Month Supply) – $29.99

Offering a 30-day money back guarantee, individuals can receive their products and return them within 30 days for a full refund.

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