The Flat Belly Protocol Review – Worth Buying?

The Flat Belly Protocol is a method that helps consumers get a flatter stomach with a simple trick they can perform every night. This is our review.

What is the Flat Belly Protocol?

The Flat Belly Protocol is a solution for consumers that have a difficult time eliminating belly fat. Your stomach is one of the hardest places to lose weight. It is also the most harmful place to store fat. When you accumulate belly fat, all of that excess weight surrounds your essential organs, placing pressure on your body. The individuals who often have the worst time losing necessary weight are women who have had a child. The stretching of the skin keeps you from going back to normal.

The Flat Belly program states that they are the solution to the problem. According to the maker of this program, Andrew Raposo, you should be able to lose up to two pounds of belly fat before you wake up in the morning. Additionally, your weight loss should help you eliminate problems that often come with a high weight, like diabetes and high blood pressure.

The program doesn’t require any gym time, any extreme diet methods, or any supplements. Additionally, Raposo claims that you will have glowing skin from the removal of toxic substances from your body during this time.

Raposo focuses the attention on his sister, during the promotional video. According to Raposo, he guided his sister to help her eliminate her stomach fat after many areas of her life began to collapse, starting with her health and concluding with the threat of her husband leaving with her children. However, by following his regimen, she lost 11 pounds within a week, and she had shed 52 pounds within six weeks, earning her a healthier body and the adoration of her family.

Raposo also focuses on the weight loss industry, and how his method is concealed by many people in the industry. He states that weight loss companies do not want you to know the secrets to achieving the body you want. He uses his reputation as a fitness instructor and enthusiast to support his claims that this method can work.

How the Flat Belly Protocol Works

In Raposo’s original plan to help his sister, he had her time her meals and eliminate some food groups all together. He tells potential consumers in the video that the fruits and vegetables in any person’s daily diet are laced with a wealth of pesticides, which creates inflammation in the stomach over time. Raposo attributes this inflammation to the reason you have belly fat in the first place.

The Detox Formula guide demonstrates the use of different spices to help eliminate fat from your body, preventing you from getting inflammation in the first place. The guide also discusses the types of herbs that you can put in your tea that eliminate toxins that retain fat. However, that’s all the information given about the program.

Much of the success of the customers that have already tried this program centers around the fact that they have been able to eliminate the need for workouts. All of this program can be done around your existing schedule. Additionally, you don’t have to give up any of the foods you enjoy.

One of the problems that Andrew states is that people over the age of 40 consistently try to lose weight with high-intensity interval training. Unfortunately, these workouts at an order age tears apart your body, doing much more damage than good.

Using the Flat Belly Protocol

According to Raposo, you only have to invest three minutes each night to make this program work. You don’t have to exercise or choose an extreme diet. However, there is no actual description of what happens during the program. You can only find out the secrets by purchasing the book set.

Pricing for the Flat Belly Protocol

The whole system for the Flat Belly Overnight program is priced at $37. For this fee, you receive the Flat Belly Overnight Detox Formula book, the Flat Belly Overnight Template, and the three-minute video of Flat Belly sequences. You can have access to all of these different resources online with your purchase, rather than waiting for a package to arrive. If you don’t have overnight results, Raposo invites you to request a refund.

Raposo heavily emphasizes how much of a discount the consumer is getting, stating that $269 is what he should be charging for his program. However, he volunteers the information and states that he is not promoting this program to make money.

The order is processed through Click Bank, which is a website that thousands of vendors use to process their orders.

Contacting the Creators of the Flat Belly Protocol

The company only offers a single email address to contact the company, which is If you follow the ending to the email address, you are taken to Andrew’s website, which focuses on fitness and exercise.


Dropping a significant amount of weight quickly is dangerous to your health. A healthy weight loss program will have a small drop in weight during the first two weeks, but a steady workout and diet regimen should only cause a loss of two to three pounds a week, and that does not mean that you only lose weight in your stomach. Consult with your physician for the best ways to lose weight.

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