Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a substance that is widely known for a variety of health benefits. It is made from fossilized remains of quite small, aquatic organisms called diatoms.

What’s of essence here is silica (bio-active/bio-transmutable silicon dioxide), the basic component of a diatom and their skeletons and membranes. Multiple diatoms create a fine-powdered called diatomaceous earth which is mined from oceans, lakes, rivers and streams of all sorts. Below we shall delve into the ways via which you can learn how to improve your lifestyle with this great substance.

As we are always attempting to become more aware of the grandiose world around us, often times we forget how small, singled-celled fossilized algae siliceous-shells are essentially known as the grass of the sea that all higher aquatic life forms feed and stem from.

Take a look at microscopic diatoms:


We will also examine and elaborate how and why diatomaceous earth is found in gardens for plants, in feed for animals health, in your home to fend off bed bugs and much more.

Diatomaceous “Earth” – Just What Is This Substance's Significance?

There are many forms of diatomaceous earth around the world, but the one that interests us the money is the food-grade variation. This diatomaceous earth food grade purity is the kind that gives us the most potential benefits.

As a medicine, it has been closely-associated to offering:

1. Better digestive system
2. More energy
3. Greater bowel movements
4. Healthy colon
5. Lower blood pressure
6. Healthy nails and hair
7. Regulated body weight
8. Stronger joints
9. Better appetite
10. Clear skin

These health benefits can only be attained when you are sure that the DE is food grade or safe for human consumption. It is always advisable to ensure that your DE product follows FDA rules and regulations. DE is taken by stirring in a drink or adding it to your food. If added to a drink, you ought to stir it well and take it with a nice shake or juice. This way, you won’t have to be bothered with its chalky taste in a flavorless drink.

When you take DE along with your food or drinks, you would be glad to know that there are absolutely no side effects arising from the use of this substance. It may make you want to use the bathroom more, sure, but this means it’s working like a charm – that would be cleansing toxins in real time. You should only take one teaspoon, since that is the recommended dosing (always check the label). For women who are pregnant or nursing, you should consult your physician before taking any DE products.

How Do You Use DE For Detoxing?

Since DE is mostly used for detoxing, you must remember to take it at least one hour before your meal or two hours after eating. After the first few weeks, you can take up to two teaspoons, one in the morning and one at night. When taking DE, don’t forget to keep hydrated with lots of water throughout the day.


One strategy that seems to be working for most people is using it for at least two months. There are a lot of ways to go about this, but consultation with your doctor on how to use it best is always the safest route to follow. You might also want to follow the points below, as a complement to your DE consumption:

• Eat less greasy food
• Exercise regularly
• Have breathing exercises

The above are sure to help you detox faster.

How Can DE Be Useful At Home?

DE-silicaThere are also a great number of ways DE can become an essential product for home use. Please do note that this product need not be food grade and is usually quite cheaper and not FDA approved. Its diatoms dehydrate insects.

They absorb unwanted smells and spills. Hence, if you have some DE, gloves, goggles, and a face mask, you can do wonders for your house. You can make use of the above as follows:

• Using it to kill bugs
• Making your drawers have a better smell
• Keeping pets healthy by eliminating pests
• Killing pests and insects in your livestock cabins
• Maintaining a pest-free garden
• Having it as a source of food preservation
• Having it to fight against mold
• Using it as a cleaner and polisher for silver utensils
You should note that DE powder can be messy. When using it at home, it would be best to use it at one area at a time. You can start from your sock drawers all the way to your garbage area. It may be time consuming to spray and then vacuum up, but it presents very good results. You would want to spread the DE powder where you place your shoes, dirty clothes, and refrigerator.

When using it as a pesticide in the garden, you may want to use a heavy duty duster to ensure awesome results for outspread or large gardens. Whether the garden is large or small, it’s always best to apply DE after a strong rainy day.

You can put cups of DE in big storage bins to help preserve your food. When you mix it, you will be able to protect your food from bacteria and pests – especially grains. It will also keep food dry and avoid mold.
DE is often used as a polisher for silver or aluminium items at home. It can also be a great house cleaner; just mix it with natural cleaning products for a thorough result. You can use DE along with lemon juice or water to make your home look shinier and fresher again. Tough stains can be totally wiped off the face of the Earth with this awesome substance.

How Do I Use DE To Kill Pests?

DE is most commonly used to eliminate pests like fleas at homes and offices. The following is the simplest sequence of steps to kill pests with DE:

1. Clean up the area thoroughly. Whether you are at home or at the office, you would want to vacuum and clear the area before spraying DE. This includes rugs and curtains.
2. Use DE in a squeeze duster, spray bottle, or a Wilcox applicator.
3. After 4-5 days from the very first application, wash your furniture like the carpets, drapes, and linen clothes. You ought to vacuum again and use a shop vac to prevent it from burning.
If your pet is a cat or a dog, you should apply the DE in areas where it hangs out the most. Remember before dusting these areas, you must vacuum up everything. You also have to collect flea eggs since they won’t even be affected by the DE. You can dust its pillows and toys while you are at it. After this, vacuum up your pets places again and bathe your pet. Remember to use alcohol free shampoo as you wash up your pet and comb his hair well. DE must be applied to your pet’s hangouts at least twice a month and left for three days alone.

DE has proven to be a great cleaning supplement for your body, home, and pets. With this substance, whose quality and price ranges according to the respective use, your lifestyle will be healthier, your home will be cleaner, and your pet will be happier. You can always refer back to this guide to freshen up your knowledge. Your guests and family are sure to be amazed by the result.

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