When it comes to diet and exercise, it isn’t just the intensity of the workout that keeps people from procrastination. It is the time commitment that it takes, not to mention the discipline, as well as not seeing results over time.

Freeletics is designed for fast results with fast workout routines. These exercise regimens are all tailor-made for the user, in order to bring the user into the best physical and mental shape.

It is a program made to keep its user motivated to keep their progress sustainable as well.

What is Freeletics?

Freeletics is characterized by very high intensity workouts that are adapted to the user and his or her fitness goals, and this individual training plan can be completed daily in a short amount of time (5-45 minutes).

The Freeletics website promises fast results, and great success from its users.

Freeletics was started by three young athletes from Munich who have since built the company into a team of 140 employees who desire to bring each and every person to their full physical and mental potential.

The company states that it has over 10 million users worldwide who train everywhere from the park, to the gym, to the home.

How Does It Work?

Freeletics is s digital sports program, designed to revolutionize the fitness industry.

It is one that has been used by gyms and fitness studios, but Freeletics literally puts the power of that in the palm of your hand with the help of some apps, available on the Apple Store and Google Play for free.

Freeletics Bodyweight

The application describes Freeletics Bodyweight as “the most effective fitness training program, adapted to your schedule, your fitness level and your goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or simply get in better shape”. This application promises:

  • 900 Workout Variations, covering all muscle groups
  • No equipment to purchase as the user can train anywhere and anytime
  • Adapted to all fitness levels, starting at beginner and ending at advanced athletes.
  • 5-30 minute workouts based on bodyweight

Freeletics Gym

The Freeletics Gym application is described by the company as a personalized weight training program to help the user get the most out of the gym.

It is based on the most fundamental human movements, which help to activate multiple muscles so the user can get the best workout at his or her local gym.

This workout program was developed by sport scientists as well as professional athletes, and focuses on four main training workouts including:

  • Strength Workouts
  • Conditioning Workouts
  • Rowing Workouts
  • Exercise Challenges

The user keeps track of his or her progress on his or her user profile. It is made to keep the user time-efficient and the user can train alone or with a group.

The program is built upon the attitude of strength, and its goal is to make the user the strongest version of his or herself. The benefits of the application include:

  • Personalized and weekly training plans tuned to your individual fitness level.
  • Subscription periods of 1, 3, or 12 months.
  • Regular fitness tests as well as feedback, tailored to the users’ needs and adjusted accordingly.
  • The user receives maximum motivation, increased performance on their progress, as well as new challenges.
  • It has both warm up and cool down tutorials as well as instructions for many strength and conditioning workouts.
  • Guaranteed results for those who wish to build muscle strength and size, lose fat, and/or increase endurance.

Freeletics Running

According to Freeletics, their Freeletics Running application provides the user with a personalized workout plan in order to achieve his or her individual goals faster. It is based on running workouts and distance runs in order to burn calories and boost endurance.

Freeletics Running is all about training plans to give the user maximum motivation for the complete beginner of the most advanced runner. The application is made for simple use, and alerts the user via audio and vibration notifications.

It is all about training the way the user runs, using the science of intervals. The application includes:

  • A Freeletics Running Coach to provide the user with a detailed training plan.
  • A training plan that is customizable and tracks progress, from the beginner to the most experienced.
  • The user can pick a training goal that includes losing weight, increasing his/her speed, endurance, or just general fitness.
  • A training coach that guides the user through every step of his or her workout.
  • A way to track the user’s times to compare them with his or her personal best.

Freeletics Nutrition

This is a digital coach that is designed for the user’s individual goals and needs. It is made for losing weight, gaining mass, or improve individual overall health. It was developed by leading nutritionists for sustainable results that are fast as they are sustainable.

The application also puts recipes into Macro Modules with Opes, Vita, Caleo, and others to get the most from the user’s nutritional plan. There will be a Nutrition Coach who calibrates the macro-nutrient ratios calibrated to reach the user’s goals.

This is not just a calorie-counting app, but a real plan for nutrition.

Freeletics Nutrition is all about balancing one’s food intake, and the application has these benefits:

  • The user can cook meals that are to their preference thanks to the included tasty and high-quality recipes.
  • Allows for full flexibility with recipe substitutes, as well as provides alternatives for eating out.
  • Receive recommendations in order to adopt a healthy and clean eating lifestyle
  • Track individual progress in the user profile.

Benefits of Freeletics

Freeletics promises results in a short amount of time, and the applications make certain that its workout program is tailor-made for the user.

Their programs can be done at the gym or at home, and they are connected to social networks like Facebook and Twitter so users can stay motivated to get in better shape.

It is important that the user does not overuse the exercise program, as this could result in serious bodily harm should the user over-exert him or herself.

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