For workout lovers, a session without the use of a supplement feels like an incomplete one. GAT sport has full knowledge of the same and has hence come up with PMP a blend of well-researched ingredients to help you as you work out.

Just like its predecessor, the Nitraflex, the PMP is made for use by great and highly experienced gym athletes. The supplement assists in heightening your laser focus and energy levels while in a session. In the piece below, we enlighten you more on the product and why you need it for your workouts.

PMP Benefits

The use of PMP comes along with a lot of benefits as discussed below. It helps increase the energy levels during the training session. Reduced energy in the gym, can affect your enthusiasm and performance during a workout.

The product also helps increase the muscle pump. Whenever you are working out in the gym, you engage your muscles in lots of action that at times seems tiring to your body. With PMP, you can increase the pump thereby boosting your muscle's potential.

PMP helps in boosting the laser focus and increase your attention. When your focus lowers, you are likely to slack and fail to get the best out of your training session. PMP contains certain ingredients that are essential in boosting your focus levels.

PMP Ingredients

Unlike other brands that use cheap ingredients in making their supplements at the expense of its user's health, GAT stands out from the rest. It has put in place a blend of clinically researched ingredients that help provide optimum peak muscle performance.

1. No Enhancers

This is the first portion in the manufacture of the PMP. In general, it is 3.1g in terms of quantity. It is made up of the following:

Citrulline Malate-

This is one of the very vital ingredients used to make PMP. It is taken orally and is mainly amino acids that are converted into L-arginine in the kidneys, and help boost the nitric oxide levels. It helps dilate the blood vessels and as a result intensifying the muscle pump during sessions.

Beta Alanine-

A dosage of .0.8g -1g is what experts recommend when you use the product. If you use it appropriately, it plays significant roles in boosting your muscular endurance.

L-arginine Malate-

This is a blend of L- arginine combined with malic acid. Just like the citrulline malate, it also helps in boosting the nitric oxide levels in your body.

2. Pump Accelerator

This is another potion blend that is used to make PMP. It is composed of;


It is also referred to as glycerol, and is a crucial ingredient due to its benefits in hydration during workout sessions.

Calcium Lactate-

This is a combination of calcium and organic acid. In most food processing industries, it is used to enhance the flavor and also as a thickener.

3. Cognition Modulator & PMP Focus

This is another blend that makes up the supplement and is used to improve the focus levels and reaction time. It includes;

L-tyrosine –

This is a type of amino acid that is used to improve your brain functioning and at the same time reduce stress. This helps a lot to increase your workout activities.

L-theanine & Caffeine –

If the two are used together, they result to ‘smart caffeine' a better blend of caffeine that comes with no side effects hence improve the workout session.

Is PMP Healthy?

When used in the prescribed amounts, the energy booster is of great benefit to our bodies during workouts. This is however not the case when not used in the right quantities. For instance, Beta Alanine is prescribed at levels not exceeding 1g. If you use it above that, you are likely to experience unsightly side effects.

PMP Side Effects

For most supplements, side effects are prone to suffice when used in the wrong amounts. Among the side effects brought forth by PMP include Paresthesia, which is brought forth by excess use of beta-alanine and results to tingling on the skin around the chest and face.

A high dosage of caffeine can as well cause jitters, energy crash, and insomnia hence posing a threat to its users.

PMP Pros & Cons


PMP is a combination of great ingredients that are of importance to the body and helps boost your laser focus during workouts. It also assists in muscle pump to increase your exercise time.


The three proprietary blends increase the risk of side effects, and it is relatively expensive.

PMP Conclusion

This product is of great importance for workout athletes. GAT Peak Muscle Performance has made an exceptional combination of three proprietary blends with hidden amounts to reduce instances of users knowing the actual levels of each and reduce the chances of side effects.

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