The Genie Hourglass Waist Training Belt is a device that uses compression-based technology to form an accessory that can help make you slimmer. This device is not a replacement for exercise.

What is the Genie Hourglass Waist Training Belt?

Everyone has a particular part of their body that they wish they could alter. For many people, that area is their waistline. A narrow waistline offers a certain level of balance between other areas of the female body that are supposed to be a bit curvy.

Rather than spending hours at the gym to work on just one muscle group, the Genie Hourglass Waist Training Belt can help you to achieve the tiny waist you want.

The Genie training belt is designed to help you make your waistline a little smaller with compression. The belt is surprisingly easy to use, and is customizable to fit your waistline specifically. According to the website, using this accessory can help to:

  • Make your waist smaller
  • Shape the appearance of your waistline
  • Create definable curves
  • Offer support to your back to create better posture
  • Smooth out the unattractive rolls and bulges of your natural waistline
  • Reduce your appetite

The waist trainer is relatively new in the industry, which means that many consumers are probably still using archaic methods to slim down quickly. Some consumers go for diet pills, while others seek out more invasive treatments, like surgery.

However, the belt is so much safer. You don’t have to introduce toxic or dangerous ingredients into your body, and you don’t have to worry about spending weeks healing in bed.

Instead, the trainer helps you to look slender while you wear it, and modifies your waist to replicate the same slim body while its off, over time.

How the Genie Hourglass Waist Training Belt Works

The reason that the Genie Hourglass trainer is effective is due to its use of compression panels to make your body slimmer. When you use compression, you are essentially trying to mold the waist into a new shape.

This type of accessory is not meant to actually help you lose fat or any pounds at all. Instead, it helps to form your body into the way you would prefer the fat is distributed.

The creator of the device calls this molding “Double Compression Waist Training Technology.” The belt features compression panels throughout, along with a boning structure to prevent the accessory from rolling down.

The straps are adjustable, making it easy to mold the belt onto anyone’s body type.

The company features several pictures on the website to show the significant difference between consumers that use this product, demonstrating their success.

If you are concerned about your results or the way your body will react to the change, then speak with your physician or a fitness instructor before submitting your purchase.

Using the Genie Hourglass Waist Training Belt

The website for Genie does not provide much information on the actual use of this product. The above information implies that it should be worn while eating, but the package you receive should come with wearing instructions.

The waist trainer can be used under or over your clothing, which is convenient, since you can slim down your waistline while you wear your favorite snug dress or any other clothing options.

The included instructions should detail how long is the safest amount of time to wear it. If you have any questions about usage, the customer service team is easy to reach.

Pricing and Purchasing Information

One of the best things about the Genie Hourglass garment is how inexpensive it is, especially when compared to similar styles and products. The total cost for one black waist-training belt is $19.99.

However, by making the purchase, you get a nude-colored one for free. You will be responsible for covering the $7.99 shipping fee for each of the belts.

Contacting the Creators

Even though the information about the Genie belt is fairly clear and concise, you may want to ask a few more questions before you make it a part of your normal routine.

Luckily, you can reach the customer service team by calling 973-287-5191, or by emailing


This trainer by Genie is a great way for you to eliminate unwanted inches quickly, while still being able to make plans and socialize, rather than healing from a major medical procedure.

There are two different styles offered, helping you to combine it with any outfit and still look flawless. Always follow the instructions given in the set, in order to get the best results possible.

To lose fat, the only way you will be successful is by eating the right kind of diet, while working out. This trainer is only meant to help alter the shape of your waistline, so you may need to include changes to your daily food and activity levels to actually achieve success.

If you have any concerns about your body’s reaction, you can speak with your physician to find out more.

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