The GOLO Plan Review

So many people in the Western world struggle to control their weight. The fact that obesity plagues one third of all adults in the United States shows that this problem is only growing and that a solution needs to be found fast.

While countrywide statistics are great, it’s the individuals themselves that really matter in this obesity dilemma. Many people know why they’re obese and what changes they can make to improve their health and lifestyle. However, there are those who don’t understand what has happened to their bodies and, no matter what they do, they can’t seem to lose the weight that plagues them.

For those who are ready to be serious about losing weight and getting healthy, the GOLO Plan offers a new approach to weight loss. Instead of focusing on crash diets and other extreme measures, the GOLO Plan goes to the source of the majority of weight gain, insulin, and starts from there to make a transformation in its users lives.


What Is The GOLO Plan?

Called the 30 Day Rescue Plan, the GOLO plan was created and designed to stop weight gain and improve insulin sensitivity in those who want to regain control of their health. By working through a series of steps and following the clear guidelines set out by the GOLO, users will stabilize their insulin levels in the body and start turning their fat into energy, burning it away so they can finally lose the stubborn fat that has plagued them.

The GOLO Plan is a four week program that teaches users new ways to approach weight loss and the improvement of their health. Instead of focusing on crash diets or extreme workout routines, the GOLO Plan works to create a sustainable lifestyle, one that can be used for a lifetime and offer long-term results. Those who have used the GOLO Plan have found that they can lose about 10 pounds a month.

In addition to the consistent weight loss and insulin stability that is offered through the GOLO Plan, following the system has led people to transform their lives. Users of the GOLO Plan have found that their lives are more positive and they’ve made lasting changes that completely turn their lives around.

How Insulin Affects Weight

The key to how GOLO works is that it helps users control their insulin levels naturally. While most people aren’t aware of the fact, insulin plays a crucial role in the weight loss process, affecting the metabolism, weight gain, aging, and hormones in the body.

The problem is that as people age, and gain weight, the insulin levels in their bodies become desensitized. The result of this desensitization is that the body begins to produce more and more insulin, flooding the body with extremely high amounts of the hormone. As the insulin levels in the body continue to rise, they stop processing glucose properly, storing it as fat instead of turning it into energy. Not only does this cause weight gain, but it also makes it much harder to lose weight.


Recognizing Insulin Resistance

The entire process above causes a condition called insulin resistance. Often, people who are overweight and can’t seem to lose the excess fat have some form of insulin resistance. The problem is, they aren’t able to recognize they have this problem, often thinking they struggle with weight solely because of their eating or exercise habits. However, no matter what they do in an attempt to change these habits, they still can’t lose weight.

The first step in changing the body and starting a journey of weight loss is to recognize that insulin resistance is a possibility. For those who aren’t sure they have insulin resistance, there is a simple way to tell.

If people have two or more of the conditions below, they could possibly have insulin resistance.

-A waist greater than 40” (men) or 35” (women)

-Easy weight gain

-30 or more pounds overweight

-High blood sugar levels

-Pre Diabetic


-High triglycerides

-High LDL cholesterol

-Low HDL cholesterol

-High blood pressure

-A diet of 30% or more processed foods

If people relate to two or more of the conditions above, they should ask their doctor if they have insulin resistance. Or, for those who want to change their lives immediately, they should consider the GOLO program, which works to control insulin levels to help users naturally lose weight.

Dangers Of Insulin Resistance

The problem with insulin resistance is that even when people realize that they have the condition, they aren’t motivated to take action against the problem. However, there are several serious medical conditions and diseases that can affect people as a result of insulin resistance. For those who don’t think insulin resistance is very serious, the list below should change their minds.

Insulin resistance puts people at risk for:

-Weight Gain

-Excessive Fat Storage

-Type 2 Diabetes


-Sleep Apnea

-Heart Disease

-Premature Aging



-Hormone Imbalances

-Metabolic Syndrome



-Fatty Liver Disease

-Reproductive and Growth Abnormalities

-Polycystic Ovary Syndrome


And these are only a few of the conditions that have been tied to insulin resistance. For those who are ready to change their lives and remove themselves from the risks listed above, the GOLO system is the perfect place to start.


The Components of the GOLO Plan

The GOLO Plan is broken into three simple components. Each of these components plays a critical role in the weight loss journey that users take through the GOLO Plan, but they are each different and offer a different aspect to the system. By following all three components, users of the GOLO Plan will be able to transform their lives and finally experience lasting weight loss.

Below is a detailed description of the three components of the GOLO Plan.


The first component of the GOLO Plan is Release, a natural formula made from 10 active ingredients and three proprietary mechanisms. The ingredients found in Release work to provide users with three distinct benefits. And, because Release is all-natural and has no side effects, it’s completely safe to take, even for those on other medications.

The first benefit of Release is that it provides control to users, helping their bodies turn glucose into energy instead of fat. By doing this, Release is able to reduce hunger pangs and provide more energy to users throughout the day.

The second benefit of Release is that it helps restore the performance levels of insulin in the body. By decreasing the amount of insulin created by the body, Release is able to support the release of fat that the body has stored.

Finally, Release helps balance out the body. It helps reduce the production of cortisol, which works as fat storage in the body. By creating this balance, Release is able to support improved moods in its users, which works to prevent emotional and stress related eating.

Metabolic Fuel Matrix

The second component in the GOLO Plan is a meal plan called the Metabolic Fuel Matrix. This meal plan is extremely easy to follow, so it can be smoothly incorporated into the lives of users with little to no effort.

Those using the Metabolic Fuel Matrix will:

-Never Count Calories

-Eat Real Bread

-Eat Real Pasta

-Eat Butter

-Avoid Diet Products

-Learn 5 Minute Meal Recipes

-Learn How to Naturally Balance Insulin Levels

And, the Metabolic Fuel Matrix comes with a seven day kick start plan for those who need a little help in starting the program.

The GOLO Roadmap

While eating right and supplementing properly are two vital factors in losing weight, the GOLO Plan also wants to give users a clear view of where they’re headed. The GOLO Roadmap is a guide on recognizing why weight loss has been so hard for users. It helps readers recognize their bad habits and gives them guidance on how to change these habits.


Purchasing The GOLO Plan

What makes the GOLO Plan so amazing is that it is a pay up front, flat rate. There are no added fees and no subscription programs associated with the GOLO Plan.

The GOLO 30 Day Rescue Plan costs $39.95/month, with free shipping. If users decide to stick with the plan for longer, they can continue to purchase Release and follow the meal plan and GOLO Roadmap. However, a month is usually enough time for users to lose 8 to 12 pounds of fat.

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