Grooming your pets, of all shapes and sizes, is more than just a pretty face – you’re also preventing or fighting different health conditions.

Using the right tools will make the whole process more enjoyable for both you and your pet, and that’s where Groom Ninja comes in.

Grooming helps remove dirt and dead hair from your animals coats, preventing mats and tangles.

You want your animal to enjoy this time, when grooming is painful, it won’t be a positive experience for them, otherwise they’ll try to avoid it at all costs.

Keeping your animal or pets coat clean also helps them regulate their body temperature – especially important for outdoor animals.

Cared for skin and fur enables them to move along more freely as well – specifically our older furry friends.

Animals That Will Benefit From Groom Ninja

Although dogs are more likely to gravitate to dirty places or mud, and a cat spends much of its time grooming itself, the process of grooming with the right tools, is equally as important. The Groom Ninja is safe for, and not limited to;

  • Cats (indoor and outdoor cats)
  • Dogs (small to larger dogs)
  • Rabbits (among other smaller pets – hamsters, guinea pigs, etc)
  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Goats
  • Donkeys, etc.

Should be noted that Groom Ninja is not a shaving tool, it is an effective grooming tool – and although it does remove hair from the animal, rest assure this is dead hair.

Since the Groom Ninja comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large – they do recommend the larger one for horses and cattle, and smaller one for animals faces, rabbits, etc. There are combo packages available to accommodate an assortment of our animal friends.

Love it or return it after 30 days for a full refund. Groom Ninja also offers a one year product replacement guarantee.

About Groom Ninja

Patent pending, perfect for grooming, shedding and cleaning your pets and animals. Groom Ninja can also be used to clean saddle pads and blankets.

And, can also be used to clean the inside of cars and trucks to remove dirt, mud and without question, hair.

Four Reasons You Should Be Grooming Your Animals

  1. Socialize – When it comes to the most common, domestic pets, grooming them early nd creating good habits will help them become used to being touched. Consider adding Groom Ninja into your evening routine – having the animal lay close to you while you detangle their fur or remove debris from their coat – this may also be relaxing for you too!
  2. Control Shedding – While all shedding can’t be completely avoided, regular grooming will promote a drop in shedding since the brush stimulates oil producing glands in the animal’s skin that help keep it healthy and hanging onto hair.
  3. Avoid Medical Problems – Being familiar with your animals through simple habits like grooming their fur, can help you become more aware of potential problems before they become more serious.
  4. Appearance – A final, but important benefit – animals feel better when they’re groomed. Avoid matted hair that is difficult to untangle, nails that are too long and curled and other issues by paying attention each day.

Purchase Groom Ninja

Groom Ninja comes in three different sizes;

  • Small (3 inches long – ideal for cats, rabbits and small dogs) – $15.95
  • Medium (5.25 inches long – Ideal for medium to large dogs, goats, horses and donkeys) – $17.95
  • Large (8 inches long – ideal for horses, cattle) – $19.95
  • Combination Package, containing all three sizes – $47.00

The original Groom Ninja comes in a wood pattern. Other colors are available for an additional $3.00 each item, and the shipping time can be an additional 5-7 days.

Groom Ninja will ship for free internationally with any orders more than $80.00

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