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This eBook is intended to guide and help readers towards an ultimate hair care regimen.

The main focus of the book is to help men with MPB combat baldness, thinning hair line, and hair loss. It also works as an ultimate guide to achieving the hair desired by millions of men around the world.

The eBook incorporates natural hair care supplements, foods, methods, and ways to stimulate hair growth. The results, however, may only be expected by following the guidelines mentioned in the guide with consistency and discipline.

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Are you a victim of baldness?

Are you looking for ways to stop it?

If so, you have landed yourself in the right place. Hair care can be tough, but baldness can be traumatizing – and if you are reading this eBook, let us tell you, YOU are not alone in this.

The problem of male hair baldness occurs in more than 70 percent of the people around the globe.


Hair loss and baldness is normally believe to be a result of stress, environmental pollution, harsh chemicals, heating, coloring and so on.

To combat the issue, the market is riddled with products that promise instant hair growth remedies, but with so many products, it’s hard to make the right choice! For a man, hair is one of the most prominent aspects of his body.

No wonder millions are spent annually on supplements for hair loss creams, and other medicated products.

Today, a full head of hair is also associated with strength, power, youth, and virility. For this reason, the market is full of medicinal products that help with hair thickening and to combat baldness.

There Is No Shame In Loosing Hair
Men cannot be blamed for the loss of hair they experience. In fact, studies indicate that most men will lose hair as part of the genetic factors associated to the man’s mother. In other words, your mother’s side of the genes will dictate the future of your hair!


One of the worst impacts that hair loss can play on a man is that of denial. No man would like to admit the fact and hence it becomes a matter of internal frustration and depression.

While it is understandable that a man will feel immense shame due to a declining hair growth, but it is not the end of the world – don’t give up. Today, thanks to the advancing medicinal breakthrough research, there are a number of ways to treat baldness successfully.

Self compliance
It is time to accept the fact.
This book is designed to aid you in the process. You are not alone – cheer up!

Back to the basics
Before we jump into the solutions to combat hair baldness, let us first examine what hair loss is actually all about?

There are innumerable myths and false information floating around the topic that it is often perplexing to figure out what is true and what is NOT. In order to take the right medicinal supplement treatments, it is imperative to comprehend the root of the problem first.

An understanding Of MPB (Male Pattern Baldness):

Male pattern baldness is a terminology used to express slow or rapid hair loss in a man’s scalp. Also known as androgen tic alopecia, male baldness is mainly caused due to changes in the hormonal level of a man, in the course of life.

Therefore, age plays an important factor as well along with the hereditary factor. Besides these, other factors that contribute to a receding hair line/baldness are:

• Sex hormones
• Chemotherapy
• Thyroid problems
• Malnutrition
• Stress
• Depression
• Excessive use of harmful hair products
• Diet


The aforementioned are some of the common contributors to your shrinking hair line, shorter or no hair problems. Hair on your body is rooted through an embryo, or follicle as it is commonly known.

When your follicle starts to shrink naturally, due to less hormones being transported to the area, you will face baldness, and hence with time, your follicle will not grow any new hair.

The good news is: The follicle is still there, which leaves us with hope to cure remedies that will help prompt follicle in a way that it is revitalized again to grow new hair.

Male pattern baldness: A manifestation
Your hair might give out some early warning signs indicating it’s time to worry. Therefore, you should keep out a look for these warning symptoms of losing hair.


Let’s begin with the shape of your hair.

While the hair in your scalp is still on your head, you should look out for:

• When your hair is shaped like the alphabet M, but only backwards.
• When your hair looks much thinner or shorter than before.
• When your hair looks like a horseshoe shape, especially towards the two side ends of the head.
• When you wake up in the morning only to find out hair clumps on your pillow.
• When you see random spots of baldness on your head.

These indicators can help your early detect MPB, while you can also visit a medical specialist to further confirm the issue.

The professional will look into the matter carefully and inspect if there are any other reasons for diminishing hair such as, an infection, reaction to certain medicines, pus or severe pain.

Additionally, doctors may ask you to sit for blood tests to ensure your overall health is not at stake, such as chemical poisoning or cancer.

So, when should you consider a doctor?…

 You want to cure the issue of baldness
 You are intuitive of a medical problem prevailing in your body and resulting in hair loss
 You scalp is frequently itchy, irritated or has a scale like texture

Male pattern baldness: The don’ts of an alternative route
While it is obvious that many men will look for ways to get back in the hair game, it is often that they end up opting for alternative methods that are a big NO!

Hair transplants
One of the most used and opted ways to prevent baldness is through hair transplants, that are widely and easily available in today’s market. In the past, hair transplant was nothing more than making men look like dolls.

However, today the effects have been perfected with increased expense and costs attached.

Beware of: Caps, hats and toupees
Back in the 1970’s, if men wanted to look cool, they would ornament their heads with caps, hats or toupees. In fact, these were deemed to be one of the easiest ways to hide baldness.

Today, modern wig has replaced caps, hats and toupees as an alternative to veiling bald spots. However, it still remains a great embarrassment as it does not fix the damage permanently.

Furthermore, wearing caps, toupees and hats have scientifically proved to be bad for the follicles. These head ornaments rub against the follicles causing great friction, hence damaging the area and causing baldness.

It can be a good idea to cover your completely bald hair with caps/hats/toupees, but it can definitely not have the same effect as natural hair care regimes.

Additionally, you should not make use of caps/hats/toupees in conjunction with your hair care creams, supplements, medicines, etc.

Male pattern baldness: The do’s for healthy hair

prevent-baldnessBe easy with the towel

For some reasons, men like to towel dry their hair in the most bizarre manner. They toss the towel on the head and rub it off harshly at all sides.

Little do they realize that this type of towel dry is one of the essential reasons for hair loss?

When you rub the towel against your hair, some of it might get tangled in the small threads poking out of the towels, when this happened, the hair is stretched out of the head.

The best way is to gently towel dry the hair in the direction of its growth, instead of going against the grain.

This will take your hair a little longer to dry, but at the end of the day, your hair will thank you!

Say NO to hot water

We all love spending long hours in hot showers. While it is good for our body, it is very unlikely for our hair. When water is hot, it takes away the essential, natural oils produced in our scalps, causing dryness, irritation and roughness.

If we lose natural scalp oil, hair fall is bound to happen. Therefore, opt for cool showers and let your hair be healthy.

Shampoo less, condition more!

Most hair stylists, gurus and barbers recommend shampooing only once a week. Shampooing often will strip away essential hair oils, which in turn will damage your scalp and hair eventually.

On the contrary, conditioning increases the level of moisture in your hair, leaving them softy, luminous and healthy. However, you do not need to shampoo to condition your hair.

In fact, head barber at F.S.C. Barber in New York City recommends conditioning every alternate day!

Grow hair, the natural way!
Before the birth of hair transplants and supplements, medicinal herbs were greatly used by the masses to increase hair growth, reverse the damage of balding, and stop excessive hair fall.

Through time, trial and error, we have a better idea and faith in what actually works to reduce hair problems.

There are numerous hair growth supplements available in the market in face of natural remedies, which have long been used in various cultures and passed down to us.

These herbs support and increase holistic views and notions about hair care, while also stimulating hair growth. They are usually taken separately or as part of hair treatment.

Let’s explore into some of the most popular ingredients of hair supplement solutions available in the market today:

1. Aloe Vera
It is widely preferred in treating skin burns and irritations, but due to successful results, aloe vera is also used for treating scalp related conditions, such as hair fall, baldness, eczema, etc. Natural compositions of aloe vera includes:

• Mucopolysaccharides: It makes up an essential component of the aloe. The substance has been proved successful in healing wounds, and is also used for healing scalp conditions.
• It also has moisturizing properties that aids in healing a dry scalp. Additionally, it increases blood flow in the area, stimulating hair growth.
• Choline: It also works as a moisturizing substance. It combats dryness and itching of the head, causing redness due to increased blood flow. When the aloe is applied on the affected area, it should remain on the skin for a longer period of time to work effectively.

Furthermore, this gel like substance is used in creams, medicines, shampoos, hair tonics, etc to enhance hair growth.

2. Green Tea
It is one of the oldest herbal agents that are widely used by both men and women in today’s world. Green tea circulates hormones in the body and hence is used to revive a bald scalp. It also suppresses the 5-alpha-reductase enzymes which is mainly a root problem of MPB.

Green tea can be consumed in several ways, such as in supplement, a tea, oil and ointments, etc

3. Palmetto
This ingredient is largely used in hair care supplements for men. The extract of Palmetto berries are used to block 5-alpha-reductase that converts testosterone to DHT.

Palmetto works as a prostate ally and enhances testosterone levels in the body, hence, also increasing hair growth.

Top Supplements For Hair Loss

• Advecia: One of the reasons for early hair loss is due to ‘Adrogenetic Alopecia’ (a genetic mutation commonly found in men).

To treat this, Advecia is greatly used as an oral supplement that combines together grape seed, palmetto berries, and green tea extracts that creates an ultimate hair growth supplement.

• Revivogen: This product is carefully designed to reduce the intensity of hair loss. For good results, this product is recommended to be used at the initial stag of hair loss.

• Provillus: One of the essential acids that are used in hair growth is ‘Amino Acids’ as it stimulates growth of healthy hair. Provillus contains a heavy amount of L-Arginine substance, along with Biotin which is a fundamental supplement for hair growth.

• Hair omega: To reduce the thinning of hair and increase luster, hair omega is hands down one of the most widely trusted supplements. It includes all nutrition’s possible that is used for hair thickening.

• Minoxidil: Another popular hair loss supplement is Minoxidil. While it is powerful to use, it also needs 100 percent commitment. If you start using the products, you may have to use it forever.

If you stop using the supplement, your hair growth will go back to where you started from.

• Profollica: It is often found in shampoo’s, in form of gel. It can also be consumed orally. The supplement is responsible for increasing blood flow in hair follicles to stimulate growth.

• Nisim Shampoo: It is designed to prompt fats hair growth. So, if your hair takes longer than usual to grow an inch, this is the best product to apply. It has a large number of proteins mixed with amino acid to produce a fast reaction to hair growth.


If you are not willing to spend big bucks on the aforementioned supplements, you can try natural supplements mixture, such as:
• Polygonum Multiflorum
• Exotic hair growth plants
• Elipta Alba
• Cuscuta Reflexa rob
• Thuja Orientalis
• Asiasari Radix

Nevertheless, if you want to ensure you have the right amount of nutrition’s stored in your body to combat hair loss, consider a blood test at professional medical centers to know where you actually stand.

This will also help you in analyzing different supplements and medicines that best suit your body type.

Essential Vitamins For Hair

Hair loss and balding can be frustrating and depressive. Many people do not realize the fact that hair growth/loss/baldness, or MPB is largely related to our diet. Below is a list of essential vitamins that our body needs to incorporate to reduce hair loss.

1. Vitamin C:
While Vitamin C is largely used to cure colds, boost immune system and achieve a healthy glowing skin, it is also used for rejuvenating hair. This is mainly because, Vitamin C is collagen producer.

The collagen is an essential protein for healthy hair. Additionally, vitamin C fights off free radicals of the body that damage hair.

You can use Vitamin C in the shape of capsule supplements or find them in the most purest form in oranges, strawberries, papaya’s, kiwis, red bell peppers, etc.

2. Vitamin B:
All vitamin B’s (1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 12) play an important role to keep us active and healthy. It also affects our metabolism, energy, muscles, skin, hair, nails and nerves in a positive way.

As a result of vitamin B intake, our body promotes cell growth which is an important factor for strong and healthy hair growth. You can load up on vitamin B through foods such as eggs, meats, grains, nuts and other vegetables.

As an alternative you can consume supplements or apply shampoos with high consistency of vitamin B.

3. Biotin:
Hands down, biotin is one of the most effective vitamins to incorporate in your daily routine for healthy hair. This helps producing glucose and amino acids. Today, many hair care products incorporate biotin in their formulas.

This does not mean that you should not consume Biotin. For best results this vitamin should be taken both internally and externally. A great amount of biotin is also found in foods such as, mushrooms, avocados, salmon, eggs, etc.

4. Vitamin E:
It is one of the most extensively used supplements of all times. It works as an antioxidant to repair damaged hair. Besides consuming vitamin E through food products such as almonds, avocados, seeds, etc. It is largely taken in topical use.

Applying vitamin E to your scalp reduces inflammation, boosts blood flow and oxygen supply to the follicles. For best results, it is recommended to apply vitamin E on scalp and massage for 15 minutes.

Consider a doctor
Getting your blood tests, hormonal levels and testosterone levels checked by a medical practitioner can help give you a better insight into the problem. Some people face hair loss due to bad diet, genetic conditions, and excessive use of harsh hair products amongst many.

A doctor will tell you the root of the problem exactly, depending on the severity; some may find solution in a changed diet, while others may have to adapt to various medicines and supplements on doctors recommendation.

On a final note
Like everything, there is no magic formula to grow hair overnight. The remedies, methods and ways mentioned in this eBook do not promise anything as such. However, this eBook is designed to help you achieve the hair you desire, with time.

There are millions of men around the globe who are victim of bald, thinning hair line. You are not alone in this – natural hair growth supplement and ideas mentioned in this book will work as your guide and friend in the journey.

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