The Truman Set by Harry’s – A Review Guide

The Truman Set by Harry’s is a shaving kit that is designed for men who want quality, but do not want to sacrifice their savings account. This is our review.

What Is the Truman Set?

harrys-truman-mens-shaving-razorAs a man, you have a certain level of style to uphold with your daily regimen. While many men allow their beards to grow unruly and wild, a professional man understands the importance of putting his best self on display. You need to have a shaving kit that reflects that desire for greatness, and the Truman Set by Harry’s is just the thing.

The Truman Set is a set of shaving products that are designed to give you a great shave, but there’s a catch – you don’t have to spend a ton of money. Even though you may be able to afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a specialized kit, the makers of the Truman set believe that you should be able to get the same great quality at a fraction of the cost.

Throughout this review, you will start to understand why regular upkeep of your facial hair should not be a costly endeavor. You can get the style and the smoothness you want, but without even spending a $20 bill.

Why Use The Truman Set?

The Truman Set is designed to give you a close shave, but that’s a promise that every shaving company will state. In that case, you need to focus on the difference between the Truman Set and other products.

With the Truman razor, each cartridge features five blades. Most companies produce cartridges with only three or four blades. However, by having five blades on your cartridge, you have an extra layer of cutting power as you glide the blade over your skin, cutting the hairs as close as you can.

While shaving, the makers of the Truman Set understand that you need to maintain a certain level of moisture on your skin to prevent irritation of the hair follicles. Each cartridge features a lubricating strip at the top, coating your skin with a protective layer as the last blade cuts your facial hair down. To assist with this smoothness is the shave gel, which lathers into a thickly rich foam. This gel hydrates your skin before you even put the blade along your jaw.

To maintain full control over your shave, the handle has a flex hinge and a rubberized grip, allowing the blade to contour to your face structure.


Pricing For The Truman Set

The Truman Set is priced at only $15, which is almost a steal when you consider how much all of these products would be if you purchased the same types of products separately in the store. This purchase price is for a one-time order, not for the subscription service. With your order, you will receive:

  • A Truman Razor Handle
  • A Foaming Shave Gel (4.0oz)
  • 3 German Engineered Blade Cartridges
  • A Travel Blade Cover

Subscription Program

If you find that this product is a good solution for your beard and mustache care, you can enroll in a subscription service to have your products regularly delivered.

The program starts with free trial, during which time you only cover shipping for the products. The shipping cost is $3. The trial period gives you about two weeks to try out the set, allowing you to see how the razor meets all of the promises that Harry’s makes.

After your trial is over, your credit card is automatically billed for your $15/month subscription. Once you enroll in the subscription service, you no longer have to pay for shipping fees. The shipments last about three months. You will need to re-enroll to continue the service.

Give as A Gift

In addition to being able to buy this great product for yourself, you can also share the love with someone else that you know needs the treatment. However, this purchase extends beyond the ability to buy someone else a shaving kit. Every time you make a purchase, the company donates 1% of their time and money to organizations that are geared towards helping people succeed in the professional world. The company’s current partner is City Year.

About Harry’s

The founders of Harry’s are Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider. The twosome met when they were interns in college, and have taken many adventures together since. While Jeff decided to pursue a new company called Warby Parker, Andy took a different route by moving west to work on his education. Together, they ended up building Harry’s.

The company was built with certain values in place. The duo knew early on that the company needed to place quality craftsmanship above everything else. With simple designs that centered around convenience and performance, they made sure that these methods are affordable for the “Every Man.” To get a good shave, a man shouldn’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on mediocre products.

To create all of their products, Katz-Mayfield and Raider decided to use a specialized construction process, using only the finest materials to craft each razor. The German engineers on their team have spent decades creating high-grade steel to use on the blades for the closest shave ever. The handles are designed to meet ergonomic standards, which makes them comfortable during long or short sessions. The company even has their own shaving cream that is made from chemists that support other high-quality brands.

The company sells their products exclusively online, which helps to avoid many of the fees they would incur by selling in the store. They also own the factory that all of their products are produced by, which means that they only focus on giving you products at a fair price.


Contacting Harry’s

If you have questions about the Truman Set or the other products that Harry’s offers, you can contact the company via email or phone. The customer service line is (888)212-6855. For email correspondence, send your message to


Much like the other products in their company, the Truman Set by Harry’s is a high-quality set that is affordable. It is the perfect design for any man who wants a good shave.

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