Healthbox Review

Healthbox is trying change the way the world does healthcare. Offering two different types of programs to provide support, focus, and guidance to entrepreneurs, Healthbox has completely transformed the healthcare industry.

Started in 2012, Healthbox first program was aimed at aiding entrepreneurs. Since then, Healthbox has worked with both amazingly innovative startups as well as the larger, leading organizations in healthcare today. With their backing and direction, Healthbox has been able to teach others about the need for transformation in the healthcare industry, changing existing institutions from the inside out.

In addition to its work with entrepreneurs and other larger organizations, Healthbox has also created partnerships with likeminded companies. Together, they’ve been able to focus on the importance on the diversity of interests and the growing need to find modern, life-altering answers to questions that will truly change the entire healthcare system.


How Healthbox Works

Keeping its focus on the goal of building the biggest advanced healthcare platform in the world, Healthbox has been able to create two programs that offer entrepreneurs and startup companies the support they need to grow in such a harsh and competitive environment. While one of these programs is focused on growth, the second is focused on revitalizing organizations once they’ve reached a certain level of success.

Healthbox Studios is a form of accelerator program that tests and validates startups. When startups start, a lot of times they focus on the immediate future, not considering the long-term goals of the company. Healthbox Studios changes this mentality and tests every angle of the new startup to see if they can hold up and if they will be able to scale their business.

When organizations have had success in business, they tend to stick with doing the same thing over and over again. However, in healthcare, it should always be about moving forward and improving. Healthbox Foundry offers a proprietary evaluation to healthcare organizations that are a bit larger and have already been in the business for a while. Between evaluating and even commercializing these organizations, Healthbox gives them the push they need to expand their identities and start striving to make innovations again.

Healthbox Studios

The Healthbox Studios program is the transformed version of the first Healthbox Accelerator systems that the company launched at the onset of its creation. The goal of Healthbox Studios is to locate and offer aid to companies that are just starting. By providing the support to scale and expand, Healthbox Studios gives companies that are in the seed or other early stages the support they need. This support is offered through consulting, introductions to potential investors, and even access to experts in the healthcare industry.

Benefits Of Healthbox Studios

For companies that have never worked with an accelerator program, starting out with Healthbox Studios can be a bit daunting. However, Healthbox helps alleviate these concerns by being very upfront about the many things startups and entrepreneurs can expect from the Healthbox Studios system.

First of all, Healthbox Studios offers multiple programs that take place throughout the entire year, giving startups and small companies several options for when they want to start with the system. Healthbox Studies does not require an initial investment in exchange for equity, something most larger organizations require from startups for assisting and helping with growth.

Healthbox Studios offers an eight week program and modules are released every two weeks. By offering the program over the course of about two months, it gives startups flexibility. Because Healthbox knows that starting and growing a business can be difficult, it doesn’t involve full-time, on-site requirements.

Since the goal of Healthbox Studios is to help startups grow, it provides advice and guidance that match the needs of the business specifically. There are no cookie-cutter answers when it comes to Healthbox. Everything is done with the specific needs of individual startups in mind. In the same way, the growth plan provided to these companies is designed with every nuance in the industry considered.

While Healthbox provides quite a bit of information and guidance to its users, what really sets it apart is how it allows startups access to experts in the fields of business and healthcare. Making these connections is vital for businesses that are just starting out. In addition to curated access to experts, Healthbox also offers introductions and general exposure to its network of investors. While an investment isn’t guaranteed, meeting those who are interested in making investments in healthcare industry startups is a great first step for users.

By providing this vast amount of advice, guidance, experience, and, in some cases, investments, Healthbox Studios hopes to give new companies in the industry everything they need to succeed.

Healthbox Foundry

While Healthbox does focus much of its energies on helping grow new, small businesses, its innovations in the healthcare industry help it fill another need, as seen in Healthbox Foundry. So many organizations in the healthcare industry fall into ruts. Yes, they may be making money, but they aren’t making the innovations that can help them reach the success they need to stay relevant.

This is where Healthbox Foundry comes in.

Benefits Of Healthbox Foundry

Healthbox Foundry helps existing organizations create a system that allows ideas to flow through the company, from employees up to leadership. This is done through a unique, proprietary evaluation system created by Healthbox. The process, which includes a commercialization process to help identify and start innovation, gives structure to change and improvement within an organization.

Healthbox Foundry helps larger organizations by providing them with a process, the tools to use the process, and a support system to revitalize themselves. Organizations will once again by able to identify opportunities on the market, whether in services or in products. Healthbox Foundry will give employees the drive they need to be consistently striving towards innovation. And, breaking away from the safety net that so many organizations cling to, Healthbox Foundry will find less traditional ways to increase revenue and save money.

The Healthbox System

A company that is constantly pushing innovation and transformation has to have both the knowledge and the resources to provide them to clients. To provide the foundation its clients need to succeed, Healthbox doesn’t just have a diverse number of stakeholders, it also has collaborations with some of the leaders in the healthcare industry. In addition to stakeholders and industry leaders, Healthbox also has access to organizations that have been paramount to the healthcare industry for years, sometimes decades.

These strategic partners give Healthbox the resources, capital, support, and opportunities it needs to do the same for startups and other organizations. The Healthbox network of experts also gives them behind the scenes looks at what is happening in the industry and healthcare professionals inform Healthbox and its clients about needs that need to be met and products that need to be created. By combining this mixture of professionals, investors, leaders, and stakeholders, Healthbox has been able to create a system that benefits new entrepreneurs and startups.

The Healthbox network is a very balanced system, requiring a certain number of people in each field to be successful. Healthbox breaks its network down like this:

30% – Providers

16% – Investor

16% – Healthcare Inf. Technology

10% – Healthcare Tech Entrepreneur

9% – Payer

7% – Tech Entrepreneur (Non-Health)

4% – Pharma

3% – Business Development

3% – Med Devices

3% – Legal Services

By providing this entire network of professionals for entrepreneurs to tap into, Healthbox is trying to improve the future of healthcare.

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