Healthy Directions is a company that offers multiple skincare products and supplements as natural remedies to mild medical issues.

A board of certified doctors is on staff, contributing their knowledge to the formulation of each of the products.

What is Healthy Directions?

Many consumers believe that the way to treat your body for any ailment is to visit the doctor and get a prescription.

Whether you have complexion issues that you want to handle or you have problems with digestion, these issues can easily be corrected with a natural and safe remedy.

While many other companies choose toxic chemicals and artificial ingredients, Healthy Directions sets themselves apart.

Healthy Directions was originally started within Phillips Publishing International over two decades ago as a newsletter by a few doctors.

However, when their health advice was accepted by a wide audience, the team decided to take their knowledge and start making their own supplements and treatments for consumers.

The company was branded as “Healthy Directions” in 2004, and is presently one of the leaders in the health industry for their high-quality supplements and skincare products.

They still maintain a range of specialties amongst the doctors on staff, which allows them to keep producing new supplements for years to come.


The Doctors of Healthy Directions

The only way that these products are so effective is due to the board of doctors on staff. However, these doctors aren’t just on staff to consult. Many of the products have been formulated by these amazing physicians.

Here’s a little bit about each doctor’s role with the company:

  • Julian Whitaker, the founder and director
    Specializes in nutritional supplements and natural methods of therapy
  • Stephen Sinatra
    • Specializes in cardiology and nutrition
  • David Williams
    • Specializes in joint health and digestive health
  • Aaron Tabor
    • Specializes in anti-aging skincare
    • Graduated from John Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Richard Wurtman
    • Specializes in neuroscience, focusing on cognitive health
    • Works as a professor at MIT
  • Joseph Pergolizzi
    • Specializes in pain medicine and pain management
  • Yan Ping Xu
    • Specializes in Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal remedies.
  • Daniel Amen
    • Specializes in brain health
  • Luigi Polla
    • Specializes in European skincare methods and dermatology
  • Drew Sinatra
    • Specializes in natural healing
  • Mark Miller
    • Specializes in biomedical research


Health Directions Products

All of the products from Health Directions can be split into two categories – supplements and skincare products. Both are essential to having a completely healthy body, cleaning out the toxins and treating your body with potent ingredients.

While there are many different products offered, take a look at some of the options that consumers are investing their time and money in.

Alchimie Forever Kantic + Intensely Nourishing Cream

Whether you are dehydrated or you simply live in an arid climate, dry skin is a fairly common complaint, leaving your skin with the potential for cracking and splitting.

To avoid this painful reaction from your body, you should invest in some of this deeply moisturizing facial cream. With regular use, you will notice less wrinkles, but this change can only partially be credited to the increased moisture.

As you age, your body is not able to maintain the same level of collagen and elastin, which essentially means that your skin doesn’t stay as supple, and it cannot tighten to compensate.

The Alchimie Forever Kantic + Intensely Nourishing Cream is formulated to help stimulate that production naturally.

Available for $79.00, you should apply the product to a clean face and neck twice a day. Due to the high amount of hydration in every molecule of this product, you should only use it if your skin is extremely dry.

Dramatic Rescue Anti-Aging Wrinkle Serum

This serum helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by deeply conditioning your face with hyaluronic acid, along with many other essential nutrients for mature skin. The result is a fully smoothed, firmed, toned, and hydrated complexion.

Consumers who have regularly used this product have reported significant changes to their wrinkles, skin firmness, and softness.

The formula includes the Neurocellular Core-T Complex, which was created by one of the doctors to help rejuvenate your aged appearance. This complex contains eight potent ingredients, which are:

  • Astaxanthin
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Kiwi extract
  • Biotin
  • Pueraria lobata
  • Lutein
  • Opextan olive fruit extract
  • Tocotrienols

However, there is one claim about this product that should make you want to order it as soon as possible – it achieves all of the results listed above within 3 days.

This cream is meant as an “emergency” treatment, which means that it works quickly to meet your needs for just $44.99.


WholeBiotic is the most popular supplement on the website, featuring probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics in one convenient capsule. In fact, this product is the best-selling probiotic strain in 17 countries around the world.

With this supplement, you are able to balance out your personal flora, while also reducing the gas and other digestive discomfort that comes with bad bacteria in your body.

This formula doesn’t have any fillers or unnecessary ingredients; it simply has healthy bacteria that can improve your overall well-being.

To get the full benefit of the formula, you should take one capsule each day. The best time of day to take WholeBiotic is either before breakfast or lunch. If you feel that you need more support, you can increase the dose to two capsules per day.

The WholeBiotic is meant for anyone over the age of 4 years old, and is available from the Health Directions website for $17.99.

Auto Delivery Program with Healthy Directions

healthy-directions-vitamin-D3When you start any supplement regimen, the only way to be truly effective is by maintaining your dosage every day.

If you enroll in the Auto Delivery program available, you will have your supplements delivered to your door on a regular basis.

However, there are more benefits than simply the ability to get your supplements delivered regularly.

When you use this program, you lock in your price for the supplement, which will be up to 15% cheaper than the website currently lists it.

You can change your delivery dates, and change the days if needed. Enrolling in this program ensures that you will always have a current supply of the product you select.

Contacting Healthy Directions

With so many doctors on staff and so many options available for purchase, you may benefit from speaking with the customer service team before finalizing your decision.

While there is a link to email the company with your inquiry, it may be more beneficial to call directly at 1-888-349-0397.


Healthy Directions is a great resource for finding natural remedies, especially with so many different specialties contributing to the remedies for daily ailments.

At affordable prices for just about any bodily issue, these formulas are available to help improve your quality of life and your confidence.

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