HempMeds Review Guide

HempMeds is a website that offers a variety of cannabis-based products from multiple product lines, which can be used in many ways to enjoy the relaxing benefits of this substance. This is our review.


What Is HempMeds?

In recent years, using cannabis to treat a variety of issues has become a controversial issue. However, the obvious benefits of including cannabis in your daily routine cannot be ignored. Cannabis has been linked to reduced seizures and the ability to control many mental illnesses. While there are many different products you can try, HempMeds is one of the major reliable resources for cannabis products for your whole body.

HempMeds offers a variety of high-quality products that contain CBD hemp oil, which has gone through multiple tests and trials to ensure the best quality possible.  According to their own description, HempMeds is a group of “hemp industry pioneers.” With the HempMeds products, you will not have to worry about genetically modified ingredients or dangerous contaminants. Their ingredients are chosen carefully, and purified in a very intricate way.

HempMeds Ingredients

The main ingredient you find in all of these products is hemp oil. HempMeds refers to this oil as “the next superfood,” due to the high amount of benefits you can get from it. Many doctors are now prescribing its use for treatment of different products, but the prescription of it depends on your particular state.

HempMeds comes from the parent company Medical Marijuana, Inc., who provides the hemp needed.  The hemp for the company is sustainable grown in a controlled climate, which means that you get consistent quality throughout your selection of products. It also means that you get a higher grade than you would get without the controlled area.


HempMeds Products

There are multiple products you can find to service your needs with HempMeds. Most people don’t understand how many versions and methods of application or consumption there are when it comes to hemp products. HempMeds has a variety of different product lines that specialize in these types of products to help you medicinally, soothing your body and mind. Here’s a little more about what each one offers.


CanChew only offers a brand of gum that was only released in 2013. According to the description of the gum, it was originally inspired by the idea of nicotine replacement gum. However, rather than weaning the user off of previously using cannabis products, it gives consumers a simple and easy way to get the CBD they need in hemp oil.

This gum has a minty flavor, eliminating the possibility of tasting or smelling like cannabis. You can purchase the product for $45.

Cannabis Beauty Defined

Cannabis Beauty Defined is one of the innovative product lines that uses cannabis as a topical treatment, rather than consuming it. Cannabis can have a relaxing effect on the muscles, helping to soothe an aching body after a long day. Some of the popular products from this company include:

  • Defined Detox Soak ($55.00)
  • Defined Capsules ($126.50)
  • Defined Toner ($55.00)
  • Defined Serum ($110.00)
  • Defined Salve ($55.00)
  • Defined Moisturizer ($55.00)
  • Exfoliant ($55.00)
  • Defined Cleanser ($55.00)


The products from Cibaderm are designed to help clean your body. While the formulas are still deeply cleansing, it can take your shower from a simple daily activity to a relaxing experience. From the Cibaderm line, you can get:

  • Shampoo ($29.00)
  • Hand Cream ($29.00)
  • Conditioner ($29.00)
  • Body Wash ($29.00)
  • Body Lotion ($29.00)


Cibdex is responsible for making flavored tinctures for consumers. For the 2-ounce, 500mg tinctures, you pay a total of $149. For the 1-ounce 100mg tincture, you pay a total of $39. As for the flavors, you can choose from:

  • Vanilla
  • Peppermint
  • Unflavored

You can also choose CBD capsules instead, getting 30 capsules with 25mg doses for $149.

Dixie Botanicals

The Dixie Botanicals line focuses on dew drops, helping to coat your throat and soothe your body. You can choose from multiple flavors in either a 2-ounce 500mg dose ($129) or a 1-ounce 100mg dose ($29). You can choose from the following flavors:

  • Natural
  • Peppermint
  • Cinnamon

Real Scientific Hemp Oil

Real Scientific Hemp Oil comes in multiple dose levels, depending on your particular needs. All of the products start at around $119, depending on the level of the product. You can choose from:

  • 17% Blue Label 10g Tube
  • 24% Gold Label 10g Tube
  • 20% Blue Label 10g Tube
  • 4oz 1000mg Blue Label Liquid Bottle
  • Blue Label Capsules
  • Gold Label Capsules
  • 30% Special Blend 10g Tube
  • 4oz 1000mg Gold Label Liquid Bottle
  • 2oz 500mg Blue Label Tincture


From RSHO-X, you can get their Real Scientific Hemp Oil. You can choose from two different size bottles and doses. You can choose an 8-ounce bottle of the 5000mg level for $499, or the 4-ounce 1000mg level for $189.

Contacting HempMeds

While most of the questions about the HempMeds program or ingredients are covered under the FAQ page, you can speak with the customer service department for more information. The best way to reach the team is by filling out the online form on the website. Your question should be answered within about 24 hours.

If you need to speak with the corporate office directly, you can also call HempMeds at (866) 273-8502. The department is open on weekdays from 7:30am to 5:30pm PST.


With so many different ways to use hemp oil, HempMeds is a great resource for this industry. Since so many scientists and doctors are discovering the positive effects of including hemp oil in your daily routine, especially for sufferers of anxiety or depression. Look through the selection available to determine the best route for you. However, any consumer that lives in a state that hasn’t legalized marijuana will not gain access to these products.

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