Honey Phenomenon Review – Is It True?

The Honey Phenomenon is a program that teaches individuals how to take advantage of the healing properties of honey. This is our review.

What is the Honey Phenomenon?

The Honey Phenomenon is a program that teaches individuals how to take advantage of the healing properties of honey. Honey is already widely known as a beneficial product. People have been using it for years to treat coughs, wounds, indigestion, skin infections, fatigue, flu, and burns, among other things.

The Honey Phenomenon centers around the variety of benefits this natural ingredient has on the body internally and externally. You don’t need anything special to try out the cookbook. You only need to load up on honey on your next grocery trip. Each recipe or concoction in the book describes either a way to consume honey, or how to apply it to different skin issues.

What Kind of Benefits Can I Get from Honey?

According to the website, honey has three distinct benefits that make them a superfood.

  1. Honey supports your immune system, fighting off harmful bacteria.
  2. Honey supplies the “building blocks” for healthy cells.
  3. Honey burns differently in your body than other sugars.

Here’s a little explanation about each of these claims.

Supporting Your Immune System

In honey, there is an enzyme called glucose oxidase. This enzyme produces hydrogen peroxide when it comes in contact with oxygen. Essentially, this enzyme allows honey to help treat multiple skin conditions and wounds, when applied topically.

Supplying Building Blocks for Healthy Cells

Honey has a variety of different proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. All of these necessary vitamins and nutrients help to keep your vital systems moving productively, control cancer-causing free radicals in your body, and detoxify your body.

Burning Differently

Honey and sugar may both be sweet additions to any recipe, but they metabolize quite differently from each other. Though honey has a very high sugar content, it actually slowly and evenly burns in the body, unlike regular sugar that quickly shoots through your bloodstream. The makers behind this phenomenon explain that processed sugars can be dangerous to your health, leading to obesity and diabetes. However, honey is a completely natural sweetener, which means you don’t need to worry about these issues.

Using The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook

According to the authors of the cookbook, you will have many discoveries while applying the Honey Phenomenon:

  • The sugars that you must avoid to hold onto your health.
  • As with any sweets, moderation is key. Learn how you can use far less honey than white sugar in your cooking, and still maintain the same level of sweetness).
  • The “gift enzyme” bees provide that lets us take full advantage of the energy and nutrition found in honey. Refined sugars, in comparison, force the body to use its own precious reserve of this enzyme before we can process them.
  • Find out how research says it to be “effective” for reducing plaque and fighting gingivitis, even more than commercial mouthwashes
  • How honey reduces Homocysteine levels in the blood stream… decreasing your risk of heart attacks, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s!

The cookbook is similar to most other cookbooks, but with a focus on using honey for a variety of issues. In The Honey Phenomenon, you’ll find out how to use honey for healing purposes as well, treating infected wounds, diaper rash, and ulcers, along with a variety of other ailments. Basically, the company is capitalizing on the abilities that honey has, describing all the ways to use it in their book.

One of the other things that the cookbook focuses on is choosing the right honey, and how to determine which to purchase.

Pricing for The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook

Here’s where the Honey Phenomenon catches you. The company starts off by saying that the book has 25 recipes that have a $10 value, but they are giving you The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook: 25 Healing Recipes free. The second free item you get is The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook: Reverse Aging with Liquid Gold, which has a $10 value and you also receive it for free.

However, at the end of their pitch, the company states that, “for a single payment of $39, can get instant access to The Honey Phenomenon (plus the two bonus eBooks).” The company then says that ordering today would get you all of these benefits for $10, which is easily affordable.

By clicking the “Buy Now” button, you can immediately access the book online, after your payment has been verified. The company accepts VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and some other major forms of payment. However, with a little bit of research into their returns section, you find that the $10 is a recurring charge, not a one-time payment. This doesn’t seem to be told to the customer at any other point in the purchase process.

The Authors of The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook

On the website, the voice of the Honey Phenomenon is characterized as a naturopathic physician, Dr. Joshua Levitt, N.D., focusing on his skepticism over “miracle cures” and easy fixes. He teaches classes at Yale and helped to develop the curriculum at the school.

He turns the attention to Jake Carney, who is part of Alternative Daily. To back his scientific claims, he states, “Jake refuses to publish anything that doesn't have solid research standing behind it. In fact, he told me recently that he had to veto an article by one of his writers because it wasn't scientifically grounded enough.” This seems to be an effort to prove his theories, but the science is balanced and accurate, so the statement is unnecessary.


Honey is something that is readily available in any grocery store, so adding it to your diet is already easy. Honey is completely natural and safe for anyone to eat, since it regularly is produced in nature, and is not a chemically-concocted supplement. However, the cookbook teaches you the right ways to apply it to multiple situations, making The Honey Phenomenon Cookbook a great addition to your kitchen.

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