Hot Blood 3.0 is a pre-workout drink mix manufactured by Scitec. Consumers who are looking for a product that will help give them the extra energy boost needed to workout harder and for longer will want to consider Hot Blood 3.0.

Each serving of this drink mix contains a 4,500 milligram multi-creatine complex that helps take workouts to the next level.

Men and women who want to increase their focus, intensity, and endurance using a pre-workout drink will want to read further. Please read below to learn more about Hot Blood 3.0 and how to purchase a container.

What Is Hot Blood 3.0?

Loaded with four different matrixes that are all formulated to help boost energy, focus, endurance, and blood flow which will help people take their work out to the next level.

Due to this product's high level of creatine, Hot Blood 3.0 is a good option for people who are involved in high intensity sports or exercise. This includes weight lifters, power lifters, football players, runners, and rugby players.

How Does Hot Blood 3.0 Work?

Hot Blood 3.0 is made from a carefully chosen mix of ingredients that help improve blood flow, boost energy levels, and improve workout endurance.

Users of Hot Blood 3.0 simply mix one serving with thirteen to fourteen ounces of cold water and consume daily.

This drink mix is slightly carbonated which means it can become pressurized in the drink container, open with caution periodically to prevent pressure build up.

Works best when consumed thirty minutes prior to working out on an empty stomach.

Due to the high caffeine content, consumers who are sensitive to stimulants should start with a smaller dose to access their body’s tolerance before taking a full dose.

Formulated for adult use only, consumers with pre-existing medical conditions should consult with a doctor prior to using Hot Blood 3.0 this is especially true for anyone with heart or blood pressure conditions.


Hot Blood 3.0 Ingredients

A powerful pre-workout, Hot Blood 3.0 combines a mix of ingredients with five varieties of creatine to give users the necessary energy and focus they need for hardcore workouts.

This supplement combines a Multi-Creatine Matrix, Amino Acid Matrix, Antioxidant Matrix, and Hot Blood Multi-Complex.

Each matrix contains a mix of ingredients carefully chosen to help boost power, endurance, focus, and energy. Interested consumers can see the full label content at the product listing on either the Scitech Nutrition website or

Consumers with allergies should be aware that Hot Blood 3.0 is manufactured in a facility that processes milk, egg, gluten, soy, peanuts, nuts, fish, and crustacean ingredients.

Who Makes Hot Blood 3.0?

Part of the workout supplement line manufactured by Scitec Nutrition.

Scitec is focused on manufacturing products that will help elite level athletes, body models, powerlifters, and bodybuilders take their workouts to the next level while promoting lean muscle mass and fat burn.

Scitec Nutrition is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona and can be found online at

Hot Blood 3.0 Pricing

Available for purchase online through Scitec Nutrition and

SciTec Nutrition

Each forty-one serving container is available for $37.50. Scitec offers free shipping for all purchases totaling $50.00 or greater. This product is available in Orange Juice flavor. Currently Hot Blood 3.0 is out of stock through Scitec Nutrition.

This website offers each forty one serving container of Hot Orange 3.0 for $27.33 (currently on sale from the normal retail price of $33.16). regularly offers extra discounts. Currently they are having a birthday bash giving consumers an extra twenty percent off certain products including Hot Blood 3.0.

Hot Blood 3.0 Summary

Men and women who work out regularly or are involved in high intensity sports may want to consider adding Hot Blood 3.0 to their fitness supplement routine.

Formulated as a pre-workout drink this product is packed full of Creatine plus other workout enhancing ingredients to help people have the extra energy, focus, and endurance needed to take their workout or game to the next level.

Interested consumers can learn more about Hot Blood 3.0 by visiting the SciTech Nutrition website or


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