Losing weight is seen by many dieters as a complicated and difficult process.

While it’s true that losing weight primarily consists of a combination of physical exercise and low caloric intake, there are few things that make the process excessively demotivating and hard to keep up.

Food cravings from low calorie diet, combined with low energy levels, can make it hard to adhere to the practices promoting fast fat loss.

There is, however, a way to lessen the impact of these demotivational aspects of weight loss through the use of a new type of health drink, Kou Tea.

Kou Tea is a revolutionary new weight management tea that helps dieters lose huge amounts of weight, between 5 and 20 pounds every month.

Gently suppressing appetite to reduce intense food cravings and boosting metabolic function to promote fast fat burning, Kou Tea is a cheap, effective and fast acting way to lose weight quickly that’s taking the world by storm.

In addition to helping promote fat loss, Kou Tea has a huge amount of secondary health benefits that help dieters keep weight off long after dropping dress sizes.

What is Kou Tea?

Kou Tea is a combination of four different types of tea that work in harmony to promote higher metabolic function and burn fat fast. By drinking just one or two cups of Kou Tea every day, dieters are able to dramatically increase the rate at which their bodies burn fat.

Kou Tea is composed from Green Tea, Oolong Tea, Pu-erh Tea and White Tea, each of which have a wide range of positive health effects.

The Kou Tea Blend Explained

The first tea in the Kou Tea blend, green tea, has a huge amount of scientific evidence supporting its applications in fat loss and metabolism management.

The University of Maryland Medical Center has performed multiple clinical trials that attest to the antioxidant effects of green tea, while hundreds of other studies support the use of green tea extract as a metabolism booster.

By removing free radicals from the body, green tea is able to flush away the toxins and radicals that are released during the process of fat breakdown as well as increase the rate at which the body is able to enter thermogenesis.

Thermogenesis is the production of heat from fat energy, and by increasing metabolic function, green tea rapidly increases fat loss rates.

Green tea is so effective in promoting weight loss that many studies demonstrate it can even cause sedentary individuals who do no exercise at all to lose weight slowly.

The second tea in the Kou Tea blend, Oolong tea, has been a popular health tea in China for over 400 years.

Packed full of vitamins A, B, C, E and K, Oolong tea offers a nutrient dense composition that includes minerals like calcium, manganese, potassium, selenium, carotene and copper.

The fat burning effect of Oolong tea is delivered by polyphenol compounds, naturally occurring elements that promote the production of fat burning enzymes in the digestive system that contribute to lipolysis, or fat loss.

Pu-Erh tea, the third tea in the Kou Tea blend, is rich in polyphenols in a similar way to Oolong tea, as well as helping to reduce cholesterol levels and boost heart health.

While Pu-Erh tea is able to boost digestive system function, the real fat burning property of this tea is provided by its ability to suppress the synthesis of fatty acids in the body, which allows the body to stop creating fat deposits and burn away any existing fat.

Lastly, Kou Tea contains white tea, a sweeter tea leaf that also contains high amounts of polyphenols.

In addition to its polyphenol content, white tea promotes circulatory health and regulates blood pressure, increasing metabolic action and lowering stress levels. White tea is also an excellent source of catechins, which are disease-fighting flavonoids.

Aside from the obvious fat loss benefits of Kou Tea, this potent brew is also able to reduce stress, lessen inflammation, fight the cosmetic and internal signs of ageing, and dramatically boost immune system function, all with no unwanted side effects.

Kou Tea Pricing & Availability

Kou Tea is available from the Kou Tea website and is sold in three different pricing levels.

One box of 60 bags is priced at $34.95 US, two for $69.27 and the most cost effective option is a 3+1 free deal that offers 120 bags of Kou Tea for just $104.85, making each bag less than $1 USD.


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