Many men would like to eliminate fat while building lean muscle, but generally find that diet and exercise alone are not enough to do the trick. LeanFire XT, a new supplement manufactured by Force Factor, is scientifically engineered to deliver the results that you have been looking for.

The product works by stimulating thermogenesis, or heightening your body's internal temperature to increase its metabolism, while simultaneously enhancing your focus. Workouts that produce results are mental as well as physical, and LeanFire XT ensures that you are ready to tackle both components head on.

Who Is LeanFire XT For?

LeanFire XT is intended for healthy individuals who work out but cannot seem to get the body they want. You should start with one capsule in the morning in order to assess your tolerance of it. If you experience no adverse effects, up the dose to two capsules daily. If you develop an upset stomach, taking it with food solves the problem for most individuals.

The Fat Incineration Blend

The best way to begin evaluating any supplement is to examine the ingredients used to create it. LeanFire XT is composed of three powerful blends, each with a specific purpose that helps you reach your body sculpting goals.

The first is a Fat Incineration Blend designed to help your body burn off even the most stubborn fat. The primary player in this compound is Nitric Oxide, which helps open up blood vessels to allow for more efficient delivery of oxygen and other nutrients to your muscles.

This will help you feel stronger, allowing you to push through a more rigorous workout regimen than you ever have before. Your muscles will also recover more quickly, allowing you to workout more often to achieve the results you crave.

The Fat Incineration Blend also includes additional ingredients to promote thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the act of raising your body's internal temperature to increase your body's metabolic rate and energy demands, making it easier to burn fat and build muscle mass.

Cayenne pepper extract raises your body's temperature directly, making it a key ingredient in LeanFire XT. L-carnitine also promotes this by supporting fatty acid oxidation. Green tea extract, an antioxidant clinically proven to jump start the body's metabolic processes, is also included to help your workout make a real impact on your body.

The Metabolic Mind Matrix

Thermogenesis is so proven that the ingredients that help fuel it have become standard in the muscle-building supplement industry. LeanFire XT stands out from the rest by incorporating mental acuity in its unique formulation, giving you the mental willpower along with the physical endurance necessary to see real results.

Caffeine is the primary ingredient in the Metabolic Mind Matrix, as nothing else is as effective at bolstering concentration and stimulating the central nervous system. The result is a laser focus capable of helping you complete any workout.

Caffeine is known for causing the jitters before an inevitable crash, a situation that must be avoided if your body is to look its best. LeanFire XT solves this problem with L-theanine, a compound that helps to balance the energy provided by the caffeine.

Taken together, these synergistic substances give you the energy and focus you need for your workout without the debilitating crash later.

The Pure Energy Complex

Finally, the Pure Energy Complex is a group of ingredients that work to enhance the performance of both the Fat Incineration Blend and the Metabolic Mind Matrix. For example, the Advantra Z and yohimbine in this blend help sustain the thermogenesis produced by the Fat Incineration Blend, helping your body burn fat even after your workout is complete.

You cannot possibly exercise all of the time, so increasing your resting metabolic rate is an important step to attaining your ideal body.

Effective exercise routines have physical and mental demands, so why would you take a supplement that only enhances one? Other products may have some of these components, but only LeanFire XT combines them all into one supplement perfectly blended to meet all of your exercise needs.

The Force Factor

Having the correct blend of ingredients is obviously important, but will not matter if you trust a less than reputable company with your body. Force Factor was started by two Harvard-educated sports professionals, so you can rest assured that LeanFire XT was developed by experts.

Their commitment to premium ingredients and ideal formulations will give you the results you are looking for.

The company has also won numerous prestigious awards, including GNC's Rising Star award. This award is given by one of the most trusted pharmacies in the marketplace to acknowledge the best new manufacturers in the space.

The reviews on Force Factor's website are also written by real people, describing their real experiences with Force Factor products. This makes them far more credible than the purchased reviews found on the sites of many of their competitors.

Purchasing LeanFire XT

If you are ready to achieve your ideal body with LeanFire XT, the supplement is available from well known retailers such as GNC, Hi-Health, and Pure Formulas. Alternatively, you can purchase LeanFire XT directly from the manufacturer.

The price is consistent no matter where you buy it, so choose whichever option is most convenient for you.

LeanFire XT Summary

In conclusion, LeanFire XT helps enhance your body and mind to help you complete a more rigorous workout regimen than you ever thought possible. Backed by a trusted name like Force Factor, this product will help you achieve your ideal body.

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