Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death in the world due to the fact that it can have a wide range of risk factors. Among-st these risks, some are predetermined and can’t be changed such as family history, ethnicity and age. The other existing risk factors to coronary heart disease and strokes are among-st others, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, unhealthy diets and more. Although a person can have a risk factor, this doesn’t mean that they will necessarily develop a cardiovascular disease. However, the likelihood of actually developing a cardiovascular disease heightens the more risk factors a person has.

For that reason, it is essential to work on modifying the risk factors that can be changed such as weight and diet.

Obesity is a rising issue in North America which has a wide range of consequences, including potentially increasing the risks of developing a diverse range of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and so on. Weight management consequently appears to be an adapted action to be taken in order to avoid such illnesses. Focusing on long-term and healthy results, weight management doesn’t consist in drastic diets that only achieve temporary weight loss. These diets often cause deficiencies in nutrition by depriving people of some necessary nutrients.

Weight management is more than just a dietary regimen, it is an overture to a healthy lifestyle. The healthy long-term approach that is weight management, includes healthy eating and physical exercise. The aim of this lifestyle is to learn new healthy eating habits by knowing what the body needs and controlling both under and over-consumption of food. Wellness Resources has formulated a dietary supplement named Leptinal which offers benefits on weight management and cardiovascular risk factors will be outlined in this article.

What is Leptin?

Originating from fat cells in white adipose tissue, leptin is a hormone that travels through the blood in order to get into the brain. Once leptin has accessed the brain it regulates metabolic signals implicated in several bodily actions such as cholesterol synthesis, thyroid function, pancreatic function, energy production and more. Within a healthy metabolism, there is an important flow of leptin focussed communication between the brain, the liver, the pancreas and the adipose tissue.

Adipose tissue can get out of shape similarly to muscles, due to fat cells growing in size. As fat cells grow, their ability to release stored fat is reduced. Instead of releasing leptin, white adipose tissue start to produce stressful metabolic signals. Subsequently, disruptions in the flow of leptin communication appear, causing greater metabolic stress and difficulty regulating the body’s weight. Maintaining a smooth flow of leptin regulation is necessary to prevent development of diseases such as cardiovascular disease.

Improve cardiovascular health and weight management with Leptinal

As the leading cardiovascular and weight management dietary supplement provided by Wellness Resources, Leptinal has become a popular product due to its various beneficial effects on the body’s health. The benefits of Leptinal go from weight management, cholesterol regulation and thyroid function support to reducing blood pressure. Leptinal is based on a formula that contains a wide range of heart-friendly nutrients supporting the body’s health. Alongside Omega 6, therapeutic amounts of distilled Omega 3 found in fish oil are present within the dietary supplement that is Leptinal.

This Omega 3 compound is called DHA. Compared to other products that include DHA in their formula, Leptinal includes all the benefits of DHA without the toxins and chemical residues that are found in other fish oil. Subsequently, Leptinal is free of heavy metals and mercury usually contained in these oils. Composed by DHA, a proven nutrient for cardiovascular fitness, and extract of pomegranate that efficiently protects the circulatory system, Leptinal is a powerful dietary supplement with essential health benefits.

The Benefits of DHA

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is a fatty acid essential in the development of infants in regards to their brain and eyes. DHA has been added to some infant formulas due to the fact that the fatty acid is present in breast milk. Positive postnatal effects on some cognitive functions in infants have been observed following the consumption of DHA. In addition, as an omega-3 and 22-carbon fatty acid, DHA is abundant in some fish such as tuna as well as certain marine animal oils. Not only does DHA have positive effects on young children but studies have also shown that DHA plays a key role in the reduction of cardiovascular disease.

There is a strong correlation between the consumption of fish and the reduction of cardiovascular related deaths. Due to the fact that DHA is the active component in fish, this correlation contributes to proving that DHA is an essential substance for the body. DHA concentrated in fish oil supports the reduction of triglycerides in the blood and by doing so it helps decrease thrombosis and prevent cardiac arrhythmias. Additionally, docosahexaenoic acid not only prevents heart disease but also improves outcomes for people who already suffer from the condition. Eating fish is recommended by the American Heart Association but people who already have a cardiovascular disease might also need fish oil supplements such as Leptinal.

Leptinal Availability & Pricing

Leptinal can be ordered online on the Wellness Resources website with currently 20% off the original price. Delivered all around the United States, the product is shipped on the same day as the order is made. As cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the western world and especially in North America, it has become essential to be more attentive to the variety of risk factors associated to heart disease.

With the aim of promoting health, Wellness Resources has developed a dietary supplement with positive effects on both weight management and cardiovascular health. Targeting both of these issues amongst others is what makes Leptinal an effective and popular product for people trying to prevent heart disease or improve their condition. By having good weight management, people already reduce risk of cardiovascular disease. Due to its leptine content that reduces weight management issues and its DHA compound that supports the reduction of heart disease, Leptinal is an optimal product that can become a vital element of any healthy diet.

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