LeVel Thrive Experience Review

The Le-Vel Thrive Experience is a premium lifestyle plan that helps users reach their peak levels, mentally and physically.

What is the Thrive Experience?

This eight week program is personalized for each individual person, since everyone will have different goals.

Participants will be able to decide which areas of their life needs the most work and then pick a LeVel Thrive Experience that fits those goals. By using Thrive to help direct their lifestyle goals, users are able to experience life in a way they’ve never been able to before.

The Le-Vel Thrive experience is broken into seven distinct categories. These categories are:

— Weight Management
Cognitive Performance
— Digestive and Immune Support
— Healthy Joint Function
— Lean Muscle Support
— General Discomfort
— Age-Defying and Antioxidant Support

Deciding What Thrive to Take

The LeVel Thrive experience uses a combination of things to help users reach their goals. These items include the Thrive Premium Lifestyle Capsules, Thrive Ultra Micronized Lifestyle Shake Mix, and their Premium Lifestyle Derma Fusion Technology (DFT).

The formula used by Thrive combines naturopathic and synergistic formulas that contain the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics, and amino acids that the body needs to thrive. These are combined with potent plant extracts that are formulated to help users with their specific struggles, so they can reach their goals.

What makes Le-Vel Thrive so unique is that it has experiences for both men and women. So many lifestyle products these days are general, being offered to anyone and everyone. However, Thrive recognizes that the male and female bodies have specific needs that should be addressed in their lifestyle plans. What works for men won’t work for women and vice versa.

The Le-Vel Thrive Experience

There are four specific experiences offered by Thrive. They are divided into men, women, lifestyle mix, and lifestyle DFT. Each one has a specific formulation that helps users reach their specific goals.

Thrive Formulated for Men

As suggested by its name, this formulation is created specifically for men. It is the only premium lifestyle capsule on the market and was made for men who want to live a thriving, natural life. This formulation is natural and contains everything the male body could need.

Thrive for Men helps users with:

Weight Management
— Cognitive Performance
— Healthy Joint Function
— General Discomfort
— Antioxidant Support
— Lean Muscle Support
Digestive Support
— Immune Support

Thrive Formulated for Women

Thrive for women helps women reach their lifestyle goals by giving them the support they need, from the inside. By combining the many natural ingredients that make up the thrive experience, this capsule strengthens and beautifies the female body, helping them achieve more and more.

Thrive for Women Helps Users with:

Weight Management
— Cognitive Performance
— Healthy Joint Function
— General Discomfort
— Antioxidant Support
— Lean Muscle Support
— Digestive Support
— Immune Support

Thrive Lifestyle Shake Mix

The Thrive Mix is an added extra to the other premium products in the Thrive line. It’s a micronized mix that was created to be used with other capsules in the Thrive product line. When these two aspects of Thrive are combined, it allows users to increase their potential and hasten how effectively the Thrive Experience works for them.

Thrive Lifestyle Mix is:

— Micronized
— A Nutrient Dense Mineral Formula
— A Probiotic Blend
— An Enzyme Blend
— An Antioxidant Blend
— An Extract Blend
— A Lean Muscle Support
— A Fitness or Weight Management Benefit
— Gluten Free

Thrive Premium Lifestyle DFT

This Thrive Experience was created by technology to offer the most advanced health, wellness, and weight loss management system on the market to its users. The delivery system, which has a patent pending, breaks beneath the surface of the skin to give the body the nutrients it needs to truly thrive. The easy to use patch comes in multiple colors and patterns, so users can mix it up each and every day.

Thrive Lifestyle DFT Helps Users with:

— Weight Management
— Mental Acuity
— Appetite Management
— Energy
— Blood Circulation
— Increasing Bioavailability

Who Should Use the Thrive Experience?

What makes the Thrive Experience so far and above every other lifestyle service is that it can be used for anybody. Most services that are even close to being similar to Thrive are for people who are either just starting their journey or have been going at it for quite a while. Not only does Thrive work for people in these two extreme situations, but it also works for everyone in between.

Because Thrive was designed to help anyone, it can help users with their specific goals. The program is customizable enough that participants don’t have to worry about adjusting it to fit into their life, because it will already be adjusted for them.

Thrive will help people who want to lose weight or tone their bodies after already having lost weight. For those who are used to being fit, Thrive will aid them in getting back into shape. And, because Thrive is also about pushing boundaries, it will help those who want to take their workouts to brand new levels. People who use Thrive will be surprised how far they’ve progressed in a mere eight weeks.

However, the Thrive Experience isn’t just for those looking to lose weight or gain muscle, it’s also about those who want to change their bad habits. For example, it can help users learn how to make better food choices, which will aid them in making long-term lifestyle changes.

While changing the outward body is part of the Thrive Experience, it’s also about changing what is going on inside the body. The system was created to help those who experience discomfort on a daily basis due to their lifestyle. Whether it’s back pains or muscle atrophy, Thrive will help decrease the occurrences of these issues.

By taking control of their lives and bodies, users will feel and look better, approaching life with a brand new energy.

Sequential Collagen Protein Gel – Form

There is a brand new product coming to the Thrive line. FORM — Sequential Collagen Protein Gel takes health advances to a whole new level, by offering the world’s only sequentially absorbed hydrolyzed collagen protein gel. This gel won’t just change the way the world looks at health, it will also change the lives and bodies of Thrive users.

Thrive Sequential is:

— For Weight Management
— A Support for Lean Muscle Mass
— For Post-Exercise Recovery
— For Muscle Repair
— A Support for Strong Bones
— A Support for Strong Joints
— For Firm, Healthy, Youthful Skin

While there isn’t a lot of information available about Thrive Sequential, it will be released on March 15, 2016. For those who want to keep track of when Sequential will be released, there’s a countdown on the Le-Vel website.

Purchasing Thrive

Thrive is available for purchase on the the Official Le-Vel website as either a Promoter or Customer.

There are three packages available for purchasing Thrive. These packages have a starting price, but the final price can vary, depending on what users add to their package.

Lifestyle Pack – Starting at $100

Includes enough product for four weeks and includes:

— 2 Lifestyle Capsules/Day
— 1 Lifestyle Shake/Day

Tone Pack – Starting at $140

Includes enough for four weeks and includes:

— 2 Lifestyle Capsules/Day
— 1-2 Lifestyle Shakes/Day (to replace lunch or breakfast)
— 1 DFT/Day

Couples Pack – Starting at $200

Includes enough product for four weeks and includes:

— 2 Lifestyle Capsules/Day
— 1 Lifestyle Shake/Day

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