Often, a chefs favorite kitchen tool is the mandoline – but you see – they’re dangerous. They’re not ideal for that home chef who loves to cook, or that new cook just starting out.

Even experienced, expert chefs are regularly cutting themselves from fingers to knuckles. Something about sliding your hand towards a sharp blade, often unprotected just seems, well, unsafe, even with the hand guard.

Now, why are they among a favorite in the kitchen then? Simple – they save a lot of time. So why not be able to have that same convenience, at the same speed (or faster) without the safety concerns?

About Lightning Slicer

Whether you’re turning out large quantities of food, or adding visual appeal and creating matchstick carrots or thinly sliced beets for example, or cabbage for fresh coleslaw – Lightning slicer is the real deal.

Perhaps you have expert knife skills, and the best knives in your kitchen, having a tool like this one is unmatched. Its versatility in sizes and its safety for speed, it is perfect for any foods, even smaller ones.

Lightning Slicer is an adjustable food slicer that allows you to cut food directly into the included container.

Features Of The Lightning Slicer

  • Slices, chops, and juliennes quickly
  • Adjustable blade allows you to change thickness of cut
  • Cut even pieces every time
  • Pieces fall directly into container
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hopper allows for slicing of small food items

Keep it simple.

Attach your food product to the food holder or in the hopper, set the thickness and then slide it along the blade.

The sliced food will then fall into the attached food container (included with the Lightning Slicer).

The food holder, guards your fingers and hands from the blade itself. The blade is designed to be sharp enough to cut through most food items, but be mindful that raw potatoes will require a little more strength than grapes would.

What’s special about the holder as well, as in the long run it should save you money because you are able to use more of the food than you may have been able to in past using a knife.

With the holder and hopper, you are able to get right into the ends that in past you may have thrown away solely because it wasn’t safe to get right to the end with your knife.

The hopper is a nice addition to this product – could save an incredible amount of time slicing small foods that otherwise would be cut by hand.

Instead of ever coming into contact with the blade, you can just turn a dial on the underside of the slicer and adjust the thickness or thinness of the slices, and for safe storage using same dials to retract blade completely.

Easy To Clean

Once the blade is retracted, you are able to lift up the platform and rinse the blade completely. Alternatively, the Lightning Slicer is dishwasher safe and you can clean that way.

Lightning Slicer Commitment

Committed to providing the best service and quality product to the consumer. This shouldn’t be overlooked – when a company or manufacturer is open about their commitment, it is far more common to see them stand behind the quality of their product(s), and Lightning Slicer is no exception.

Ordering Costs

The current cost for the Lightning Slicer is $19.95 + $7.95 P&H.

A second unit is added for free plus another $7.95 P&H, bringing your total to $35.85.This includes two sets of Lightning Slicers, food holders, handy hoppers, and containers/lids.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee.

This offer is not available in stores.

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