Lipozene is a weight loss product, designed for people to lose body fat in a way that is both safe and effective.

The product is well known, having sold over 20 million bottles of the product. To find out more about Lipozene, please see the detailed review below.

What is Lipozene?

Lipozene is a supplement designed as a maximum strength weight loss tool. Most weight loss supplements are based off of evidence gathered from a few studies that show their efficacy once or twice.

That is apparently not the case for this supplement, whose key ingredients have been studied thoroughly in clinical studies.

How Does This Supplement Work?

This supplement works by creating a fibrous sponge when consumed in order to make the user feel as if they were full when eating their meals.

Unlike weight loss supplements that mimic fullness with long lasting proteins that breakdown over time Lipozene works with the food one is eating to trick the brain into thinking it has eaten.

In order to consume this product it is important that Lipozene is taken half an hour before a meal with a lot of fluids.

If one does not consume enough water with this product it can expand in one’s throat instead and cause choking, so treat dosing with caution.

When taking this supplement the company recommends taking 2 capsules at a time. It is important to note that with weight loss supplements, that exercise is an important constituent for making them as effective as possible.

No supplement is a cure-all for weight loss. Before proceeding with weight loss products it is also important to consult a doctor to make sure weight is lost in a safe manner.

Lipozene Ingredients

-Glucomannan: Glucomannan is the primary ingredient found in Lipozene and the key to its success as a weight loss tool.

The ingredient is made from the Konjac plant found in parts of eastern Asia. While the company that manufactures this product purports there are numerous clinical trials to support the efficacy of the Konjac root in aiding in weight loss, others are less sure.

The research seems to be mixed on whether or not it really works. To note, the company says that they have a proprietary formula for this supplement that may make it more effective, but how this actually occurs is not well explained.

For individuals who are vegetarians the capsules that Lipozene uses for their product are made of gelatin and do not seem to be vegetarian friendly.

Lipozene Pricing

Lipozene can be found online at for the price of $25.49 and can be delivered via Amazon Prime.

The package comes with two bottles, that each have 30 capsules in them and if taken daily would last less than a month if taken before every meal.

There are, however, some other stores on amazon that are selling this product for around $23, so shopping around a little may help the consumer to find the same product for a cheaper price.

Lipozene Review Summary

Lipozene seems to be another product of many that attempts to justify its use through science but does not back up its claims sufficiently to recommend the product.

For individuals who have tried other dietary supplements that work in different ways and have found them to be ineffective than Lipozene may be the product that makes the difference in one’s dieting efforts.

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