One of the top reasons for divorce, one that isn’t discussed as much as it needs to be, is problems with intimacy. When people lose the spark in the bedroom, it can cause a series of problems that, over time, cause the relationship to disintegrate.

Magic Gel is a company that creates Nuru Gels, a series of intimate products that help bring the spark back to the bedroom.

With Nuru Gels, users will be able to practice the art of Nuru massage, one that is both fun and scintillating, helping relationships with one of their biggest hurdles.

What Is Magic Gel?

As a company, Magic Gel has become famous for providing a wide range of Nuru Gels, based on the ancient Japanese art of massage.

However, unlike typical massages, Nuru massage involves the entire body, with both parties rubbing each other with the gels and then sliding across each other to relieve the tension and stress from bodies.

Because the word nuru means slippery in Japanese, it makes sense that the entire process of Nuru massage includes slipping across the bodies, leading to relaxation and arousal.

With Nuru Gels, users won’t just be able to strengthen their relationships, they’ll also be able to reap the benefits of feeling more relaxed and less stressed.

While the massage part of Nuru Gels helps relieve tension from the body, the sex the massage leads to also works as a powerful anti-stressor. With the help of Nuru Gel, many couples will find the problems that were worrying them before aren’t as critical anymore.

Magic Gel understands that one of the hardest parts of any relationship is keeping the spark alive, which is why it offers such a wide range of nuru related products. These Nuru Gels can be used in many situations, such as in the shower or on special mattresses.

Magic Gel sells everything needed for couples to take their sex lives to the next level, supporting the building of strong, sexy relationships.

Magic Gel Ingredients

Because Nuru Gel is made to be used on the entirety of the body, it needed to be extremely safe to protect the health of its users, allowing them to stay in the mood no matter where the gel ends up.

With this goal in mind, Magic Gel created its Nuru Gel with a 98% natural formula. Not only do the gels contain powerful moisturizing ingredients, but they are also clear and tasteless, all while supporting the art of nuru massage.

The main ingredients found in Nuru Gel by Magic Gel can be found below, with a brief description of each.

Nori Seaweed

Containing more than 50 essential minerals for the health of the skin, this seaweed helps detoxify and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it soft and beautiful.

Aloe Vera

A common moisturizer, Aloe Vera is used in Nuru Gels to increase slipperiness while also providing hydration for the skin.


This herbal ingredient decreases inflammation in the skin, while simultaneously neutralizing free radicals in the skin that might cause damage and signs of aging.

Grapeseed Extracts

Another ingredient that supports the slipperiness of Nuru Gels, this ingredient treats acne while also tightening the skin, all while providing a slipperiness without clogging pores.

Nuru Gels were designed to be slippery and sensual, all while providing a hydrating and moisturizing experience for the skin.

Purchasing Nuru Gel

As mentioned above, Magic Gel doesn’t just offer its line of Nuru Gels, but also a wide range of products all designed to bring a little excitement back into customers sex lives.

The gels sold by Magic Gel include its original, authentic line, its moisturizing line, and its shower play line. Plus, for those who want more for their money, Magic Gel also sells kits, liters and options for Valentine’s Day.

In addition to the gels mentioned above, customers will find a long list of supplies to enhance their Nuru Gel experience. This includes Nuru massage mattresses, sheets, and upgrades. The website also sells personal lubricants, pheromone candles, and vibrators.

More information on the items sold by Magic Gel, as well as prices for each item, can be found on the company website.

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