In today’s society heart disease is a number one killer of men and women. Lives are drastically changed due to heart attacks and sometimes those lives are lost. There has been a huge push forward for better heart health care by increasing certain numbers such as the Omega-3 fish oils in the dietary intake, and reducing numbers such as the inflammation markers and the triglyceride numbers.

One way that the Omega-3 fish oil numbers can be increased is with the daily use of MegaRed. This product offers concentrated dose of the much needed fish oil Omega-3’s that the body does not product on its own. If there is not a higher intake of fish in the diet or a supplement such as MegaRed, the body simply does not have this required nutrient.

What is MegaRed?

MegaRed is a supplement taken once a day to increase the body’s intake of Omega-3 fish oils. It is an easy to swallow pill that has a patented system of dissolving inside the stomach, whereas with traditional fish oil pills only sit on top of the stomach and do not get absorbed. This supplement is sourced using sustainable methods from the Antarctic Krill that are prevalent in the area.

How Does MegaRed Work?

The Omega-3 supplement offers support for heart health in three main ways. First is with the C-Reactive Protein, or the CRP levels. These levels in the body indicate the amount of inflammation present and also can be indicative of poor heart health. Inflammation in the body can cause serious heart conditions later on. By taking MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil pills daily, the consumer can reduce the amount of inflammation in the body by healthy levels of CRP.

Another aspect of the supplement is by helping to reduce the number of Triglycerides in the blood. While diet and exercise can assist with keeping these numbers at good levels, some consumers need an extra boost due to their genetics. Adding in Omega-3 fatty acids has been shown to help reduce the numbers of triglycerides present.

Why Not Just Use Fish Oil?

Regular fish oil pills usually have to be taken in multiple pill doses daily to get the full benefit and even then, the dosage is not as high as what MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil can deliver. MegaRed is very easily absorbed by the body making it easier to get the high levels of good fatty acids consumers need with just one pill a day.

Another side effect of traditional fish oil pills is the unpleasant fish taste, sometimes for a long period of time, after taking the supplement. MegaRed does not leave that taste lingering and is simply one pill every day. Here are a few more facts to know in the differences of fish oil and MegaRed:

  • Fish oil comes from different types of fish and sometimes from different locations
  • MegaRed is all sourced from one type of shellfish and one place in the world
  • MegaRed is very easily absorbed into the system
  • Fish oil tends to sit on top of the stomach instead of being absorbed
  • MegaRed only requires one small soft gel pill a day whereas fish oil pills are multiple doses each day

What Is In MegaRed?

The product contains 100% pure krill oil to help consumers gain the high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids that the body requires. Other ingredients include:

  • 90mg of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • 24mg DHA
  • 50mg EPA
  • 17mcg Astaxanthin
  • 130mg Phospholipids

What Is Krill And Where Does It Come from?

Krill is a small crustacean that lives out in the Antarctic waters. This tiny crustacean is in vast supply and MegaRed follows sustainable practices to make sure that there’s always a plentiful supply of this shellfish around.

The company uses eco-friendly processes and the sources they use for the product ensures that no other marine animals are harvested at the time of the krill being harvested. That ensures that the product the end consumer gets is pure krill oil to get the maximum benefits of using the Omega-3 Fatty acids.

Why Not Just Eat More Fish?

While eating more fish may sound like an easy way to get the necessary fatty acids, it is not what typically happens in society today. Due to highly processed meals, busy schedules, and cost, many people do not eat near enough foods in their diets to add in the necessary fatty acids. That is one reason that it is important to use high quality supplements such as MegaRed to get the required amount in on a daily basis to protect heart health. Since the body does not produce these necessary acids on its own, they have to come from somewhere.

Is It Safe for Everyone To Take?

While most consumers can take MegaRed without any problems, those who are allergic to shellfish should avoid the product. If the customer is taking medications prescribed by their doctor, it’s important to discuss any supplements taken to ensure there are no dangerous possibilities. Also those who may be on anticoagulants be tested by their physician before consuming.

Other Products By MegaRed

The Krill Oil supplement is not the only great product produced by MegaRed. There are many other supplements that can be added to a healthy diet to assist in better heart, joint, and brain health. Those other items include:

  • Joint Care – helps joints to work together and reduce inflammation
  • Super Heart and Extra Strength Krill Oil – these products work for heart health with higher doses of krill oil and other supplements to assist with better cardiovascular systems
  • 4-in-1 – combines a powerful combination of four critical areas of the body including the brain, eyes, joint and heart health improvements
  • Ultra-concentration – higher concentrations of Krill oil to assist in better heart health for those in need

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