Metabolic Prime Review

The 4-Phase Body Sculpting System

As the body ages, you may find it more difficult to lose weight than you previous experienced in your younger years. As you sit in a sedentary job, or focus your energy on the kids, your fat cells sit with you. By the time you reach your mid-thirties, the fat cells “leak” into the rest of your body, which can impact your heart, your brain activity, and your hormones.

With fat dispersed throughout your body, your daily routine is not enough to keep your trim figure. Your weight could be the cause of many different issues, including diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and cancer. However, Dr. Jade Teta has found a way to beat those symptoms, helping you achieve a healthier version of yourself for years to come. It's called Metabolic Prime.

Who is Dr. Jade Teta?

Dr. Jade Teta is the creator of this weight loss program and has many different celebrity clients who use Metabolic Prime. Dr. Teta has studied hormonal metabolism, strength and conditioning (in relation to physical fitness), and psychology for over 25 years. With his collection of knowledge, he devised an effective program for targeted weight loss. His research has shown him that the way your metabolism works is not defined by your age, and his method helps you beat that myth.

With Dr. Teta’s Metabolic Prime, you receive four workout DVD’s, helping you through each stage of weight loss with a small workout. The program comes with a tracker, helping you to monitor your progress. The set also includes a calendar to track your workouts, a Rapid Results Quick Start Guide, a 12-week metabolic plan, and a 90-day guarantee that you will be satisfied with your results.

Teenager You Vs. Adult You

One of the main differences in your metabolism now and your metabolism as a child is your metabolism. Even into the teenage years, you may have not needed to worry about the foods you ate or the amount of activity you had. However, the same habits as an adult often result in quick weight gain. Individuals with a high BMI put more pressure on their joints, which is not a factor you needed to consider while younger. Dr. Teta’s hormonal research revealed that regaining access to the five metabolic molecules of your younger years is the key to obliterating the pounds.

The Five Molecules in Teenagers

Dr. Teta’s program, Metabolic Prime, works because of a certain type of molecules that teenagers naturally produce, but they stop producing it as their body ages. The molecules have a specific skill set in the body, sculpting fat and helping to build lean muscle at the same time, regardless of the physical activity. Dr. Teta states that the body of teenager creates these molecules in large quantities, which is why many teenagers are able to maintain a healthy figure throughout their youth.

After the age of 35, your range of motion and energy levels are much more limited; by participating in the weight loss program, the molecules help to give you the same type of metabolic benefits, but without having to exude the same amount of energy, or having to consume the same amount of calories. With these molecules, the weight loss program has a great amount of benefits for senior citizens, who have lost the same capacity for weight loss and maintenance.

The Metabolic Prime program states that these molecules handle your body’s current composition in several ways, including:

· “Incinerating” fat in a record amount of time

· “Molding” the muscles into a leaner shape

· “Energizing” the mitochondria in the body’s cells

· “Rejuvenating” the bones, organs, and skin

· “Shielding” the brain from typical symptoms of age

What Does the Program Do for Older Users?

As a result of following this program, the creators make certain promises to regain your metabolism, helping you to burn fat faster and more effectively than ever before. You won’t even need to engage in the same activity levels. Followers of the program are sometimes as old as their 70’s and heading into retirement. However, even the oldest followers can enjoy the benefits of lean muscle, helping to alleviate issues with inflammation and arthritis pain.

The program also focuses on busy parents and parents that no longer have kids living at home. Busy parents do not have the time to focus on their own physical health and fitness, which is often attributed a busy work schedule and spending time with family. Once these parents have the time to work out, the kids have moved out of the house, and their metabolism is not what it used to be. By engaging in this program, parents can reclaim their youth and their former pant sizes, while they still have time to enjoy their life. The kids will find themselves having a difficult time keeping up with their parents, rather than being the other way around.

Time Commitment

Metabolic Prime greatest appeal is the fact that the metabolic changes to your body only require a commitment of 45 minutes a week. The program does require you to make any changes to your diet or exercise program, without even requiring general cardio work. The lack of time needed for this program is beneficial for busy parents and career-focused individuals, who may struggle with weight loss due to a lack of time to commit. The metabolic molecules that drive this program cannot be replicated with simple exercise and diet changes, which is why you need to participate to get the right results.

Is The Program Right for Me?

As with any weight loss program, you need to make sure your weight loss plan coordinates with your physical goals. The program outlines specific problem areas that the weight loss program can handle, along with ailments you may face now, but will not face with use. Metabolic Prime treats:

· Stubborn fat around the belly, hips, thighs, and chest

· Lack of muscle tone

· Muscle fatigue throughout the body

The program is designed to help with issues that individuals face, due to their aging body. Some of these ailments include:

· Sore muscles and joints (often associated with arthritis or fibromyalgia)

· Hormone changes

· Poor skin complexion, due to loss of elasticity, blotching and redness, or itchy and flaky skin

· Conditions that affect your digestive system

· General fatigue

If you want to lose weight, the program is essentially designed for you. Older men and women seem to benefit the most from the changes. If you want to try Metabolic Prime, make your purchase today with no risk.

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