Joint pain affects over fifteen percent of the entire worldwide population, making it one of the prevalent ailments facing humanity. In the United States alone over fifty million individuals have arthritis, with an estimate that by 2030 one in four Americans will have doctor-diagnosed arthritis. Musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis, fibromyalgia or other rheumatic conditions afflict many people who seek out treatment both pharmaceutical and surgical to help ease their discomfort. Unfortunately many of the available medications on the market produce unpleasant or potentially dangerous side effects. Surgical procedures are often painful and invasive and physical therapy can be arduous, lengthy and expensive.

The sheer amount of medical options and herbal alternatives can make it difficult to find a solution that is effective as well as natural without either producing unwanted side effects or not working at all. Many herbal supplements hide their active ingredients behind proprietary blends, making it hard to find out if the product can help provide relief. Movexa is an all new herbal solution that offers natural joint relief and meets strict FDA regulation, with an openly published list of nutritionist and physician recommended ingredients that have clinically proven beneficial effects.

In this article we’ll break down the most effective ingredients in the Movexa formula and provide a comprehensive analysis on the scientifically proven health benefits they offer to help you decide whether Movexa is the best daily joint relief supplement for you.

What Is Movexa?

Movexa a is an all natural daily herbal supplement designed by leading nutritionists and health professionals to deliver quick and effective relief from joint pain by targeting imbalances in the body that are the root cause of rheumatoid conditions. Consisting of a blend of 24 high quality, hand picked ingredients, Movexa can help reduce hand pain and can assist in the management of joint soreness in the palm, fingers and forearm, with some users able to stop taking medication and use the Movexa supplement instead.

Osteoarthritis, causing chronic knee pain, can develop at any point through the life and is typically due to worn out or broken down cartilage. The effective and powerful ingredients in Movexa help the body replenish and renew cartilage and can cause the body to heal completely in just two weeks, and in some cases completely reverse the process of cartilage breakdown. In a similar fashion, Movexa reduces inflammation in the synovial joints. Located in the lower back, the synovial joints and the zygapophysial joint are the primary cause of lower back pain in individuals with rheumatoid conditions, and Movexa is able to target these stress points with strong anti-inflammatory action.

The inflammation soothing properties of Movexa can also reduce foot pain, preventing swelling and discomfort, as well assisting with elbow pain, tendonitis, neck pain and hip pain. Movexa is suitable for all body types, from professional athletes, and offers and has a broad spectrum of positive health effects not limited to improving joint health. Manufactured in the United States by Vitamin Boat, a supplement and health nutrition company located in Lawrenceville, Georgia, Movexa is FDA approved and has no negative side effects.

How does Movexa Work?

Joint pain has a variety of different causes. Medically termed ‘arthralgia’, there are many classifications and types of joint disorders. The most common form of joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, has a fast onset of as little as two weeks, and symptoms are usually defined as warm, swollen and painful joints. The causes of rheumatoid arthritis are not completely understood, but medical science recognizes arthritis as a systemic, or body wide, disorder. Systemic disorders can be a culmination of a wide variety of irregularities and issues, with diet and vitamin deficiency playing a major role in their avoidance.

Fully half of the risk of arthritis is genetic, and has a prevalence of roughly 2-3% in the population. Environmental causes of arthritis have been attributed to smoking, with tobacco users up to three times more likely to suffer from joint pain, certain virus infections, and vitamin deficiency. Doctors will typically prescribe medication with anti inflammatory effects to provide relief from the pain resulting from arthritis, and some medications can come with a high risk of gastrointestinal complications or cardiovascular disorders.

Movexa formula supplements the body with a variety of critical vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts that work in unison to restore the natural healing power of the body to repaid damaged joints as well as provide an overall health boost to reduce the risk and effects of systemic joint disorders, arthritis and other rheumatoid conditions.

Movexa Key Ingredients

Movexa has a huge amount of effective ingredients, including vitamins A, C, E, and various B vitamins that boost immune system response, lower stress levels, and boost natural energy levels. Minerals like zinc and manganese are an integral part of a balanced, nutritious dietary schedule and facilitate the development of the brain, nerves and skin. Shark cartilage is included in Movexa as it has been demonstrated in trials to provide raw materials for the body to repair damaged cartilage with, and along with New Zealand Green Lipped Sea Mussel works to decrease inflammation and promote repair.

Herbal extracts are also included in the Movexa formula to boost its pain relieving capability. Devil’s Claw, a herb traditionally used to combat swelling and stiffness and increase flexibility combines with Yucca extract to improve arthritic conditions and improve mobility. All of the ingredients in the Movexa formula are completely natural and have been shown to provide effective relief from the causes of arthritic pain.

Movexa Pricing & Availability

Movexa is available to order from the Movexa website, and is priced starting at $29.95 USD for a 30 day supply. The most cost effective solution is just $89.95 for a five month supply of Movexa, offering a saving of over $60 USD.

Movexa is covered by a 100% money back guarantee that covers 60 days from purchase that promises a definite improve in joint condition. If you’re suffering from joint pain and are searching for a way to naturally supplement the restorative power of your body, Movexa offers fast and effective relief.

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