Are you picky about pillows?

MyPillow guarantees that it will be the most comfortable pillow you’ll ever own. Find out what makes MyPillow special today in our review.

What is MyPillow?

MyPillow is a pillow that has recently been featured in a series of infomercials. Like many As Seen On TV-style products, MyPillow claims to be one of the best products you’ll ever own.

Conveniently enough, infomercials for MyPillow always seem to run late at night. If you’re having trouble sleeping, then you may have stumbled across a MyPillow commercial while channel surfing.

One report states that the ad for MyPillow is “running constantly” across America, every day across multiple networks, including 10 times a day on the Fox network alone.

What makes MyPillow so special? Is it really the most comfortable pillow you’ve ever owned? Let’s take a closer look.

What Makes MyPillow Special?

The creator of MyPillow, Mike Lindell, claims that he invented MyPillow ten years ago after he was having trouble sleeping.

The main difference between MyPillow and a conventional pillow is that you can adjust MyPillow to make it fit you.

The pillow features foam pieces inside that interlock, helping them hold that position without going flat. You get neck and head support exactly where you need it.

The company claims this leads to deeper, longer REM sleep – so you wake up feeling refreshed.

According to customer reviews, MyPillow does work as advertised: the foam pieces are easy to move around and interlock, holding their position easily.

The foam itself is made up of thousands of torn polyurethane foam pieces in three different sizes.

The case of the pillow, meanwhile, is made from 100% cotton material.

One tester described the pillow as “kind of lumpy, but comfortable” (we’ll get to more customer reviews down below).

Fortunately, all MyPillow purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee – so you can test the pillow and return it if you don’t like it.

However, like most As Seen On TV products, this return policy is a bit of a scam: you’ll never receive a refund on your shipping and handling costs, and you’ll also need to pay for your own return shipping – so most people will just decide to keep it.

MyPillow Features

Some of the claimed features on MyPillow include:

  • Fits a standard/queen-sized bed (king-sized pillows are also available)
  • Maximum comfort and support
  • Creates exact custom fit
  • Patented, 3 piece, interlocking fill material
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Built-in cooling effect (it uses open cell poly material that allows the pillow to breathe and stay cool)
  • Made in the United States

MyPillow has been making headlines lately for its range of infomercials. However, the pillow has been on the market for over a decade. In a picture from 2012, Neil Patrick Harris is seen using a MyPillow at a promotional event.

Even GOP nominee Donald Trump has been pictured with a MyPillow.

The company has reportedly sold 18 million pillows since launching in 2005, earning the company $100 million a year for the past few years, according to one report from the Minnesota Star Tribune (the company is based in Minnesota).

Consumer Protection Controversy with MyPillow

MyPillow recently made headlines for the wrong reasons.

The makers of MyPillow over-stated the health benefits of their pillow, claiming that it could help prevent sleep loss associated with insomnia, restless leg syndrome, neck pain, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, migraines, and other conditions.

Truth in investigated the claims and found that there was no substantial evidence supporting them.

As part of an agreement with California consumer protection officials, MyPillow agreed to pay over $1 million in penalties (including $995,000 in civil penalties and $100,000 to homeless and domestic violence shelters in the state).

MyPillow also agreed to stop marketing its pillow as a treatment, preventative measure, or cure for any medical condition. They were also forced to stop promoting the product as the “official pillow” of the National Sleep Foundation.

Truth in Advertising also had a problem with the fact that MyPillow creator Mike Lindell gave himself the title of “sleep expert” when marketing the pillow – even though he has no actual training or education in the subject.

Prior to this controversy, MyPillow was sold online through the National Sleep Foundation website.

After the controversy, the pillow appears to have been removed from the website. MyPillow has also removed any marketing that references the pillow as a treatment for sleep disorders.

Nevertheless, MyPillow continues to be sold online to this day.

MyPillow Pricing

MyPillow is priced at the following rate:

-2 Pillows (Standard/Queen): $89.97 + $9.98 Shipping

You can choose the size and colors of your pillows, and mix and match as desired. Standard shipping takes 10 to 14 business days. You can upgrade to express shipping (2 to 5 business days) at a total shipping price of $19.95.

Note: you’ll see MyPillow advertised at all sorts of different rates. Without a promo code, you’ll be asked to pay approximately $100 per pillow. However, you should never have to pay more than $100 for a set of two MyPillows.

You can also purchase MyPillow from Amazon, where it’s priced at $49.95 + shipping. Or, you can buy it from Walmart’s online store and certain Walmart retail locations.

What Do Customers Have to Say About MyPillow?

MyPillow isn’t particularly well-reviewed on Amazon or Walmart, which are the two major online review websites for MyPillow.

On both websites, it has an average rating of approximately 3.5 stars out of 5. Here are some of the pros and cons we’ve noticed after reading through these reviews:


  • Pillow has a pleasant cool sensation
  • Easy to adjust to fit your unique head and pillow preferences
  • More comfortable than an ordinary pillow for people with neck and back pain
  • When placed in the drier before using, the pillow is very comfortable and fluffy (pillows ship with the foam compressed)
  • “Haven’t found another pillow that is as comfortable”


  • Too firm for some reviewers
  • Lumpy and uncomfortable
  • Bad return policy, where you don’t get shipping costs refunded and you need to pay your own return shipping (takes $16 off your refund, in addition to whatever you paid to ship the pillow back)
  • Many reviewers didn’t like the fact that the pillows are made from scraps of foam, which aren’t exactly “patented interlocking foam” as described
  • Hurts the shoulders, neck, and leaves you with headaches
  • High price for a cheaply-made pillow
  • Starts to compress when used over a long period of time
  • “Worst pillow I have ever laid my head on”

Overall, reviews for the pillow are mostly negative. The first 20 or so reviews posted on the Walmart online store are all one star reviews.

The Amazon reviews are slightly better – but not by much.

On the flip side, some reviewers seem to love MyPillow and everything about it. Like any product involving personal comfort, your mileage will vary.

MyPillow Review Summary

MyPillow comes with a flashy marketing campaign – including infomercials and over-inflated health claims. Based on customer reviews, the pillows aren’t that good – but they’re not too bad either. When you’re paying $50 to $100 for a pillow, you expect it to be a little better – especially since the pillow has previously claimed to relieve various sleep disorders.

If you’re picky about pillows, then you might appreciate MyPillow’s unique foam locking mechanisms, which let you readjust the pillow to uniquely conform to your head. Other people, however, will prefer using a more reliable pillow backed by more positive reviews – and available at a cheaper price.

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