Nootropics can be your secret weapon to succeed in a field where success depends on improved motivation, memory, and acuity of mind.

A Newbie’s Guide to Nootropics will tell you exactly how nootropics can lead to enhanced cognitive function. We’ve kept this guide simple and easy to understand for people without medical background.

The guide contains minimal technical details and presents only the most useful information about nootropics.

Nootropics: An Introduction

Nootropics refer to natural and artificial compounds that lead to improved mental ability and function. Also known as smart drugs, they work at a physiological level in enhancing cognitive qualities leaning to improved mental focus, memory and decision-making ability.

The term Nootropics was first coined by Dr. Croneliu E. Giurgea in the year 1972. The word is a combination of two Latin words ‘Nous’ and ‘Trepin’. The word nous means mind, while trepin means to bend.

So, the literal translation of nootropics is ‘to the mind’, which perfectly fits what the smart drugs as figuratively speaking they can ‘bend the mind’, effectively enhancing pivotal mental functions to result in improved focus and memory.

A number of scientific studies have been conducted to date detailing the benefits of nootropics in enhancing mental functions. Most of the studies have proven that nootropics can boost memory, motivation, confidence levels, and overall cognitive function.

The compounds present in nootropics provide amazing benefits with minimum adverse affects.

How Do Nootropics Lead To Enhanced Cognitive Function?

brain-nootropicsNootropics are said to work by modulating cerebral oxygenation, neuronal metabolism, neurotransmitter availability and other cellular processes.

The exact way the medication works depends on the compound present in the nootropic supplement.

The main reason that nootropics are so successful in enhancing cognitive functions is that they act as an additive to brain chemicals that affect different mental functions and cognition.

The chemicals that include neurotransmitters, hormones, or enzymes help improve critical mental functions.

They also increase the blood flow towards the brain and increase overall growth of nerves present in the brain.

One of the reasons that nootropics have gained mass appeal is that they involve minimal adverse effects. Studies conducted to determine the efficacy of the medication have revealed that nootropics can be used safely for long time without experiencing serious side effects.

You can use nootropics drugs and supplements continuously without experiencing any tolerance or withdrawal effects.

What Constitutes Nootropics And How To Identify Them?

A variety of smart drugs and supplements are available in the market. However, not all of them can be categorized as nootropics. There are a number of criteria that a drug or supplement must fulfill to be regarded as nootropic.

• A nootropic leads to improved mental ability
• A nootropic provides effects without being disrupted by diseases
• A nootropic helps protect the brain and prevent chemical or physical harm
• A nootropic leads to improved memory, focus, concentration , and other cognitive functions
• A nootropic is not toxic and have minimum side effects
• A nootropic improves cortical and sub-cortical control within the brain

Knowing about the above mentioned criteria will help in successfully identifying nootropics. Keep in mind is that the effects of nootropics can vary among individuals.

One effect of nootropics on the body is that it increases the number of neurotransmitters in the brain. This leads to increased neuroplasticity.

Moreover, it leads to increased levels of serotonin and dopamine chemicals in the brain. All of this leads to better brain memory, focus, and a variety of mental functions.

Additionally, nootropics act as a ‘vasodilator’ which means that it helps increase blood flow to the brain.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Nootropics?

Nootropics are not a new class of drugs. They have been recommended by doctors for decades. They are usually prescribed to patients suffering from cognitive problems and motor dysfunctions.

However, they can also be used by healthy individuals without any adverse effects.

Traditionally, nootropics were the preferred drugs for boosting cognitive abilities for individuals suffering from different diseases that result in mental degradation such as Alzheimer, Parkinson, and Huntington.

Nootropics lessen the severity of symptoms associated with these diseases leading to improved ability to learn, better memory, concentration, and focus.

More recently, nootropics are being used by people that are not suffering from any mental diseases to improve their cognitive functions. They are sought by people due to their ability to offer a multitude of health benefits without severe side effects.

Some of the health benefits of consuming nootropic drugs and supplements include:

• Enhanced memory, focus and concentration
• Minimum side effects
• Generally safe for consumption
• Improved productivity
• Stable emotions and improved mood
• Increased vocabulary
• Improved sleeping habits
• Less stress and depression
• Increased neuroplasticity
• Protection For The Brain
• Improved blood flow towards the brain

The above list of benefits that we have mentioned here is not exhaustive in any way. There are a lot of other amazing health benefits of taking nootropics. That said, the benefits listed above are the most common and important that can be experienced by individuals.

This will give you an idea of the beneficial role nootropics play for your mind and body.

Keep in mind that the exact benefits that individuals experience differ from in each individual. Some people will experience all of the benefits listed here while other will experience just a few of them when taking nootropics.

Still, some people may not experience any improvement at all in their mental ability and functions.

The reason for different effects of the same drugs is that every one of us has different brain chemistry. As a result the beneficial effect experienced by one person may not be experienced by another.

One person may experience benefits by consuming lower dosages, while other may require higher dosages to experience meaningful results. It might take you a little time to determine what type of nootropics benefit you and what is the effective dosage of the drug.

However, having said that, nootropics does work, and work extremely well in improving cognitive functions. The health benefits offered by nootropics cannot be matched by any other types of drug.

Nootropics are certainly the best particularly when it comes to side effects associated with the drugs.

A lot of individuals take nootropics along with Vitamin B, and for good reasons. Studies have shown that Vitamin B also help in improving mental functions. So, taking nootropics greatly boost the effects of nootropics medications and supplements.

Additionally, the Omega 3 fatty acids also have been proven to increase effectiveness of the nootropics. Other popular choices that can be taken with nootropics include ginseng, green tea, choline, glutamate activators, and DMAE.

Potential Side Effects Associated With Nootropics

The best thing about nootropics is that they have been considered safe for majority of people, with no serious side effects whatsoever. These smart drugs and supplements are not toxic are generally safe for consumption.

You will rarely experience any negative symptoms when you take nootropics for enhancing cognitive functions.

Whether you take nootropics to treat some of the symptoms of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer or Parkinson, or to improve your mental cognition for better career prospects, you will find nootropics perfectly safe and harmless.

That being said, as we had mentioned previously everyone’s body and brain chemistry is different. So, chances are some may experience certain side effects.

Although the chances that you may suffer side effects when taking the medication are small, but they are present similar to any other drug or supplement.

In fact there is not medication that is 100% safe for every individual. And that is something that you must keep in mind when taking nootropics.

Some of the potential side effects that are commonly associated with nootropics include:

• Headaches
• Nausea
• Allergic reaction (a rare side effect)

You can see that the list of side effects associated with nootropics is very short. Nootropics are associated with legible detrimental effects. And most of the side effects are easily managed and tolerated.

Now that you know what nootropics are, and the benefits and side effects associated with the cognitive enhancing brain supplements, let’s now switch gears and find out what are the some of the most popular nootropics available in the market.


A Review Of The Best Cognitive Enhancing Nootropics

In this section we will provide a brief overview of some of the most popular smart nootropics that you can buy in the market. Note that not all of the nootropic supplements mentioned below are legal or can be purchased without a prescription.

The review is meant for information purpose only and we do not endorse buying any of the below mentioned drugs that are considered illegal in your country.

By far the best type of nootropics that you can find in market is racetams.

These nootropics are commonly purchased by individuals to enhance cognitive functions. Aniracetam, piracetam, pramiracetam, and oxiracetam are the most popular racetams available in the market.

These nootropics serve better than others in enhancing memory, focus, cognition, and other mental abilities.

Aniracetam offers extreme benefits in improving mental functions including memory, concentration, and cognition. It also leads to improved mood and motivation.

Additionally, it is said to have an anxiolytic effect that means that it inhibits anxiety and panic attacks in individuals.

You should use aniracetam if you are looking for a strong nootropic that offers cognitive enhancing effects and also to conquer anxiety. The nootropic is perfect for stressful occasions such as when delivering tests or speeches.

It may also be ideal for giving business interviews where the interview is expected to demonstrate high level of mental fitness.

The only negative aspect of aniracetam is that certain individuals may experience headache when taking the supplement. However, this side effect generally lasts for a small period and subsides quickly.

Some individuals have reported that taking choline, which is another nootropic that we will review in a bit, with Aniracetam helps them to avoid headaches.

Piracetam provides mild effects as compared to other nootropics available in the market. It is the original nootropic drug that was first introduced in the 1960’s. Standard dosages of the medication range from 800 to 2400 milligram.

However, most individuals take five to ten times the standard dosage amount to experience significantly improved cognition.

After taking piracetam, individuals report of feeling a burst of clean, crisp energy that leads to improved mental stamina, enhanced concentration and better ability to recall. Active ingredient of piracetam works by acting on acetylcholine receptors present in the brain.

Similar to aniracetam, individuals take this nootropic along with choline to avoid a headache.

Pramiracetam are another type of racetam nootropic that are considered potent in enhancing mental cognition.

The brain supplements represent an upgrade of the previously mentioned piracetam that provide significantly improved focus, creativity, cognition, and overall mental energy.

Standard dosage of the brain supplement is 250 mg to 500 mg dose per day. Taking more than the standard dosage can make the individual feel tired and restless. Additionally, similar to piracetam, a common side effect associated with the supplement is headache.

Again, taking choline can help reduce the chance of headaches when taking this brain supplement.

Oxiracetam is the fourth common type of the brain boosting nootropic supplement racetam. Some individuals say that the effectiveness of the supplement is greater than aniracetam or piracetam. In fact it is said to be about 15 times stronger than piracetam.

Due to its extreme potency in enhancing brain functions, some people rightfully call it ‘speedy racetam’. Experts say that oxiracetam offers great benefits when taken with caffeine, and other type of stimulants.

Tianeptine is a mental stimulant that helps improve cognitive function in individuals. The nootropic supplement provides effects similar to a Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI drugs).

SSRIs are a category of drugs that improve a wide variety of mental functions through increase in the brain chemical know as serotonin. Tineptine’s effects mimic SSRI in improving cognitive functions, motivation, and mood.

The supplement can energize you, and also help you get to sleep easily at night.

Centrophenoxine is type of choline. To be more precise, it is a CDP choline derivative that offers great effect in boosting mental energy levels and promoting clarity in individuals. Standard dose centrophenoxine is 100 mg.

Increased dosage improves the potency of the supplement but also increase the chances of associated side effects.

Alpha GPC Choline
Alpha GPC choline is the most effective type of choline that you can find in the market today. The choline supplement offers great potency as compared to other similar nootropics. The supplements offer mild effect on growth hormones.

As a result, they are used by weight lifters to gain muscle mass in short time period. In order to achieve bodybuilding benefits, the nootropic supplement must be taken for a long term and used with a high calorie diet and physical training.

CDP Choline
Also known as citicholine, this is one of the most common types of choline that is available in the market. It is the first kind of choline that is in the mind of customers searching for a choline supplement online.

The supplement offers effectiveness similar to centrophenoxine. But it is weaker as compared to alpha GPC choline.

Standard dosage of the nootropic supplement is 250 to 500 mg daily, but increased dosage is required if taking alongside ampakine and racetam nootropics such as Sunifiram and Noopept.

Sulbutiamine is an effective nootropic supplement that provides great benefits in enhancing cognitive function of individuals. The supplement provides a large number of benefits including improved energy levels, focus, and motivation.

As a result the individual is able to perform the tasks requiring mental alertness and cognition in a better way.

Apart from improving mental functions, the medication also leads to improved mood. Individuals that take the supplement feel motivated to perform the tasks to the best of their abilities.

Effectiveness of the nootropic supplement lasts from 6 to 12 hours depending on the amounts taken and the tolerance level. Generally, a large dosage of the medication (>500 mg) is taken to experience enhanced cognitive functions.

But greater dosage also results in increased chance of experiencing side effects associated with the nootropic supplement. In most cases, the supplement is taken early in the day.

Taking the supplement during later part of the day may make it difficulty in getting to sleep at night.


Adderall is a popular nootropic prescription medication that is used in school, colleges and businesses. The prescription pill is considered the holy grail of smart drugs.

The only downside of using the brain enhancing supplement is that it sometimes leads to withdrawal symptoms.

When it comes to effectiveness, Adderall offers great euphoria leading to improved mental focus and clarity. It boost energy levels that leads to improved productivity while at work or in school, college, or university.

Individuals that take the supplement report feeling improved motivation and confidence due to which they are able to perform the tasks in fastest possible time.

That being said, the supplement is attached to certain withdrawal symptoms. Individuals have reported feeling anxiety, fatigue, and depression upon withdrawal.

Some individuals also reported difficulty eating while taking the supplement and felt a constant pang of thirst.

Ritalin offers similar effectiveness to Adderall that has been reviewed above but has a different molecule structure. The chemical in Ritalin is known as Methylphenidate while adderall contains the chemical dextroamphetamine.

Although, the potency of the drug is similar to adderall, the effects are slightly weaker. Moreover, the manner in which Ritalin affects the body differs from adderall. It offers a type of a calming feeling instead of a feeling of euphoria.

Galantamine is said to be the lucid dreaming nootropic, and for valid reasons also. The nootropic is known for its extremely potent effect in transmission of acetylcholine in the brain. Taking the nootropic can increase the dreams that are experienced by individuals.

It enhances the ability of the individual in experiencing lucid dreams. Individuals that take the supplement experiences greater control within the dreams and also benefit from increased clarity and mental function.

Note that Galantamine ends in ‘-ine’ similar to amphetamine and caffeine. This reflects its potency as a stimulant in inducing brain functions and abilities.

The above are just some of the most popular nootropics available in the market. There are a lot of other types of nootropics that exist. Again, you should keep in mind that the exact effect of the nootropics varies in individuals.

That said, these nootropics are said to significantly improve the cognition level, enhance motivation, mental stamina, and promote relaxation and stimulation.

How to Buy the Best Nootropic Smart Drug / Supplement?

By, now you may have gained enough knowledge about nootropics that will help you in buying the best nootropic supplement. You may also know about the benefits they offer in improving mental cognition and function.

However, the question remains how do you source the brain enhancing supplements?

The answer is simple. You must buy nootropic from an online store that is reliable and reputable. Find out what other customers have to say about the online store by reading customer testimonials and online reviews.

Try to find out about the manufacturing methods and sourcing protocols. You buy the supplement only after you are completely sure about the reliability of the online store.

Additionally, before purchasing any nootropic it is advised that you conduct a thorough research to find out about the effectiveness and associated side effects.

When conducting an online search, you must try to determine which of the nootropics suit both your budget and needs.

Even when you are able to hone in on the best nootropics, you must experiment and determine at what dose you experience maximum effect. You may have to vary the dose from time to time to experience optimum effects of taking nootropic.

Concluding Our Nootropics Guide

Nootropic brain supplements are nothing new. The effectiveness and efficacy about these brain enhancing drugs have long been known both among the academic circle and the general public at large.

They can be the perfect solution to enhanced mental and cognitive functions that will lead to greater productivity, improved mood, and an overall improved mental and emotional health.

We hope that you liked reading this comprehensive review on nootropic. We have tried to cover important information relating to the best brain supplement.

However, if you have any further questions or like to share your view, you are welcome to write in the comments section below.

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