Nora is a non-invasive snoring solution. With the Nora system, there are no masks, dentures, or nose strips to use. Nora works as a small pillow insert making it very easy and convenient to use. If you are tired of waking up to your partner's snoring then this is a product worth checking out. Not only is snoring an inconvenience it can also lead to medical problems. The Nora Smart Snoring Solution is available for pre-order now through the manufacturer's website

How Does The Nora Snoring Solution Work?

Imagine a device that allows you to sleep with your favorite pillow, does not make any noise, and is not an eyesore. Now imagine if you could have this device delivered to your home for less than $300. That is exactly what the Nora Snoring Solution Device promises. Please read below to understand the science behind this amazing device and how it can benefit your life.

Snoring is caused from the airway collapsing as our upper airway muscles relax during sleep. As air passes through the smaller airway, it struggles and causes vibrations making the sound of snoring. The Nora device senses these vibrations and changes the position of the users head by adjusting the air within the pillow insert. Once the user's head is gently repositioned, the throat muscles resume their normal position, allowing greater airflow, and the snoring stops. The Nora device is able to sense the changes needed before sleeping partners detect the sound of snoring! Better yet, the device is silent.

Nora is a small padded device that inserts inside and pillow. The shape allows the user to sleep comfortable using their favorite pillow and sleeping position. No matter if the user sleeps on their back, stomach, or side-this device will work. The user can even comfortably sleep with their arm under the pillow.

The Nora device is inflatable and gently moves with the user's head as they sleep. A mini pump that can be placed under the bed powers the system. No wires or electronics around the user's head.

Setting up the device is simple and easy. Place the pillow insert inside the user’s pillowcase. Choose a location nearby to place the Nora Bedside device. The portable pump storage case can be placed under the bed. As you get ready to sleep ensure the expander is positioned correctly within your pillow case, tap the bedside device and go to sleep.

The full Nora system can hold charge allowing it to be used while traveling for up to three nights. The Nora bedside holds a charge for two weeks before needing to be recharged. As well, there is an app available to use with the device to help the user keep better track of their sleep and snoring habits.

The Nora Snoring Solution Device comes with a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee and a limited one-year warranty. The developers of the Nora snoring Solution recommend using the device for a minimum of seven nights before deciding if it works for you. Shipping is free within the United States of America and Canada. International shipping is available and rates will be calculated at checkout.

Nora System Components

The Nora Snoring Solution system is small and easy to carry within a small and stylish case. Inside the nicely designed box there is a padded pillow insert, a Nora Bedside device, the universal power cord, and the under bed pump. Great care has been given to make the small components nice and elegant looking. They are designed to blend into the bedroom and not look like a sleeping device.

Nora System Pricing

The Nora Snoring Solution Device is currently available for pre-order for $259. Interested consumers can subscribe to receive future deals via email by signing up at the website.

The Nora system is currently only available through pre-orders. Interested consumers can pre-pay using American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal. The estimated delivery date for the first orders is currently January 2017. Free shipping is available for consumers living in the United States and Canada. International shipping is available and will be calculated upon checkout. is currently running a promotion for $40 off orders placed now.

Who Makes The Nora Device?

A team of engineers and designers developed the Nora Snoring Solution Device. Over 3,400 Kickstarter backers support this project. Additionally, the Nora device is MaRS venture product. MaRs is dedicated to helping consumers improve their quality of life through better sleep solutions.

The designers created Nora after being frustrated with the impractical and expensive sleep system options currently available on the market. The Nora has been through a year of design and adjustment to get it to where it is now in the pre-production phase. The full product is being manufactured in Shenzhen, China and the product’s designers and engineers are monitoring the process. As of September 2016, one hundred units have gone through the quality assurance testing process.

More information about the Nora device and sleep support can be found on their social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

The Nora Device is patent pending.

Nora Snoring Solution Review Summary

The Nora device is designed for people who snore nightly and wake their partner up multiple times per week due to their snoring. If you are looking for a non-invasive solution to you or your partner's snoring, then Nora is for you. The Nora device can improve both people’s sleep and help improve your daytime activities. Unlike snoring specific pillows, the Nora device allows the user to use their favorite pillow and sleep in any position. It is important to note that the Nora Snoring Solution is not yet classified as a medical device in the United States.

Imagine having a sleep solution that actually works and does not involve any electrical cords or masks. The freedom to sleep as you normally would and wake up refreshed and energized following a good night’s sleep. Make the investment in you and your partner’s well-being and health now and pre-order the Nora Snoring Solution System today.

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